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Biden Administration Advances Third Stimulus Check Plan With Senators From Both Parties | The State

President Biden seeks to expand the economic benefits during the pandemic.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Officials in the President’s Administration Joe biden They had met by telephone with a bipartisan group of senators, where they discussed the options of the economic aid project against the coronavirus.

According to a report by The Hill, The meeting established some coincidences, mainly the urgency of sending more funds to the fight against the pandemic, although Republicans and some Democrats have asked to focus on the third stimulus check of $ 1,400 to those who need it most.

Majority Leader in the Senate, Dick durbin (Illilonis) said the call was “productive” and supported the White House’s vision against the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

“The Senate must come together on a bipartisan basis and provide the resources the American people need to survive this pandemic and this prolonged financial hardship.”, said.

Retaking a report from Axios on the call, the senator Angus king (Maine) noted that the call focused on “solutions.”

“Let’s continue working together to accelerate vaccine distribution and support Americans during this pandemic,” he posted.

CNN reports and The Washington Post indicate that the meeting was promoted by Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council.

Senators, eight from each party, questioned the Biden Administration about where the aid money should go and what is the justification for some expenses, in addition to asking to focus the third check “on those most in need.”

The $ 1.9 trillion bill unveiled by President Biden includes an extension of the unemployment insurance bond after mid-March and raising the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour.


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Bernie Sanders Explains How Democrats Could Pass Third Stimulus Check Without Republicans | The State

Senator Bernie Sanders.

SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

The senator Bernie sanders (Vermont) believes that Democrats have a chance to pass a new economic stimulus package without having to convince Republicans in the Senate.

It would be a simple majority vote, that is, 50 plus one, which the Democrats add with the extra vote of the president of the Senate, the vice president. Kamala harris. It is about the strategy of Budget Reconciliation.

“We are going to use reconciliation, that is, 50 votes in the Senate plus the vice president, to pass legislation that working families desperately need in this country at this time,” the senator said on CNN.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), could ipush for the approval of a first project the following week with the $ 1,400 per person, but the problem for the Democrats would be in the Senate, where several Republicans are opposed.

What does it consist of?

One of the rules in Congress is that the budget cannot be stagnant due to stubbornness or what is known as a “filibuster,” an action that senators use to delay a vote indefinitely.

“Instead of needing 60 votes, a reconciliation bill only needs a simple majority in the Senate,” explains the House Budget Committee. “Reconciliation begins with the resolution of the congressional budget”.

The plan, it is added, must be applied with the support of several committees, which draft the bill to be approved and the Budget Committee integrates them into one.

“That bill has a special status in the Senate,” it adds. “Since the budget cannot be obstructed, it only needs a simple majority to pass.”

Senator defends action

Sanders has criticized this process on other occasions, but defends this time because he considers it a crisis and the money would go to those who need it most in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2017 he said that the Republicans used it “to grant tax breaks to billionaires,” but the end of the Democrats was different.

“Yes, I criticized them for that. And if they want to criticize me for helping to feed the children who are hungry or the elderly in this country who are isolated and alone and do not have enough food, they can criticize me “Sanders said.

Although the administration of President Joe Biden acknowledges that the approval of the $ 1.9 trillion plan could take several weeks or even be modified, it is confident that Congressmen will move forward.

Sanders considered that the Democrats cannot wait “weeks, weeks, months and months to move on,” but did not give a specific date for approval of the new check.


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The House would take a key step this week for the third stimulus check of $ 1,400 | The State

Democratic leaders in Congress.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Part of the president’s $ 1.9 billion plan Joe biden it could pass its first test in Congress this week in the House of Representatives.

The plan is to advance the $ 1,400 direct dollars per person, in the middle of the debate among congressmen for the comprehensive plan against COVID-19.

“House Democrats are considering passing legislation next week with new money for vaccines (and) direct payments, an opportunity to put some points on the board.”, said Jake Sherman, a contributor to Politician.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), and the Senate Majority Leader, Charles schumer (New York), are on the same channel about the new stimulus check. They do indeed support President Biden’s entire bill, but they face problems with some Democrats and a high number of Republicans.

