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Two boys from Mumbai selling Vada-pav in London, opened five restaurants in 10 years, now annual turnover is 14 crores

Vada Pav is very famous in Mumbai. You get it everywhere and the price is only 10 rupees. Many people take the whole day out after eating vada pav. Two friends from Mumbai also used to eat vada pav every day while studying in college. The most expense from pocket money was on vada pav. Then both of them went to London to study. They got a good job there but used to miss Vada-Pav with tea like Mumbai.

When the 2009 recession hit, one of these friends lost his job. This became the only opportunity for him to start the business of Vada Pav in London. Today both of them own 5 restaurants in the UK and the annual turnover has reached 1.5 million pounds (about 14 million rupees). We talked to both of them to know their success stories.

Story of Sujay Sohani and Subodh Joshi…

Both of us have been friends for the last 25 years. It is 1999, when we were studying at Mumbai’s Rizvi College. From there he was pursuing graduation in Hotel Management. After three years of study, he made a plan to do PG in Hotel Management. Gave many entrance exams. We got admission in a UK university. Our course was 18 months, 9 months internship. In 2003, the two got an internship offer together.

The company liked our work very much and they also offered us jobs and extended the visa period. The job was going well. Both were growing at their respective levels. The position of Supervisor and Assistant Manager was also found. But due to the slowdown in 2009, Sujay’s job was lost. During our stay in London, we both often missed Mumbai-based Vada Pav.

There was a lot of desire to drink boiled tea but could not get it. When Sujay lost his job job, then we planned why the two should not start Vada Pav’s business here. But, we did not have many savings nor any property. Our home loans were running. Therefore, it was decided that Subodh would continue to work and Sujay would be fully engaged in business.

सुबोध और सुजय ने जब बिजनेस शुरू किया था, तब उनके पास कोई सेविंग्स नहीं थीं। कहते हैं, तीन महीने भी धंधा नहीं चलता तो फिर हमें काम करना पड़ता।

A 6 month deposit is required to be taken from a good place shop rental in London. Agreement is in place. There are many other types of expenses. We did not have so much capital. We were looking for a place that could be found cheaply. While searching, we found a café in Poland.

We asked him for a small place in the cafe itself. Didn’t expect that he would give, but he agreed. He provided us a small space for the kitchen and also gave permission to use one, two table-chairs in the cafe.

We made a plan that Sujay would be here from morning and Subodh would come after 4 pm after his shift. We started making vada pav and tea from the kitchen of seven by seven. Now the problem was to tell people how to get vada pav and boiled tea.

So we thought to get people tested. One of us used to stand on the main road and we used to keep four pieces of vada pav. People who got out of there used to get the Vada Pav test done for free and told that here is our shop, you can do the test.

शुरुआत सिर्फ वड़ा पाव से की थी, लेकिन बाद में मैन्यू में आइटम बढ़ते चले गए।

Then we came up with the idea that the way Banda gives tea delivery to every shop in India, similarly we start here, because no one in London gave such delivery of tea. We used to go for the delivery of tea and also bring orders of Vada Pav.

We distributed our numbers at the shops that whenever you feel like drinking tea or want to eat vada pav, you just call us and we will give you the delivery at the shop. We started this work in the entire area around the shop.

Our tea idea became a hit. Tea also started selling a lot and orders for Vada Pav were also available. Customers started coming to us immediately. The situation became such that all the customers in the cafe were our own. Due to this, where earlier we were paying 400 pounds of rent, later it increased to 1500 pounds.

यूके जाने वाले भारत के ढेरों सेलेब्स भी सुजय और सुबोध के रेस्टोरेंट्स पर पहुंचते हैं और भारतीय खाने का लुत्फ उठाते हैं।

We stayed there from August 2010 to January. Then that shop was sold. Then we shifted to another place. The fare there was two thousand pounds, but now our customer base was formed. People around him started to know. Subodh then quit the job and both of them started working full time. One looked after the kitchen and the other managed the restaurant.

