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January 20 is a key date for the third stimulus check | The State

Charles Schumer reconfirmed plan for new stimulus check.

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Democrats are ready to pass a new stimulus check that would be a minimum of $ 1,400, although in addition to the final amount, there are questions about when the process would begin. January 20 is key to this.

For now there is no session of the Senate, where the Democratic leader Charles schumer (New York), will push forward the plan to send new aid to Americans.

That chamber will meet on January 19, unless the current majority leader, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), convened before, in the middle of the discussion on the process of ‘Impeachment’ to President Donald Trump.

On that date, the new economic aid plan against coronavirus would not be introduced, since McConnell could again block his vote, as he has done on at least three occasions.

January 20 is not only the date of the inauguration of the administration of the president-elect Joe biden, but also the day the Democrats will take over the Senate as a majority, once the vice president-elect Kamala harris take office as president of the Senate.

Schumer said last week that the first action of his caucus will be to present a new financial aid law.

There are doubts about what the project would be, if they would resume the CASH Law approved in the House of Representatives, which contemplates a increase from $ 600 to $ 2,000, that is, add $ 1,400.

However, Schumer has been more cautious in his words and this Wednesday, after the impeachment process of Trump, indicated that it will promote aid “to add $ 2,000 dollars” directly to families. That is, not that additional amount, but to complete it.

“The emergency relief work against COVID is far from complete,” Schumer wrote to his colleagues. Democrats wanted to do a lot more on the latest bill and promised to do more, given the opportunity, to increase direct payments to a total of $ 2,000. We will do it”.


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Mitch McConnell complicates Trump’s Senate trial, although he supports it | The State

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), told his colleagues that this chamber will not address any matter before January 19, unless the 100 senators agree to call a session.

Because of this, the impeachment against the president Donald trump that the House of Representatives would approve will not be able to be attended soon, although the Republican leader announced that he will agree to start the process, according to a report by The New York Times.

“The consent of all 100 senators would be required to conduct any kind of business during sessions … scheduled before January 19,” the memo reads. “Therefore, the trial in the Senate would begin after President Trump’s term expires, either one hour after its expiration on January 20 or 25 hours after its expiration on January 21.”.

This despite the minority leader, Charles schumer (New York), requested the convocation to advance with the process before the president leaves office.

According The Hill, that was established in a memorandum distributed last week.

It should be clarified that the Senate cannot convict President Trump once he leaves office, according to several constitutional experts.


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Charles Schumer Presses to Send Third Stimulus Check ASAP | The State

The Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles Schumer.

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The Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles schumer (New York), lobbies his peers to secure the votes needed to pass the third stimulus check.

“The emergency relief work against COVID is far from complete,” Schumer wrote to his colleagues. Democrats wanted to do a lot more on the latest bill and promised to do more, given the opportunity, to increase direct payments to a total of $ 2,000. We will do it”.

Democrats will control the Senate as of January 20, considering the inauguration of the president-elect Joe biden and the vice president-elect Kamala harris, who will also be the president of the Senate, which gives the majority to her fellow party members.

Schumer’s letter is important because there is division within the bench, voices that consider that it is not necessary a new check for direct aid to families against coronavirus.

The senator Joe manchin (West Virginia), for example, has said that it would “absolutely not” support sending a check.

“Absolutely not. No “, said to The Washington Post. “Vaccinating people, that’s job number one … How is the money we invest now going to better help us to get back jobs and get jobs?”

The triumph in Georgia of Jon ossoff and Raphael warnock It gave Democrats better leeway, but there are Republicans they need to convince, as they require at least 10 additional votes to pass the law.

Now, there are doubts about the amount that would be sent, but experts estimate that would be at least $ 1,400.

It is expected that the CASH Act, approved in the Chamber, will be taken as the basis for the increase in aid, but it contemplates an increase from $ 600 to $ 2,000 of support, that is, an extra amount of $ 1,400.

President-elect Biden is 100 percent in favor of sending the aid.


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When would the third stimulus check be sent | The State

The Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles Schumer.


