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Lali Esposito's message about her body that won the applause of her followers | The State

Lali Esposito joined the true or false trend on Instagram and lectured on acceptance. It turns out that the singer was encouraged to “be questioned” by some of her followers and agreed to answer questions about her career, her life, her dreams and others.

Everything revolved around his major projects, relationships with personalities from the artistic environment and the occasional daily intimacy until a question broke the scheme. “Are you comfortable with your body?”Was the unexpected (but repeated) question he received.

Before that, he replied that it was “true” and then explained:It’s the only one I have and I love it. I try to take care of him and he can put up with me so much”. Her intelligent and careful response received the immediate approval of her community: everyone stressed that the messages that the artist gives on her account are taken by young people, children and even adolescents.

On the other hand, Lali was surprised by confessing that she always felt at her best. “Do you feel that you are in one of the best moments of your career?” They inquired with curiosity, to which the actress replied: “I always felt at the best moment. I could always choose and enjoy where I was, what I was doing and the experience, here and now ”.


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