Our wives and some office colleagues also joined us after leaving the job. Subodh’s wife helped the kitchen immensely. In 2011, we took a bigger place on rent. The situation had become such that the police started coming to us to inquire why there is such a crowd here. The reason we got crowded here was that Vada Pav was very cheap, nothing was so cheap in London.

There was boiled tea which was not found anywhere else. Along with this, we had started selling many other items too, such as Meesal Pav, Pavbhaji, Bhajia, Samosa. We used to make everything in Indian style only, so even people liked our test there.

एक छोटी सी जगह से शुरू हुआ काम अब बहुत फैल चुका है। पांच रेस्टोरेंट्स चल रहे हैं।

Then catering orders started coming to us. There were no small orders in London, but we also used to order 30 to 50 party parties. The work grew so much that we started outsourcing some things. Gradually, in the new area, we started opening the branch of Sri Krishna Vada Pav. By 2017, there were four branches. Now there are five brands.

As the branch grew, so did our menu items. Even after the lockdown, we have started another new branch in August itself. Many institutions have honored, because in such times we are offering jobs there. We never compromised on test and quality.

This is the reason that many people started seeing Vada Pav after seeing us, but could not get any success. Both are directors in the company. Employing 40 people. Now working on making the brand international. There are many countries where Indians still cannot find their favorite food. We will extend our branch to those countries.

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What will they tell their spouses? More than 500 people who visited Toronto strip club are urged to quarantine for 14 days after worker tests positive for COVID-19

Public health officials on Friday said as many as 550 people may have been exposed to COVID-19 at a Toronto strip club last week and urged them to self-isolate for 14 days.

It is the first time city officials have issued such as warning since allowing nightclubs and restaurants to reopen, with social distancing restrictions, on July 31.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford wondered what conversations the men were going to have with their spouses.

‘I feel sorry for people when they go to their house and tell them that they were at the Brass Rail,’ Ford quipped to reporters. ‘That´s who I feel sorry for. Sorry for the spouse, seriously. Man, I wouldn´t want to be on the end of that one.’

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Toronto Public Health said a worker at the Brass Rail strip club on Yonge Street tested positive for the virus. 

A worker at Brass Rail strip club in Toronto (pictured) tested positive for coronavirus

A worker at Brass Rail strip club in Toronto (pictured) tested positive for coronavirus

A stripper is seen wearing a face mask in this still from a video on the club's Instagram page. There is no suggestion this is the worker who contracted COVID-19

A stripper is seen wearing a face mask in this still from a video on the club’s Instagram page. There is no suggestion this is the worker who contracted COVID-19

Authorities said the employee worked on August 4, 5, 7, and 8. They refused to specify whether the person was a stripper or another member of staff.

It said officials were contacting individuals who provided their information to the club upon entry and urged them, as well as those who had been in close contact with them, to self-isolate and get tested. 

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Establishments are required to keep a customer log during the pandemic.

Dr. Vinita Dubey, associate medical officer of health, said the club was issued a notice of noncompliance and the city is working to ensure physical distancing measures are followed.

In a statement on Instagram, the club said: ‘The Brass Rail closed its doors immediately when we heard that an employee may have tested positive for COVID-19. The safety of our city, staff and patrons is always our top priority.

‘It turned out to be only one isolated case and that case was quickly contained. All of our staff were subsequently tested and all tests have come back negative.

‘The Brass Rail has strict safety precautions in place but as an added measure we closed our establishment for another 72 hours on our own accord without direction from anyone.

The club issued a statement explaining what happened. They described it as an isolated case

The club issued a statement explaining what happened. They described it as an isolated case

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (pictured last week) wondered what conversations the men were going to have with their spouses

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (pictured last week) wondered what conversations the men were going to have with their spouses

‘We then hired a professional sanitization/disinfecting crew to throughly sanitize (in hazmat suits) the Brass Rail in its entirety.

