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Stimulus Checks: Why does the IRS “Get My Payment” tool give you a “payment status not available” message? | The State

Stimulus Checks: Why does the IRS “Get My Payment” tool give you a “payment status not available” message?

“Get My Payment” is an IRS online tool for tracking stimulus checks.

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The online tool of the IRS known as “Get My Payment” (Get My Payment) is supposed to show the taxpayer the status of the “Payment of economic impact” or stimulus checks already processed by the agency without major inconvenience.

“The payment statement includes the date and method (direct deposit or payment by mail) it was issued. Some people will receive their second Economic Impact Payment in the mail, either in the form of a paper check or in the form of a debit card. For the people in this group, the IRS urges people to carefully watch their mail for any of these during January, ”says a response in the frequently asked questions about stimulus payments on the online site of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The agency also clarifies that the “Get My Payment” system updates the data once a day – during the night – so it is not necessary to consult the application more than once in a 24-hour period.

In some cases, users may receive the “payment status unavailable” message. This, as the IRS explains on its website, is due to three reasons:

  • You filed a 2019 tax return, but the agency hasn’t finished processing it
  • You don’t normally file a tax return and the IRS doesn’t have enough information to process a payment
  • You are not eligible for a payment

It is important for the user to remember that, since the second stimulus check is processed based on the information that the IRS already has on file, they will not be able to provide new route or account data, nor request a payment by EIP card or card prepaid debit.

In case any of the three previous scenarios applies to you, the person must request the payments owed through a “Refund recovery credit” on line 30 of your Form 1040 (SP) or Form 1040-SR of your return 2020 tax returns, the IRS says.


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