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Avenue Beat Reveals A Refreshingly ‘Positive’ Message On ‘Woman’ After Saying ‘F2020’

Avenue Beat went viral on TikTok and music charts with their quarantine anthem, ‘F2020.’ Instead of releasing another rant in pop form, the girl group revealed why they did a 180 on their celebratory song, ‘Woman,’ that’s just as relatable.

Avenue Beat — made up of members Sam Backoff, Sami Bearden and Savana Santos — was presented with an difficult task going into 2021: create a song that everyone could “relate” to just as much as “F2020.” It was the ultimate F-You to 2020, inspired by Savana’s cat dying amid the pandemic, which currently has more than seven million views across TikTok and YouTube and cemented its status as an official viral hit with a spot on Top 40 radio. Simply put, everyone could agree that 2020 sucked. So, the three creative forces behind Avenue Beat turned to another universal truth for their follow-up single: women are, well, amazing.

“We’re like, trying to think of something else everyone can relate to. And then literally Savanna’s girlfriend walked in, and we’re like, that’ll work,” Sam EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in a video interview on Jan. 15, the day their new single “Woman” dropped. While looking back at this moment of revelation, Sami chimed in to recall what they had all been thinking at the time: “Women: hot!” As their new song’s title suggests, the romantic track is a celebration of all women. “What’s more beautiful than a woman? Nothin’,” the chorus states, which is hard to argue with.

Sami added that such a message is “a universal opinion,” even “if you are not attracted to women.” This pivot from “F2020” to “Woman” — from a funeral to a celebration — was also a conscious effort on Avenue Beat’s part to focus on the more “positive” aspects of life.

The members of Avenue Beat, from left to right: Sami Bearden, Sam Backoff and Savana Santos. (Photo Credit: Delaney Royer)

“We’ve always written our frustrations out. So a lot of our music does turn into us just complaining about…life’s many issues…disappointments and crap,” Sami explained (case in point: another one of their popular songs, “i don’t really like your boyfriend,” which is as blunt as its title). She continued, “But we wanted to make sure that we didn’t, you know, pigeonhole ourselves into that lane and show that we can be positive, because these things should be celebrated. Women should be celebrated.”

What “Woman” and “F2020” do have in common, however, is the natural flow of dialogue that flows out of each song. The lyrics could be interchangeable with actual words exchanged between friends in any given conversation, because that’s exactly what’s happening when Avenue Beats gets together to write their songs. “It’s going into a room and having a conversation and the conversation becomes the lyric. So it’s pretty easy and nice,” Savana said.

It’s a creative approach that Sami, Savana and Sam have used since they were teenagers, after all meeting one another at a musical theater camp. Sam reminisced on being “each other’s only friends” in high school, convening in her dining room where they “would literally just write songs or do covers or whatever.”  Each step the creative trio took from there on out led to the explosive success that “F2020” eventually brought.

“And then we would play shows in our hometown,” Sam continued. “And eventually we played a show in Nashville and got connected there. And when we graduated, we moved here full time, and just like buckled down writing songs…once Savana started producing for us, I feel like we really fell into our sound. And then ‘F2020’ happened, and now here we are.”

The girls of Avenue Beat talk more about the beginnings of their music career in Nashville — which eventually led to their transition from country to pop– and more in the rest of their video interview with HollywoodLife above!

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Georgina Rodríguez receives an unexpected message from Queen Sofía | The State

It’s been a few weeks since the Christmas festivities ended, but just Georgina Rodriguez He found a very important Christmas card in his mailbox. It is a personalized card that he could not bear to show off on his social networks, since the sender was nothing less than the Queen Sofia.

It was in her stories section on Instagram where she shared the message signed by Doña Sofía herself with the Royal House stamp and dated December 31, 2020 that said: “We wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2021.”

In the image he attached a heart, a thank you emoji and a flag of Spain, it would only be necessary to know why the mother of the King Felipe VI he writes to a person so alien to his environment.

The explanation could reside in the solidarity collaborations in which Georgina has contributed as with the NGO ‘Nuevo Futuro’ or also with him Food Bank and that is how she encouraged the Queen to congratulate her.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Georgina Rodríguez (@georginagio)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Georgina Rodríguez (@georginagio)

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The unexpected message of the young man sentenced to 45 years in prison for killing his mother in Florida | The State

MIAMI – The 17-year-old Floridian Gregory Ramos, who in 2018, at the age of 15, killed his mother in an argument over her school grades, was sentenced this Friday to 45 years in prison, but the sentence will be revised in 25 years.