‘Our safety measures continue to go above and beyond to ensure our valued staff & patrons are always kept secure and safe.’ 

Dr. Andrew Morris, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Toronto and the medical director of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at Sinai-University Health Network, said strip clubs, nightclubs or bars should not be open until at least schools are up and running.

‘We just know enough from everywhere that they are going to the sources of outbreaks,’ Morris said. ‘I don’t think people realize – 550 people potentially exposed. You know how long its going to take them to chase down 550 guys, half of which probably gave fake ID or information.’

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UP : Police caught the goat for wandering without a mask.This turned out to be a reality

Police caught the wandering goat without a mask? This turned out to be a reality

Police caught the wandering goat without a mask?  This turned out to be a reality

When four policemen took a goat in a jeep, someone recorded a video of it and put it on social media. Writing about the video, he said that the UP police caught the roaming goat without a mask. Later, some other facts came to light, but before that the video became increasingly viral.

Police caught the wandering goat without a mask?  This turned out to be a reality

The carrying of an unclaimed goat by the police in Kanpur on Sunday became a reason to entertain people on social media. In fact, an unclaimed goat was walking on the road in Bekganj area. It is the time of Bakrid so every goat has a price at this time. People gave the information to Bekganj police.

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Police caught the wandering goat without a mask?  This turned out to be a reality

On arrival, the police came and loaded the goat in a jeep and took it to the police station, where later the owner of the goat reached it.

Police caught the wandering goat without a mask?  This turned out to be a reality

But when four policemen were seizing the goat in a jeep, someone made a video of it and went viral on social media with the comment that the police arrested a goat while walking on the road without a mask.

Police caught the wandering goat without a mask?  This turned out to be a reality

The police and the administration are also challaning out the people without mask, so this video became increasingly viral in the people and became a means of entertainment for the people.

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Weird marriage in MP : Man marries two girls in same marriage Pendol

Betul MP Keria village

A young man from Madhya Pradesh got married uniquely. She married two young women in the same wedding ceremony, one with her girlfriend and the other by her parents’ favorite girl. Many villagers and family members were present during this wedding ceremony.

Sandeep Uike, hailing from Betul in the state, got married on July 8 in Keria village of Ghodadongri block, about 40 km from the district headquarters. Now the district administration is investigating how this happened. According to the information, of the two girls married to Sandeep, who hails from Keria village, one is from Hoshangabad district and the other is from Koyalari village. 

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Uike came in contact with the girl from Hoshangabad while he was studying in Bhopal. Sandeep’s parents asked him to marry her to the likes of family. After this, the panchayat was called when the matter increased. It was decided that if both the girls agreed to stay with Sandeep, then they would be married. Both agreed on this.

The wedding ceremony was held in Keria village. Those attending the ceremony included the groom and the family of the two brides along with the villagers. Mishrilal Parate, vice-president and marriage witness of Janpad Panchayat Ghorandongri, said that the three families had no objection and decided to go ahead with the wedding themselves.

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The girl puts her selfie online – and immediately, all police units become alert!

It was a golden sunny morning,   Ashley (22 ) got out of her car to ride the surroundings. He felt that now is the time to take a good picture.

He took out his phone, took a selfie and put it on his social media. He never even dreamed that he would have to face such serious consequences for that one selfie …

When his picture appeared online and the local police saw him, they could not believe their eyes upon seeing him!

The officers did not hesitate even for a second and they immediately left for Ashley’s house …

Ashley was restlessly sitting on the couch of her house and then she heard a bell at the door. Heading towards the front door, all eyes flashed through his eyes with sharp emergency lights. What is going on here !?

She was extending her hand towards the door handle when she saw two police personnel in her verandah. He was not alone. Behind those two police personnel, there was an entire army of police vehicles and emergency lights were flashing on their vehicles.

Ashley asked astonished, ” What is going on? Have I done anything wrong?”