The debate continues on what would be the amount of the third stimulus check that the Democrats have promised to the Americans, although the doubt has also arisen about the date in which it would be sent.

Experts consulted by CBS News indicated that it is possible that the new stimulus package is approved this month, after the inauguration of the president-elect Joe biden.

Although they did not give an estimated date, they indicated that it should not go beyond March, since that month the approved benefits with the $ 900,000 million plan, including the unemployment insurance bonus, conclude.

“An improved stimulus package would probably arrive in March”, the television station quoted Ed mills, investment bank analyst Raymond James Hammond and Mills, as well as Heights Securities expert, Hunter Hammond.

Analysts indicate that there is pressure on Congress, also because the new aid coincides with the sending of tax reports to the IRS.

“That’s because the most recent relief measure extended unemployment programs until mid-March, putting pressure on Congress to act on additional financial support before that limit,” they noted.

Regarding the amount, both experts considered that although the Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles schumer, confirmed that his bench will seek to approve $ 2,000 grant, they could only approve $ 1,400, as part of the increase from the $ 600 to the $ 2,000 promised.

“We expect growing anticipation that Democrats will seek additional stimulus with a check for $ 2,000 (or at least the remaining $ 1,400).”Mills said.

President-elect Biden is expected to sign any of the approved plans immediately.


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New stimulus check would be a minimum of $ 1,400 | The State

Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer said there will be new financial aid soon.


Although the Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles schumer, confirmed that his bench will press for $ 2,000 grant, there are doubts about the accuracy of his words, due to the advance of $ 600 dollars that IRS continues to distribute.

Experts in finance and economic policy also note that the Democrats, supported by several Republicans, approved the CASH Law, which is an increase from $ 600 to $ 2,000, that is, the sum of $ 1,400.

“We expect growing anticipation that Democrats will seek additional stimulus with a check for $ 2,000 (or at least the remaining $ 1,400).”, said Ed mills, investment bank analyst Raymond James, in a report after the Georgia election, CBS News reported.

The president-elect Joe biden is fully on board of the aid plan, even before the elections in Georgia he tweeted about it, highlighting that it was not a political issue, but about helping families.

The new one financial assistance It would include other benefits for companies and businesses, as well as to face the coronavirus pandemic and, possibly, support for state governments, something that was rejected by the Republicans and the White House.

The amount could range from $ 1 trillion to $ 1.5 trillion., according to Heights Securities analyst Hunter Hammond.

On the timing, Senator Schumer said the funds would be approved as “the first action” of the new Senate and, considering the backing of President-elect Biden, would be signed into law after January 20.

However, analysts point out that the current stimulus package of $ 900,000 million dollars is still in distribution and the supports extended until March, which could serve as a calendar for a new project of direct assistance to families.

“An improved stimulus package would probably arrive in March”, CBS quoted Hammond and Mills. “That’s because the most recent relief measure extended unemployment programs through mid-March, putting pressure on Congress to act on additional financial support before that limit.”

The project must also include unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.


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Keys to How Democrats Would Make the $ 2,000 Stimulus Check Possible | The State

Democratic leader Charles Schumer.


With Senate Majority Confirmed, Democrats Get Ready to Push for President-Elect and Their Agenda Joe biden.

Celebrating the advancement of his party in Congress, the leader of the caucus, Charles schumer (New York), announced that one of the first actions will be vote the $ 2,000 stimulus check, proposed by the president Donald trump, but taken up by the Democrats.

Will there be sufficient conditions for the Democrats to achieve their mission? The answer is yes, but only if they stick to the plan they’ve been pushing for weeks.

Biden supports

President-elect Biden has said he supports an increase in the stimulus check.

At first he said that the sending of $ 600 dollars to the Americans was “a first payment”, but later he did not specify how much the amount would be, although he referred to the $ 2,000 suggested by President Trump.

During the Georgia race, President-elect Biden said that only by winning the Democrats could he secure more aid to families.

“If you send Jon (Ossoff) and the Reverend to (Raphael Warnock) Washington, those $ 2,000 checks will go out the door”Biden said last Monday.

Nancy Pelosi ready

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), was the first to take President Trump at his word and push for a reform that would increase the $ 600 to $ 2,000 of aid to families.