With great integrity, as can be seen in a video of the audience in a Volusia county court published in local media, Ramos, dressed in an orange uniform and in chains, apologized to his entire family, paid tribute to his mother, whom he defined as “a beautiful person”, and stressed that he did not intend to seek “justifications” for what did.

In early December, as part of his attorney’s agreement to avoid a jury trial, Ramos pleaded guilty to first degree murder, abusing the body of his mother, Gail Cleavenger, and tampering with evidence.

In November 2018 at her home in DeBary, central Florida, Cleavenger, 46, and her son argued over school grades and he killed her.

The young man buried the body next to a church near the family home and reported the disappearance of his mother, but ended up confessing the crime to the police, according to the summary.

The judge who handed down the sentence authorized Ramos’ 84-year-old grandmother to come up close and see the young man’s face for the first time since he confessed to the crime and was made available to the juvenile correctional system on November 15, 2018.

Grandmother prayed for the young man

The grandmother said a prayer in front of Ramos, made the sign of the cross and promised that she will always have him for whatever he needs and will be taking care of him from the outside.

The young man’s uncles and aunts spoke to remember the victim and said they felt they had lost Ramos with her as well.


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Brooklyn Beckham unveils new tattoo tribute with special message to Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham has revealed his shiny new tattoo in a touching tribute to fiancée Nicola Peltz.

The 21-year-old – who popped the question to model Nicola last year – is clearly a big fan of getting inked, and many of his tats are actually tributes to his wife-to-be.

In fact, after just over a year of dating, Brooklyn already has four tattoos to honour his lady.

And his latest ink job is certainly as romantic as ever, as the special message on his forearm proves just how serious he is about this romance.

“My life, my love, my truth, my breath, my reason, my beauty, my precious,” the new tattoo reads.

Brooklyn has dedicated yet another tattoo for Nicola

Gushing over Brooklyn’s latest tattoo, Nicola rushed to social media to share a snap of the sweet message.

“Forever my person,” she wrote alongside the snap.

Brooklyn’s other tattoo tributes to Nicola include her name inked on the side of his neck, as well as her eyes tattooed on the back of his neck.

Just last week, Brooklyn unveiled a tattoo he got done in a touching tribute to Nicola’s late grandmother.

Brooklyn Beckham
Brooklyn’s latest ink job was showcased on Nicola’s Instagram

The eldest son of David and Victoria had the name ‘Gina’ tattooed on his arm to mark his fiancée’s birthday.

Nicola, who turned 26 on January 9, was touched by the moving gesture and branded the notion her best birthday present.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, the actress shared a picture of Brooklyn’s arm that featured the newly completed ink.

“Best birthday gift,” Nicola wrote across the post, alongside an emoji.

Brooklyn Beckham
Just last week, Brooklyn Beckham got a tattoo in honour of Nicola’s late grandmother

Nicola was left devastated at the start of 2020 when her grandma Gina passed away just before her birthday in January.

After nine-months of dating, Brooklyn got down on one knee and proposed to Nicola in July.

The couple have shared lots of loved up snaps as they celebrated their engagement, and are reportedly planning to get married in 2022.

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The dangerous message he found in his trash can full of snow | The State

A woman found a strange message in her trash can. As it could be seen in a video that went viral on TikTok in the last hours, the inscription seemed like some kind of code that’s hard to crack. After sharing the images on the social network, other users alerted her to its dangerous meaning.

As they went out to her sidewalk, the woman, named Jade Jules, found the container covered in snow. On the white surface, someone he had drawn a big “1F”. His confusion was enormous: what did that message mean on the door of his house? After receiving the help of his followers, he realized that he was at risk.

@ bby.jade__

What does this mean? @dutchintheusa

♬ original sound – Jade Jules

The filming of the woman had more than 8 million views. Thousands of those users understood the same: “F” means “female”, And seeing this initial on the door of a house could be the mark that a thief leaves to account for who lives in the house. In this case, “1F” would indicate that only one woman lives.

Jade was very scared by the repercussions of her video. In fact, most of the tiktokers who interacted with her recommended that she call the police immediately. Thus, he decided to file a complaint at the local police station.