The police personnel did not respond to anything and they all barged into Ashley’s house, within 30 minutes of 30 police officers searching Ashley’s house. At the time, Ashley emerged from her initial shock and was screaming loudly from her living room:

“What are you guys doing in my house ?!”

One of the officers goes to him and tells him that they are looking for evidence in a double murder case. Unaware of everything, Ashley suddenly becomes the main witness in that case. Another officer turns to Ashley and shakes him out loud.

” Where is your phone?”

She quickly passes through her pictures and finally, after seeing that suspicious selfie, sighs out of her mouth. He handles himself and then convinces Ashley about the whole situation.

For months, the police had been looking for the culprit responsible for a gruesome murder, but all the clues led to nothing. Until Ashley posted her selfie online.

“In the reflection of your spectacles we see the criminal we are looking for.”

Ashley did not see anything at first, but then when she looked carefully, she was able to see him. A reflection of an old man was visible in her sunglasses. But it wasn’t just that …

The suspect was not alone …


The officer urges him to take her to the spot where she took the selfie as soon as “anyone else can fall prey to it.”

Ashley and the officer stopped near a ditch on the side of the road. It was a place that had no meaning for the 22-year-old until last weekend.

He searched in the grass, inspected the road and took countless photographs. But after investigating for about two hours, this investigation yielded no results. Until Ashley realizes that her camera had a different glimpse …

” There! In the forest!”

Ashley’s camera caught a reflection from the window . It was a little strange because there should be no house in that area. They were standing on a ring road crossing a large nature reserve. The officer said, “If you usually see something here, it is a deer.”

The officer pulled Ashley back and ordered him to stay behind. Gradually, they moved towards the house. There was a rotten old hut which was completely covered with leaves.

There must have been some activity here recently. A clean car was standing next to that hut. Suddenly, an officer raised his hand.

” I saw something moving …”

Now everyone saw that movement. One of the windows went from left to right behind a window. Police estimated it to be someone around 60 years old. It was the man they were looking for!

As quietly as possible, all the officers moved towards the house and positioned themselves towards the outer wall of that house. There was a lot of peace. You can say that the peace before the storm came , but all the police personnel knew what they were doing. The officer who was standing next to the door raised his fingers and then he started the countdown.

Three … two … one … zero …

With a loud bang, they broke the door and entered inside the house. He hoped that there would be a confused criminal inside whom he would find easy enough to catch, but the reality was different.

The living room in which the old man was walking a few seconds ago, now that room was completely deserted. There was only a whistling kettle and an open window, through which the man must have escaped , but it was clear from this that some time ago there was someone here.

” How can this guy dodge us every time?” Just now the officers had kept their guns back that Ashley shouted loudly:

“He’s running away from that side. Behind those trees!”

The attacking unit reacted quickly and quickly followed the suspect. The man was old, but not slow from any point of view. Apart from this , he knew this forest very well. Running from the middle of the trees, he disappeared from there in an instant.

The officers knew that they had to be careful, because now they knew for sure that the forest is full of webs built in the house.

All the officers gathered in an open field with caution, but only then they heard a scream from behind the trees .

Officers became fully alert and ran towards that voice in the hope that their biggest fear had come true. But it was clear that luck was not supporting him. One of those officers had his leg trapped in a huge bear trap .

The wounded man shouted, ” We have to move forward! This time he can’t run away by dodging us!”

The rest of the police personnel were surprised to hear this, but they understood the meaning of his talk. An ambulance was called there and they quickly entered the forest. And it was a good decision…

Because after about five minutes the man was seen in an old barn …

It was obvious that the man did not expect that they would find him so soon, as he was just putting his belongings in the suitcase. This time he did not even move, because the officers gave him Dbocha Dhar was. After a brief struggle, the officers took the man from there with handcuffs.

From outside, that barn looked quite normal, but this barn was the place where the man hid all his unusual thoughts. He covered the walls with newspaper headlines of various sinister crimes . The police also found a pantry full of weapons.

One of them asked Ashley, “Will you go to the police station with us?”