One of the Republicans’ conditioning factors is that the money should not go to all Americans, but only to those directly affected by the pandemic.

Republican Senator Pat toomey (Pennsylvania) believes that the plan “would be a colossal waste and economically damaging” for the United States.

In the same vein, the Democratic senator Joe manchin (W.V).

“It’s time to target where the money is going”Manchin said.

The House vote could be positive for Democrats, as they have a sufficient, albeit limited majority.

The bill must be sent to the Senate, where the biggest problem lies, as has been advanced, given the 50-50 division with the only difference vote for Democrats in the voice of the vice president. Kamala harris.

Democrats require 60 votes, so they need to convince 10 Republicans.

Although President Biden wants approval of the plan as soon as possible, the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, He acknowledged that this could take several weeks, perhaps early March.

“The package was designed with $ 1.9 billion as a starting point”, said. “This is a discussion, this is a conversation, and [el presidente Biden] it is not alien to the process of preparing the invoice… The initial package that is proposed is rarely integrated exactly ”.

There is no deadline as such, but if congressmen wanted to impose one it should be the end of March, when the protections and distribution of funds to unemployment of the $ 900,000 million aid plan end that allowed the sending of $ 600 dollars per person.


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Third minister quits Mamata govt

Kolkata, January 22

In yet another jolt for the TMC dispensation, West Bengal Forest Minister Rajib Banerjee quit the Mamata Banerjee cabinet, joining the growing list of dissenters who have put the ruling camp in a tight spot ahead of the Assembly elections. He is the third minister to resign this month in the middle of an exodus from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress ahead of elections.

The TMC, however, asserted that Rajib ’s move would have no impact on the party. Rajib said he was forced to take this decision after being publicly humiliated by a section of the party’s leaders for airing his grievances over their style of functioning. Meanwhile, the TMC expelled MLA Baishali Dalmiya from the party for anti-party activities — PTI

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First week of February is key period for approval of third stimulus check of $ 1,400 | The State

The first week of February would be key in terms of third stimulus check for $ 1,400 announced by the president Joe biden.

As he told reporters this Thursday the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy PelosiIn those days, Democrats will be “completely ready” to pass legislation to that end with only 51 votes.

However, passing a new stimulus bill is not just in the hands of Democrats. The majority delegation also needs Republican votes to be able to give way to any measure promoted by the Executive.

In the federal Senate, the measure would need 60 votes; at least 10 Republicans apart from all Democratic votes.

Possible Republican Rejection of Third Stimulus Check

Some Republicans might stifle their rejection of Biden’s so-called “American Bailout Plan” valued at $ 900 billion. Last year, several legislators from that community rejected the $ 2 billion measure.

The legislation that was finally passed last December for the $ 600 checks involves an investment of $ 1.4 trillion.

If the differences are corrected soon, the measure could be approved between mid-February and mid-March depending on the length of the debate.

The foregoing does not mean immediate disbursement of funds. The distribution of the first payments would take at least a week after the law is signed. In the case of the most recent bailout bill passed in Congress and signed by outgoing President Donald Trump, the first direct deposits were made on December 29. However, many recipients were unable to dispose of the money until January 4.

Currently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continue to mail stimulus checks on paper or in debit card form.

Many of these payments will take 3-4 weeks to reach their destination, according to the IRS on its website.


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In WandaVision’s third episode, the devil really is in the details

It’s just a jump to the left and a step to the right for Wanda and Vision, who have time warped from the ‘50s and ‘60s to the 1970s.

The third episode picks up right where the last ended: Wanda is pregnant, but she and Vision are still trying to figure out how they ended up in their perfect suburban life together with no past memories. It’s a wackier installment than the first two episodes, but it’s also key to piecing together what might play out over the next six weeks — including what it could possibly mean for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

[With that said, here is your spoiler alert for WandaVision’s third episode.]