That bill passed the House, even with broad Republican backing, so there should be no further roadblocks.

Republican importance

Although they would no longer have a majority in the Senate, Republicans continue to carry an important weight, since Democrats will need at least 10 extra votes to pass the aid.

There are Republicans who have supported the plan, but there is a group of undecided and several others, including the leader Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), who are strongly opposed.

Backed by Josh hawley (Missouri), one of the main proponents of the plan on the Republican side, Democrats have claimed there are at least 10 extra votes.

In an extreme case, Schumer and his colleagues could lower the threshold of votes necessary to achieve their goal.


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Mitch McConnell refuses to vote for $ 2,000 aid for the third time, calling it “socialism for the rich” | The State

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

For the third time, the Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), refused to put to a vote the increase in direct aid to families to $ 2,000 dollars, something that even qualified as “socialism for the rich”, leaving aside the fact that more than 14 million Americans have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Borrowing our grandchildren to do socialism for the rich is a terrible way to get help for families who really need it,” McConnell said.

He accused the Democratic leaders, the Speaker of the House, Nancy pelosi (California), and the Senate Minority Leader, Charles schumer, of wanting to send thousands of dollars “to people who don’t need help.”

“The Washington Democrats took President Trump’s suggestion and diverted it so that the checks would benefit even more high-income households.”, he accused.

President Donald trump, in fact, he has insisted on increasing the aid check from $ 600 to $ 2,000, a proposal to which the Democrats joined, with the senator Bernie sanders (Vermont) as one of the emphatic voices in approval.

In an effort to move that bill forward, Schumer even said Democrats would allow a vote on tech companies’ liability on Section 230, which protects internet platforms over user-created content.

“Just let us vote on the bill passed by the House, and we can vote on any right-wing conspiracy theory you want,” the Democrat said.

Sanders stepped up his stance against McConnell for not allowing a vote on the aid increase.

“(This) goes beyond the battles of the people of Vermont or Kentucky and, let me make it clear to the Majority Leader, that 10 of the 25 poorest counties in the United States of America are located in Kentucky.”Sanders said.

Three topics for debate

The New York senator accused Schumer of linking the president’s three issues, that is, overriding President Trump’s veto on the law of Defense funds, the Section 230 and the stimulus check.

“Let’s be very clear: there is one way, and only one, to approve the $ 2,000 checks before the end of the year. And that is passing the House bill. It’s the only way for the American people to get the checks they need and deserve, ”claimed Schumer.

Republicans in favor

Republicans are divided on the aid increase, but among those who support they are integrated Marco Rubio (Florida) and Lindsey graham (South Carolina).

Even the Republican senators Kelly loeffler and David perdue They expressed their support for the payment, amid the special election contest in Georgia that could cause Republicans to lose a majority.

The discussion in the Senate is expected to continue, as the vote to override President Trump’s veto could occur in the early morning of January 1 or in an extraordinary vote on Saturday.

On Sunday 3 the new Congress is installed and the following week the validity of the presidential election is scheduled.


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Mitch McConnell Blocks Democrats’ Attempt to Approve $ 2,000 Per Person Check | The State

Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

Stefani Reynolds / Getty Images

The leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), blocked the minority leader’s proposal Charles schumer (New York), to approve the increase to $ 2,000 of the stimulus check to each American.

Although the Republican said that this issue will be addressed, he opposed the first attempt by Democrats to endorse the bill approved in the House of Representatives and supported by the president. Donald trump.

“There is a big difference between saying you support $ 2,000 checks and fighting to make it law.”Schumer said. “The House bill is the only way to deliver these stimulus packages before the end of the session. Will Republicans in the Senate oppose the House of Representatives, the Democratic majority in the Senate and the chairman of their own party to prevent these $ 2,000 checks from going forward?

McConnell responded to his opposition without giving reason.

The senator Bernie sanders (Vermont) also asked to pass the bill, but again the Republican leader objected.

McConnell said the stimulus payments plan would be considered, but alongside other demands by President Donald Trump, such as protections for tech companies.