She went to the police station with him, she was still very nervous about what happened. A few days ago she took some good pictures during a pleasant trip and now she was here. It was a lot for that poor girl and she could not handle herself and she started crying

And it turned into reality even before he expected. Not even a month had passed, Ashley was sitting comfortably on the couch of her house, when a letter falls into her house. The letter was very heavy and had the President’s seal on it. ” What could have happened to that?”

She opens the letter and looks at the contents inside it. He has a respectable ribbon in his hand and a letter signed by the President . ” Thank you for your great courage and help of the country.”

Ashley thinks about that beautiful day and that journey in her car. And also thinks about the pictures taken on that nice trip.

What a month it was!

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Fact Check: Did this model make it to Guinness for her dark skin tone?

Several websites claimed that Guinness World Records recognised Nyakim Gatwech, an American model of South Sudanese descent, as the “darkest skin ever seen on earth

Nyakim Gatwech, an American model of South Sudanese descent, has caught global attention for her stunning and unconventional beauty. According to several websites, this 27-year-old model, also known as “Queen of the Dark” is worth $4 million for her “beautiful dark skin tone”.

But has the Guinness World Records recognised her as the “darkest skin ever seen on earth”? Several websites and Facebook users claim so.

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found the claim to be false. Guinness World Records has refuted the claim, calling it fake. The book does not keep records for skin tone.

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The viral post, along with a picture of Gatwech, reads, “It’s not art work on black stone or granite. She is Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech. The rarest black beauty. She enters Guinness Book of World record for the darkest skin ever seen on earth. She is also known as ‘QUEEN OF DARK’.”

The archived versions of the posts can be seen here and here. Multiple Facebook users have made the same claim.

AFWA probe

Since the claim was made against Guinness World Records, we checked its website as to whether there is an entry against skin tone, but found no information on this.

We then checked the Twitter account of Guinness World Records and found that on April 28 this year, it had refuted the viral claim in reply to a tweet by @iChopTweets. Calling it a “Fake news alert”, it tweeted, “Guinness World Records does not monitor records for skin tone.”

Twitter handle @iChopTweets later aplogised for the “wrong information” in a reply to Guinness World Records on the same thread. The user also claimed that he had contacted Gatwech about the viral “information” and pasted the screenshot of the purported conversation between them.

Therefore, it is confirmed that the viral claim of international model Nyakim Gatwech entering Guinness World Records for the darkest skin ever seen on earth is wrong. The book does not monitor records for skin tone.

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Viral – Hilarious Address on package says Mandir Ke Samne Phone Lagana. Don’t miss Flipkart’s reply

A viral picture of a package with hilarious delivery address has left Twitter in splits.

We have all heard about delivery guys misplacing packages and people receiving expensive earbuds instead of body lotion in their online orders. But recently, netizens were stumped by one man’s innovative way of explaining his address to Flipkart, and surely you will be too.

A Twitter user, Mangesh Panditrao recently posted a picture of a Flipkart delivery package. However, what amused netizens was the address mentioned in the ‘Shipping/Customer address’ section.

Take a look:

The package, which was to be delivered in Kota, Rajasthan, had the address, “448 Chaoth mata mandir, mandir ke samne aate hi phone laaga lena mein aa jauga (448 Chaoth mata temple, come in front of the temple and call me, I will come), Shivpura (sic),” written on it.

Mangesh Panditrao captioned the tweet, “Indian eCommerce is different (sic).” And we couldn’t agree more.

After being shared, the tweet immediately went viral and managed to garner over 13.4k likes and more than 2.8k retweets.

Flipkart also took to Twitter to give their take on it, and it was hilarious. They posted the picture of the package with the caption, “Taking ‘Ghar ek mandir hai’ to a whole new level! (sic).”

See their tweet:

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This whole incident left netizens in stitches, and many took to the comments section to express the same. One user wrote, “Anokha Rajasthan (sic).” Another commented, “India ki baat hi alag hai (sic).”