If the beginning of WandaVision’s third episode sets up that something isn’t right, as Vision tells Wanda when they realize how quickly she’s running through her pregnancy, it’s the end of the episode that hammers that point home. The arrival of twin boys, a reference to Age of Ultron, a necklace, and a security base just outside of Wanda’s fictional world all provide some clues as to where the series may take us, and which comics it’s pulling from.

Let’s start with Monica Rambeau. She’s an agent of S.W.O.R.D., the intelligence agency that was hinted at in the first episode, but her appearance in the episode brings more questions than answers. Is Monica watching over Wanda to ensure the Scarlet Witch doesn’t destroy reality while trapped in her own prism? Or is she trying to help Wanda escape the fake world she’s created for herself? Possibly both! Even though Wanda doesn’t recognize her, it’s Monica who helps deliver her twin boys — Tommy and Billy.

This is pretty important. Thomas and William Maximoff were originally introduced in the comics as Wanda and Vision’s children. At least, that’s what Wanda and Vision thought. Tommy and Billy were merely constructs, created via magic using her mutant abilities. In order to give her sons proper souls, Wanda used life fragments from a villain named Mephisto, who later devoured the babies to regain control of the fragmented souls embedded in their bodies.

Who is Mephisto?

For those who may not remember Ghost Rider, Mephisto is an old Marvel comic book character. In the comics, Mephisto is a demonic devil-of-sorts who has caused trouble for a number of characters, including Doctor Strange, Wanda Maximoff, and even Doctor Doom. His possible appearance could become another crux to all of WandaVision and help set up a way for Doctor Strange to appear in the show as Disney executives have previously announced.

After debuting in Vision and the Scarlet Witch in 1986, it’s not until 1989 and a storyline in West Coast Avengers that the twins die and our speculation starts. Mephisto is the person who effectively absorbs Wanda’s fictional children, leaving her in an unbelievable amount of emotional pain. (Actually, the twins were absorbed through a villain named Master Pandemonium, but he was effectively operating under the control of Mephisto, so we’ll skip over the beautiful but often frustrating intricacies of comic book story lines and try to stay on course.)

Although we have not seen Mephisto in WandaVision, having Tommy and William enter the show at a time when Wanda is creating a fictional universe for herself in a subconscious that people are trying to break through seems to suggest that Mephisto will appear. Which brings us to our next character in this Inception-like layer of intermingling alternate realities: Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes, Wanda’s next-door neighbor.

The Agatha connection

If it seems like Agnes isn’t really an innocent bystander in this situation, that’s because she probably isn’t. In the new episode, Agnes is seen wearing a very particular necklace. It’s similar to the necklace worn by Agatha Harkness in the comics. Harkness is a witch — actually portrayed as one of the original witches in the Salem Witch trials back in 1692. Although she suffers a terrible tragedy, she becomes best known for two things. The first is becoming a protector-of-sorts of Franklin Richards, son of Sue and Reed Richards, members of the Fantastic Four. Longtime fans will know where this is headed, but Agatha Harkness also played a very specific role in Wanda’s life after Mephisto absorbed her twins, and continued to do so long after.

Following the traumatic absorption of her children in the comics, Wanda has her mind wiped by Harkness in Avengers West Coast. It’s easier to erase her memory than trying to save the children by removing them from Mephisto. Grim! (Don’t worry, they return in a new form as members of the Young Avengers named Wiccan and Speed). In the comics, however, Harkness also becomes a mentor to Wanda, teaching her to harness her hex powers.

My assumption is that Frank, the husband Agnes keeps referencing in the first two episodes, is actually Mephisto. Remember her line about wanting to make her husband disappear in the second episode while Vision is performing his magic trick? In that same episode, when Wanda and Agnes’ neighbor Bev remarks, “the devil’s in the details,” Agnes jokingly replies, “that’s not the only place he is.” Mephisto is often referred to as the devil within Marvel comics. It could be nothing, but it could also be foreshadowing.

