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The DJI Mini 2 is a content creator’s dream that’s almost perfect

DJI were close to perfection with the original Mini: it weighed in at under 250 grams and was easy to operate straight out of the box. However, with a 12 megapixel camera that could only capture images in JPEG format and film video at a maximum resolution of 2.7k resolution – at 30fps – the DJI Mini felt a little bit undercooked.

DJI have listened to the criticisms of the Mini in their development of the Mini 2 – and it shows.

What’s in the box?

The DJI Mini 2 Fly is available in two flavours to whet your appetite.

The DJI Mini 2 Fly improves upon the previous Mini model

Out of the box the DJI Mini 2 (RRP £449.00) comes with one battery, a controller, prop holder and a single set of peripheral spare parts e.g. rotor blades, controller cables and screws. Whereas the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo (RRP. £549.00) includes a controller, prop holder, three batteries, a battery pack multi-charger that can charge all three batteries simultaneously and double up as a portable power pack as well, plus three sets of peripheral spare parts rather than just the one.

DJI have refined rather than wildly reinvent the look of the Mini 2 when compared to its predecessor. The airframe of the Mini 2 is the same as that of the Mini, meaning the placement of the battery and the exposed micro SD card remain at the rear of the body. The retractable arms of the drone need to be opened in a specific order (front then back) and closed in the opposite order, but once you get used to that it will soon become second nature.

The DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo

For those familiar with DJI you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d seen the controller design before, and that’s because you in all likelihood have – it’s the same as the DJI Mavic Air 2. Gone is the plastic-like handset that resembled something the ‘Ghostbusters’ would use to hunt the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with, now replaced with a sleeker and much more serious looking design. DJI boast that with the Mini 2 ‘The OcuSync 2.0 holy trinity is now complete’ which means the controller connection will now be rock solid rather than temperamental – a common complaint with the Mini.

On face value the camera of the Mini 2 is much the same as the Mini, set on a 3-axis mechanical stabiliser with the same 1/2.3” CMOS 12 mp sensor. But don’t let this fool you as the image & video capture capabilities of the Mini 2 are impressive for such a lightweight and compact quadcopter.

Video Loading

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The Mini 2 now records in 4k video (compared to the previous 2.7k of the Mini) and they’ve boosted the maximum video bitrate from an abysmal 40mbps to 100mps. The drone also features a 4x zoom while shooting at 1080p, as well as being able to capture images in JPEG as well as RAW.

DJI clearly envisage the Mini 2 as being the affordable ‘go to’ for casual pilots, content creators and influencers alike and the set of complimentary shooting modes are obviously designed with this in mind. You have the familiar range of DJI ‘Quickshot’ flight options such as Dronie, Helix, Rocket, and Circle. However, they’ve now included Boomerang into the mix which enables the drone to fly around the subject, starting and stopping the video in the same place.

In addition to this the Mini 2 can also capture panoramic photographs with self explanatory titles such as:

Sphere : The drone captures 25 images and stitches them together in the DJI Fly app to create a spherical ‘tiny planet’ effect.

180° : The drone captures four photos in order to create sweeping landscape shots.

Wide-Angle : The drone captures a wide 3×3 image consisting of nine images.

It’s important to note that the rumours of a tantalising 4k hyper-lapse mode for the Mini 2 don’t seem to have any basis in fact for the time being.

Changes in the law

The 12 megapixel camera on the DJI Mini 2 can produce spectacular results

With the recent changes in UK legislation the Mini 2 now requires an Operator ID by law, which means you will have to register your drone at a cost of £9 per year before you take to the skies. The UK Civil Aviation Authority provides a simple straightforward ‘one-stop shop’ that will provide you with both the Operator ID as well as the Flyer ID in one place.

What’s it like to fly?

When you connect your smartphone to the controller the DJI Fly app will guide you through the preflight checks before you launch, and I’d strongly recommend you fight the temptation to skip through the details and start flying. The user interface is clean and streamlined, balancing simplicity and control. The controller design comes into its own when you’re flying the DJI Mini 2. It’s comfortable to hold, responsive and with the refinements in connectivity (Hello there 10 kilometres of HD video transmission) you feel confident and in control when the quadcopter is in flight – make no mistake the OcuSync 2.0 connection is rock solid.

The DJI Mini 2 can create eye catching ‘tiny planet’ panoramas

Shooting content is a dream on the Mini 2, and the controller feels very similar to a DSLR grip. The placement of the shutter release button and gimbal control wheel at the top of the controller makes shooting video and photographs feel almost intuitive.

