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How could undocumented immigrants benefit from Biden's third $ 1,400 stimulus check? | The State

How could undocumented immigrants benefit from Biden's third $ 1,400 stimulus check?

About 80% of essential workers during the pandemic are immigrants.

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As the days go by, the expectation grows to know if a third stimulus check of $ 1,400 It will be approved in the new Legislative Assembly in the United States that was inaugurated together with the arrival of the president Joe biden to the power.

One of the angles that is most commented on in the media and in networks is the scope that a new economic stimulus law would have to benefit the undocumented, many of whom file taxes annually.

The most recent law passed last December, that of Supplemental Appropriations in Response and Relief to Coronavirus 2021, under which the stimulus checks of $ 600 are distributed as a base amount, considered this population, but only partially.

Only families with mixed immigration status

The legislation provides that families with mixed immigration status where one of the spouses has a Social Security number (SSN) are entitled to stimulus payments.. The statute indicates that these families are eligible for EIP for each family member with SSN, and they can claim the corresponding amounts from the first round of economic impact payments when they file their 2020 taxes.

However, immigrants who do not fit into this category are excluded from financial aid.

The second stimulus package represented an advance over the first, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES), in terms of benefits for undocumented, but it’s not enough.

In the case of the CARES law, the first stimulus bill passed in the federal Congress, mixed families were excluded.

What could happen in a third round of checks for $ 1,400?

If a third round is approved, as anticipated, the eligibility of marriages with mixed immigration status would also be included as provided in the second law..

In fact, “CASH Act”, the measure approved in late December in the House of Representatives to increase the amount of stimulus checks from $ 600 to $ 2,000, identifies that population as a recipient of federal aid.

Additionally, it has not been ruled out that other groups of immigrants who pay taxes may be eligible for coronavirus assistance if a provision is included to include as beneficiaries those with a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

There is already precedent in this regard. In the bill passed by Democrats in the House last year, known as “HEROES Act”, it was established that the undocumented with ITIN would receive the aid. But the bill was not approved by the Senate.

Republicans and Democrats discuss new Biden stimulus package

At the moment the reports on the scope of the law are anticipations.

Currently, Republicans and Democrats in the United States Congress are trying to agree on the “Economic Rescue Plan” announced by the president Joe biden valued at $ 1.9 trillion.

Some Republicans want to evaluate the package promoted by the president in parts and not approve it expeditiously as the Democrats project.

However, the majority delegation has not ruled out approving the stimulus bill next week through the reconciliation mechanism without the need for Republican votes.


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