The bigger speculation is what this is all leading up to. We know that whenever Wanda realizes that’s something out of place, she has the ability to adjust her world to her liking. When she begins talking about her brother Pietro at the end of the episode, which causes Monica to slip up and ask Wanda if he was killed by Ultron, Wanda uses her powers to physically throw Monica out, back into the real world, onto S.W.O.R.D.’s base. Earlier I asked if Monica is keeping an eye on a dangerous Wanda or trying to help. It seems like Wanda is trapped inside her own subconscious, where Mephisto wants her to be, until the children start to show mutant abilities. Then, he can absorb them and their powers. Mephisto could be controlling Wanda within her own universe by letting her play out the fantasy life she wanted.

Again, this is Marvel. Specifically, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show may be a self-contained story, but it’s playing into the bigger picture. This time around, the bigger picture is…

Doctor Strange promotional image

Image: Marvel Studios

…folks, it’s Doctor Strange

Look, not everything has to build up to Doctor Strange, but at this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, things are building up to a multiverse centered around Doctor Strange. Mephisto and Doctor Strange have had multiple encounters in the comics and have played around with the multiverse narrative.

Plus, at one point in the comics, Doctor Strange literally steps into a version of hell to save the Fantastic Four from Mephisto — so if that’s not everything coming together nicely for Marvel’s next phase, I don’t know what is. I mean, one of Mephisto’s most famous storylines involves Peter Parker, and we know Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is connected to Spider-Man 3 thanks to Kevin Feige’s recent confirmation. Mephisto could be part of the connective tissue.

There’s still a lot we don’t know. We don’t know how Jimmy Woo or Darcy Lewis play into the story, although I’m operating under the assumption that Woo is an agent of S.W.O.R.D. following the events of Endgame. We don’t know what Monica’s main job is, and we don’t know what happened to Vision’s body — if anything — after Endgame. What we do know, however, is that WandaVision is setting up something bigger than Wanda’s never-ending dream. Marvel’s DNA is finally starting to poke through.


One third of seniors infected at Résidence Val-Mauricie

A private residence in Shawinigan is fighting a major battle, as a third of residents are currently infected with COVID-19 and a dozen of them have been transferred to the alternative accommodation center in Nicolet to respect their isolation.

A team came to test all the staff and seniors of Résidence Val-Mauricie on Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

“We have been struggling with COVID-19 for twelve days online. We are starting to get out of breath, ”said the director of the residence, July Cosssette.

At around 10 a.m., another team from the CIUSSS de la Mauricie and Center-du-Québec arrived on the scene, this time to assess the state of health of the seniors who tested positive who remained in their rooms.

And the balance sheet is also climbing among the staff, with four employees who are now contaminated. Everyone is redoubling their efforts, despite the fewer numbers.

“We work under the stress of not catching it. I do the three floors. All the girls are stressed because it is the day staff who get the Covid. We have to put on the protective jacket, take it off, put it back on … it never ends. You are never fully protected. It would take a guard on all floors at night. We don’t have an employee, ”said Bobbie Jo Bissonnette, a patient care attendant who works night shifts.

Despite the outbreak, they are two employed to monitor and care for all residents. The CIUSSS also sent six service aides, a specialized patrician nurse and a security guard.

“We’re really starting to be in distress. Yes, we are starting to run out of staff, ”continues the director.

The virus entered Residence Val-Mauricie through a kitchen worker.

Staff now fear the next few hours. How many new cases? How many employees will be fired again if the balance sheet increases? The Val-Mauricie residence team is not yet at the end of its troubles.

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The virtual calculator to estimate how much money you would receive in case of a third stimulus check of $ 1,400 minimum | The State

The Forbes medium launched its own calculator for Americans to calculate the estimate of money they would receive in the event of a third check.

JESHOOTS-com / Pixabay

Days before its inauguration as President of the United States, Joe Bidenannounced his “American rescue plan” as part of the economic measures to fight against the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus.

An essential part of this initiative, which would involve a disbursement of $ 1.9 billion dollars, is a third stimulus check of $ 1,400 dollars that would complement the $ 600 of the second “Economic Impact Payment” distributed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in coordination with the Treasury Department since December.