Unfortunately, days later, the author of the publication said that the police could not do much. In addition to erasing the mark on the garbage can, they advised him to be careful. For her part, Jade said that, unable to get out of the panic, she moved to her mother’s house for a few days.


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Stimulus Checks: Why does the IRS “Get My Payment” tool give you a “payment status not available” message? | The State

“Get My Payment” is an IRS online tool for tracking stimulus checks.

bruce mars / Pixabay

The online tool of the IRS known as “Get My Payment” (Get My Payment) is supposed to show the taxpayer the status of the “Payment of economic impact” or stimulus checks already processed by the agency without major inconvenience.

“The payment statement includes the date and method (direct deposit or payment by mail) it was issued. Some people will receive their second Economic Impact Payment in the mail, either in the form of a paper check or in the form of a debit card. For the people in this group, the IRS urges people to carefully watch their mail for any of these during January, ”says a response in the frequently asked questions about stimulus payments on the online site of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The agency also clarifies that the “Get My Payment” system updates the data once a day – during the night – so it is not necessary to consult the application more than once in a 24-hour period.

In some cases, users may receive the “payment status unavailable” message. This, as the IRS explains on its website, is due to three reasons:

  • You filed a 2019 tax return, but the agency hasn’t finished processing it
  • You don’t normally file a tax return and the IRS doesn’t have enough information to process a payment
  • You are not eligible for a payment

It is important for the user to remember that, since the second stimulus check is processed based on the information that the IRS already has on file, they will not be able to provide new route or account data, nor request a payment by EIP card or card prepaid debit.

In case any of the three previous scenarios applies to you, the person must request the payments owed through a “Refund recovery credit” on line 30 of your Form 1040 (SP) or Form 1040-SR of your return 2020 tax returns, the IRS says.


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As parting message, Jim Bridenstine leaves Artemis program “in good shape” for Biden’s NASA

At 12PM ET today, Jim Bridenstine officially stepped down from his role as NASA administrator. During his time at the agency, the former Oklahoma congressman and Naval aviator used his political chops to drum up bipartisan support for the Trump administration’s Artemis program, the agency’s cornerstone initiative to land humans on the Moon by 2024 — a deadline widely viewed as nearly impossible to meet.

In anticipation of President Joe Biden taking office and the Senate transitioning to Democratic control, Bridenstine, a Republican, spent his final days as administrator making one last push for the Artemis program, a parting bid to insulate the program from potential cancellation. Last week, he met with top Democrats including Sen. Patrick Leahy, who’s expected to become the second-highest-ranking official in the Senate once Biden takes office.

“We have done everything we can to build the consensus necessary for this program to be long-term sustainable,” Bridenstine told The Verge in an interview before heading out. “I think as hard as we’ve worked to build the consensus over the last three years, I think we’re in good shape.”

The multibillion-dollar Artemis program will face a new administration focused on building consensus around other priorities, including battling the coronavirus pandemic and tackling climate change.

Already, Congress has balked at the idea of a 2024 deadline for landing humans on the Moon: of the $3.3 billion NASA said it needed for next year’s budget to stay on track for 2024, Congress came up with $850 million. But Bridenstine still views that as a win: during a pandemic, NASA’s budget is billions more than what it was when he took office.

The $850 million for NASA marks the first time Congress agreed to fund a human lunar lander since the Apollo program. “That’s notable,” Casey Dreier, senior space policy adviser at The Planetary Society, said in an interview. “It didn’t get that far during the constellation program, the last time we tried going to the Moon.”

But it also shows NASA “couldn’t successfully make the case to Congress as to why they needed the money now, and why they needed it for 2024,” Dreier said.

On Wednesday, Bridenstine tweeted a final message as administrator in an emotional three-minute video, emphasizing that “eliminating division” is key to enabling long-term success for Artemis and welcoming the next administrator who will inherit the program.

“With that I say farewell. And I’ll tell ya, when a new team comes in, give them all your support. Because they need it, they deserve it, and of course what we’re trying to do, we’re not only crossing multiple administrations, but multi-decade and multigenerational,” he said.

Steve Jurczyk, NASA’s former number two under Bridenstine, assumed the role of acting administrator at noon once Biden was sworn in.