“This week the Senate will begin a process to address these three priorities,” McConnell said.

In addition, the vote on President Trump’s veto of military funds is scheduled for this Wednesday, when the issue of the aid check could be a bargaining chip, as the Democrats advanced.

The senator Kirsten gillibrand (New York) also joined the approval of the aid increase and affirms that there are Republican senators who support the motion.

“Along with all Senate Democrats, several Republican senators support these emergency checks, which will provide a crucial lifeline for millions of American families,” he said. “Leader McConnell must end the obstruction and let the Senate vote to deliver this much-needed relief to American families.”


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Congress advances with plan for new stimulus package before Christmas | The State

The Democratic leaders of the Senate, Charles Schumer, and of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

It seems that Congress is more aware that time is short, as the leaders of both parties recognize that they will not leave until there is a financial aid plan against coronavirus before Christmas.

The deadline is December 18, which is the last day of the sessions that the congressmen themselves imposed.

The minority leader of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy (California) said the project is “close.”

The above was also confirmed by the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky).

“We are making significant progress and I am optimistic that we will soon be able to reach an understanding.”, he assured. “Everyone wants to reach a final agreement as soon as possible. We all believe that the country needs it. And I think we are getting closer and closer ”.

Republicans met with their Democratic counterparts, the Speaker of the House, Nancy pelosi (California) and Senate Minority Leader, Charles schumer (NY).

“We are exchanging documents and ideas back and forth, making progress … I think there is a genuine desire to reach an agreement between the four parties,” said Schumer.

None of the leaders indicated if the project would integrate direct support to families of $ 1,200, as the senators have proposed Bernie sanders (Vermont) and Josh hawley (Missouri).


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What will happen to the stimulus check despite Trump asking to approve it? | The NY Journal

Nancy Pelosi acknowledges problems approving new stimulus package.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Although the president Donald trump asked Congress to pass a new stimulus package against the coronavirusIn this case, their “wishes” are not orders, since there must be an agreement between Republicans and Democrats, being the first to be reluctant to expand the support plan.

“Our great America wants and needs encouragement. Work together to achieve it. Thank you!”, wrote the president.

The biggest problem, however, now is the new two-week recess, announced by the Majority Leader. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), after Republican senators Mike lee (Utah), Thom tillis (North Carolina) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) will test positive for COVID-19.

Also the Chamber, chaired by Nancy pelosi (California) has postponed the session for the October recess for congressmen to return to their districts to campaign before the election.

This stalls the possibility of a deal on a new stimulus package and $ 1,200 for each American.

In a letter to her colleagues, Pelosi acknowledged the little progress with the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, but said that negotiations continue.

“Our negotiations with the Administration continue, and I am hopeful that we can reach an agreement. However, we still have significant disagreement in key areas. “Pelosi wrote.

The key points the Democrat refers to They are unemployment insurance benefits, schools, state and local funds, the child tax credit, and testing allowances and pandemic tracking.

We await a response from the White House on these areas and others with more details. In the meantime, we continue to work on the text (of possible law) to move quickly and facilitate an agreement, ”said Pelosi.

On Thursday, the House passed the amended $ 2.2 trillion HEROES Act that, so far, has been rejected by the White House, which advocates a $ 1.6 trillion plan.

The supreme court

The senators would return until October 19, although there will be reduced meetings to advance on various issues, including hearings for the judge Amy coney barrett.

“Since May, the Judiciary Committee has operated smoothly through a hybrid method that has seen some senators physically appear at their hearings while other members have participated virtually,” said the Republican. “The Committee has used this format successfully for many months while protecting the health and safety of all involved.”

The leader of the Democratic minority, Charles schumer (New York) criticized McConnell for moving forward with Judiciary Committee hearings.

“The decision to hold a recess in the Senate for two weeks after at least three Republican senators have tested positive for COVID-19 makes it clear that the Senate cannot continue with its usual activities as the virus continues to advance.Schumer said. “If it is too dangerous to have the Senate in session, it is also too dangerous for committee hearings to continue.”

In that sense, the hearings for Judge Barrett will begin on October 12.


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