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Two Groups of People Who Didn't Get the First Two Stimulus Checks Could Get the Third | The State

Two groups of people who did not get the first two stimulus checks could receive the third

The third stimulus check is expected to be for a larger amount than the first two.

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Currently, a third stimulus check is being negotiated for $ 1,400. In addition to this, President Biden is seeking to provide financial support to two groups that were excluded in the first two checks.

One of them would be dependents of any age (not just children under 17 as happened with the first and second stimulus checks), and the second group would be families with mixed citizenships.

Including these people, the third stimulus check could reach almost 20 million people who have received nothing so far.

If the third stimulus check passes, it will most likely be for a larger amount than the first two.

You must take into account that although now support will be given to dependents over 17 years of age and older adults, as well as families of mixed status, all of them they must also meet all other eligibility requirements to receive a probable third stimulus check, such as meeting the income limit, as reported by CNET.

However, legislators have yet to reach an agreement for the delivery dates of the third stimulus check to be approved and defined, as well as the people who will be able to review it at the end.

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