President Biden is expected to pick a woman to fill the NASA administrator role, which has only been occupied by men since the agency’s founding in 1958. His transition team for NASA, led by the director of the National Air and Space Museum, Ellen Stofan, has spent over a month reviewing the agency’s top programs and interviewing agency personnel, but it hasn’t released any hints on where Biden will officially stand on space policy issues.

Bridenstine told The Verge he plans to take a job in his home state of Oklahoma but declined to specify what that job will be. Asked if he’s running for office again, he said “Oh, no no no. No. I’ll tell ya, I have no desire to run for office.”

“They say never say never, but it would take something significant to get me back into politics. I’ve never been so happy to not be in politics.”

In the Twitter video, where he choked up thanking NASA employees, Bridenstine ended with a simple message: “Go get ‘em. Go NASA. Ad astra.”

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Barack Obama’s inspiring message to Joe Biden on Twitter before the inauguration | The State

Barack and Michelle Obama at Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

He former President Barack Obama sent a message of support to Joe biden from his Twitter account this morning to little for the Democrat to be sworn in as the new tenant of the White House.

“Congratulations to my colleague, President Joe Biden. This is your moment, “Obama shared on his account today along with an image of him with Biden.

Three former US presidents meet at the ceremony

Obama with the also democrat Bill Clinton and Republican George W. Bush They are the three former presidents who have already arrived at the federal Capitol for Biden’s inauguration.

Barack Obama takes office from Biden
Barack and Michelle Obama at the inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden. (Getty Images)
Biden takeover
George W. Bush and his wife Laura, at Biden’s inauguration ceremony. (Getty Images)
Biden takeover
Bill and Hillary Clinton at Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. (Getty Images)

Outgoing President Donald Trump will not participate in the event and will not receive Biden in the White House as is tradition in the transition processes. Trump is already in Palm Beach, Florida, where he left this morning after a brief message at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. President Jimmy Carter, who at 96 is the oldest former president, will not attend the event marked by a large presence of the military and other security forces.

Despite Trump’s absence, his vice president Mike Pence participates in the ceremony. Pence did not accompany Trump on his departure from the White House.

Biden to be sworn in before Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. While the judge of Puerto Rican origin Sonia Sotomayor to swear in the first female vice president in U.S. history Kamala Harris.

The official ceremony begins at 11 a.m.


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Ivanka Trump cries during the president’s farewell message as he leaves the White House | The State

The first daughter Ivanka Trump, the president’s favorite Donald trump, he cried during his father’s farewell message as he left the White House on his way to Florida.

Ivanka will also move to that state with her family, where it is expected that I tried to form a political career perhaps to the Senate, but it is too early to determine.

The president’s daughter tried to stay away from her father’s immigration and racial controversies, but her silence were elements that marked her endorsement of the division’s speech in the United States.

Also the eldest son of the president, until noon this Thursday, shed some tears for the departure of his father.

Donald Jr. has toyed with the idea of ​​running for president in 2024, but so has his father. So there will be a lot to see in the coming years.


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Danna Paola premieres ‘Calla Tú’ with a powerful feminist message | The State

Singer Danna Paola premiered his first music video of 2021 for the song ‘Shut up’, song belonging to the album ‘K.O.’.

Through the lyrics of this single, the actress has also sent a strong message about the gender violence. While on social media, Danna has shared his excitement for the release of this song

“I am very excited to have written this song, I needed it, and I needed it to be something so precise and informative that today it could help us realize IT’S NOT OK TO SHUT UP EVER. This song is my banner to give voice to all the women who have fallen into the hands of people who disguise us love with blows and hatred. “, wrote.

Also, through an interview for the program The sun rises, the interpreter of ‘Notoriety’ She pointed out that in some way she has experienced violence and wanted to take the opportunity to send a feminist message through what she does best: sing.

“I think it is a topic that I needed to write about this situation, I was in Madrid, I was living in Madrid since 2018, just before 8M, and the first 8M feminist march The one I went to was in Madrid. I really wanted to write something because it is not that in a relationship or with a specific person I have experienced violence, but we have all experienced violence in some way, unconsciously. “

In addition, he revealed that in the same way, gender violence has also been presented in his professional life: “Within this industry I have experienced a lot of machismo, I have tried to shut up many times and I have said it, and it has been a notice everywhere in the world. ‘Quiet, I don’t look prettier’.

‘K.O.’ is the fifth album of Danna Paola, which contains 11 topics, and that was released last January 13th causing madness among his fans.

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