Biden Plan for $ 1,400 Checks and “CASH Act”

Biden’s plan is consistent with legislation presented in the House of Representatives named “CASH Act”.

The measure was presented on December 24 by the chairman of the Committee on Forms and Means of that legislative body, the Democrat Richard E. Neal.

Neal introduced “Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help (CASH) Act of 2020” to increase the base money amount from $ 600 to $ 2,000.

The bill came amid debate in the U.S. Congress for checks for $ 2,000, which was pushed by outgoing President Donald Trump at the last minute. “CASH Act” was approved by the Democrats in the House, but it was not considered in the Senate, with a Republican majority.

In the event that the members of the new federal Congress accept the new president’s proposal, it is very likely that Neal’s project will be the basis for speeding up the discussion of a third minimum stimulus check of $ 1,400.

Same eligibility requirements as the second stimulus bill

CASH Act follows the same eligibility guidelines as the “Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021”, passed last December and under which the $ 600 checks are distributed.

Under the CASH Act, each eligible individual would be paid $ 1,400. In the case of minor dependents, it is the same amount for each one.

How to compute payment of third stimulus check with the computer?

Based on the above, the Forbes medium launched its own calculator for Americans to calculate the estimate of money they would receive in the event of a third check.

To perform the calculation, the user must answer at least three boxes online: if he filed taxes in 2019, if he filed individually, jointly or as head of household; and annual income.

If there are dependents in your household, you must also add each of them to perform the calculation.

Here you can access the Forbes calculator


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Why approval of a third stimulus check could become a reality after this week | The State

The impeachment proceedings against still-President Donald Trump may delay negotiations for a third stimulus check.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Last week, the president-elect Joe Biden released his proposal for a new stimulus package for the coronavirus that includes a third stimulus check of $ 1,400 for most Americans.. And this week, the country will get closer to making this proposal a reality when Biden and two new Democratic senators from Georgia take office in the Senate.

Still, the process may take longer than many Democratic leaders expect, as the stimulus package also includes raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, expanding paid leave for workers, and increasing tax credits for families with children. .

However, a single bill that focuses on just a third stimulus check is likely to pass quickly. Such a project would cost around $ 2 billion and could take days, if not weeks, of negotiations..

Once either bill is approved, the U.S. Department of the Treasury could distribute the third stimulus check in a matter of days, as the department has improved the speed of processing payments since the first round of checks. $ 1,200 stimulus package, as reported on Fox 8.

Likewise, there is some concern that impeachment proceedings against still President Donald Trump could delay the process. Donald Trump’s Senate trial is expected to begin shortly after Biden takes office, and it could distract lawmakers.

– You may also be interested: Why is a third stimulus check not yet approved?


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The 4 IRS Pay Groups to Send the Third Stimulus Check | The State

Americans have a number of ways to claim your help.

Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

The Tax Office (IRS) has four stimulus check payment groups with which it manages the aid shipment and which is expected to apply for the third $ 1,400 support plan.

It should be clarified that there is still no specific date on which the new aid plan against the coronavirus pandemicBut January 20 is a key day as Democrats take control of Congress.

In addition to this, the plan has already been presented by the president-elect Joe biden.

Direct deposit

The first group are those people who obtain the funds in direct deposit, since in their 2019 tax reports they included a bank account for the refund of those taxes.

Also included are those who made adjustments to the IRS system when the CARES Act aid was sent.

These people would receive the money two or three days after the law is approved and signed.

Checks and cards

The second and third groups are those who will receive the funds through check or debit card.

That is determined by the IRS, although some people may determine shipment that way after a claim.

Among those who receive this aid are Social Security beneficiaries and people with more complex situations, such as residents of retirement homes and people without a fixed home.

Also included are those who claim children’s funds and there was an error in the process, as well as those who are incarcerated.

In tax report

If for some reason the authority failed to send the payment on time and a claim did not proceed with the IRS, people can request the funds in their tax report 2020.

From there the authority will determine the best way to send it: deposit, check or card. The first two methods are the most feasible.

Any questions can enter the IRS.