See the comments:

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Bhopal MP – 55-year-old man arrested for raping a cow

Rape of a cow in Bhopal caught in CCTV

In Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal city, 55-year-old man has been arrested for raping a cow. It is being told that this case is related to a dairy in Sunder Nagar. 

Ashoka Garden Police Station in-charge of Bhopal, Alok Shrivastava said that the incident took place on July 4 and the accused has been booked under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Srivastava told ANI that on July 4, a 55-year-old man named Sabir Ali entered a diary in Sundar Nagar. Dairy owner Ram Yadav catches him, but later lets him go. The next day Yadav examined the CCTV footage and found that Ali was performing unnatural acts (sex) with a cow.

He said that Yadav has lodged a complaint at the police station and a case has been registered under Section 377 on Sabir Ali. He has been arrested.


World’s first hotel made of ‘Gold’ in Vietnam, know the-jaw dropping cost of construction

Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel : World’s first Gold Hotel in Vietnam

Korana has been wreaked havoc all over the world. A hotel made of gold has started in Hanoi during the Corona period. Which is being discussed all over the world. What is special about this gold-made hotel

IN PICS: Have you seen a hotel made of 'Gold' in Vietnam, the bathroom is also gold

This gold-made hotel has started in Vietnam. It is being said that till date, a hotel has not been built with gold anywhere. This is the first hotel made from complete gold. You will be surprised to know that the lobby of this hotel named as ‘Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake’ is made of 24 carat gold. Which costs 200 million dollars.

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IN PICS: Have you seen a hotel made of 'Gold' in Vietnam, the bathroom is also gold

From the hotel room to the bridge, utensils, toilets including showers are made of gold. It is being told that the entire city is visible from the 25th floor of this hotel.

IN PICS: Have you seen a hotel made of 'Gold' in Vietnam, the bathroom is also gold

If the owner of the hotel believes, then the people who come here are very happy with this royal style. People who come here say that this is a very unique and unique experience.

IN PICS: Have you seen a hotel made of 'Gold' in Vietnam, the bathroom is also gold

This hotel made of gold is obviously going to be very expensive. One night in this hotel has to spend about $ 250. It is very difficult for the common man, but people of the rich population can definitely enjoy this hotel.

IN PICS: Have you seen a hotel made of 'Gold' in Vietnam, the bathroom is also gold
IN PICS: Have you seen a hotel made of 'Gold' in Vietnam, the bathroom is also gold

The owner of the hotel told that so far all the people who have come to this hotel and have spent time, are considering themselves very lucky. People say that through this hotel, they too can live in the style of US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump is very fond of things made of gold.

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Anmol Narang became the first Sikh woman to graduate from the US Military Academy

Anmol Narang the first Sikh woman graduated from US military academy

In today’s time, there are many such girls who are increasing the pride of India not only in the country but also abroad. Have once again done something like this, Anmol Narang. Anmol Narang of Indian origin has become the first Sikh lieutenant to graduate from the American Military Academy. Anmol, a 23-year-old Indian-American Sikh woman, has created a new history by breaking old chains, which is a matter of pride for India.

Anmol was born and raised in Roswell, Georgia. She did her graduation from Georgia Institute of Technology, after which she went to West Point. At the same time, he graduated in nuclear engineering on Saturday. She wants to pursue a career in the air defense system from the beginning, in which her family gave her full support.

This is the first time that a non-American woman has obtained the degree of American Military Academy. Anmol had said, I am excited and honored to fulfill my dream of graduating from West Point on Saturday.

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Apart from this, apartheid had a great influence in the US Army since 1925, due to which the lower or Indian people had barely entry into it. But now Narang has joined the US military and has brightened the name of the country. Anmol will go to Okinawa, Japan after completing the Basic Officer Leadership Course in Oklahoma.

Anmol’s grandfather was a soldier in the Indian Army, seeing that Anmol wished to join the army. Because his family shifted to America many years ago, he decided to join the US military.