The Mavic Mini 2 uses a new alert system called DJI AirSense that uses ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) technology to provide location information from passing aircraft fitted with ADS-B transmitters, meaning drone pilots can be alerted potential risks whilst flying. The Mavic Mini 2 also retains the DJI FlySafe geofence system, restricting flights over unauthorised airspaces.

The DJI Mini 2 has a flight time of 31 minutes

The upgraded capacity of the motors in the Mini 2 makes it a deceptively nimble beast. Improvements in motor efficiency & performance means that the Mini 2 can quite happily fly around at 36 mph for up to 31 minutes, with an equally impressive level 5 resistance to strong headwinds to boot. For a drone that comes in at under £500 to be able to retain stabilisation under these sorts of conditions is a pretty big deal.

My biggest gripe with the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo is the lack of a landing pad or propeller guards. The low-profile of the unit means that blades of grass will keep the drone grounded – so you’ll need to find level ground for takeoffs and landings. The Mini 2 also doesn’t include obstacle sensors or subject tracking, so you want to avoid flying into a tree because the drone quite literally won’t see it coming.

Is it worth the money?


The original Mini was a fantastic ‘first-time’ concept but was inherently flawed from the outset. With the Mini 2 DJI have built on the successes of it’s predecessor and made significant and satisfying refinements; although there is still plenty to work on for the inevitable arrival of the DJI Mini 3 such as battery compatibility between models. Overall for experienced enthusiasts and beginners alike the Mini 2 provides the satisfaction that the Mini was so sorely lacking.

– The DJI Mini 2 & the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo is available from the DJI store.

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Iggy Azalea Channels ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ With Purple Crop Top & Matching Skirt — See Pic

Iggy Azalea has stunned in her latest snap! The rapper rocked a one-shouldered purple crop top and matching skirt with a major split.

Iggy Azalea totally channeled I Dream Of Jeannie with her latest outfit. The Australian rapper, 30, took to Instagram on January 23 to share a snap of herself posing beside a cream column on a balcony. “Kinda sorta obsessed with this dress from [Fashion Nova],” the “Fancy” rapper captioned the post. Iggy rocked a one-shouldered, long sleeved crop top in a deep purple color, along with a matching skirt which featured a major, waist-high split.

She slicked her blonde tresses back into a high ponytail, leaving two strands hanging at the front to frame her face. She also accessorized with large, gold hoop earrings, and showed off her pointy cream nails. Of course, this isn’t the first time in recent memory that Iggy has stunned in a gorgeous ‘fit. Just a few days prior, she posed in a navy blue, satin crop top, which featured an open back and was held together by thin ties. She completed the look with low rise jeans.

When she isn’t posting stunning snaps of herself, Iggy is updating her millions of fans on her baby son Onyx. She took to her Instagram Story on January 21 to share a series of snaps of her little boy — and proved he’s growing up so quickly. The first pic was a throwback of the little tot laying on his back on a play mat. “Onyx was so small in this pic how is he already a big a** kid now days. It goes so fast,” she captioned the cute photo, which showed him wearing an orange bib. Next up was a blurry selfie of the mother-son duo, which was captioned, “I tried to get a picture yesterday & this was all he’d stay still for … like.”

2021 appears to be a fresh beginning for the rapper, who endured a very public breakup from Onyx’s dad, Playboi Carti just a few months ago. She’s determined to make the most of this year, a source close to the “Fancy” hitmaker told HollywoodLife exclusively. “Iggy is on a mission to make 2021 her year for a big transformation. Not so much in terms of a physical makeover, but after everything that happened in 2020 with her relationship and now that she’s looking better than ever, she’s determined to improve all aspects of her life,” the source revealed.

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Dream Kardashian, 4, Wears Dad Rob’s Childhood T-Shirt With His Name On It: Sweet New Pic

Dream Kardashian is just too cute! Rob Kardashian posted the most adorable photo of his 4-year-old daughter wearing his childhood t-shirt and looked just like her dad.

Rob Kardashian, 33, is totally smitten with his daughter, Dream Kardashian, 4. The happy dad shared a precious new photo of Dream wearing a t-shirt he wore during his childhood. The blue shirt had “Robert” written on it. “She found Robert’s shirt when Robert was just a child,” Rob captioned the super cute Instagram photo.

In the photo, Dream gives her dad a thumbs up. Dream’s aunt, Kourtney Kardashian, 41, couldn’t handle the cuteness. “I can’t deal,” Kourtney commented on Rob’s post. Khloe Kardashian, 36, added 5 heart eyes emojis. One fan gushed that Dream is Rob’s “beautiful twin.” Another fan wrote that Dream is a “little beauty.”

Giving a thumbs-up seems to be Dream’s signature move. In Jan. 2021, Khloe shared a sweet photo of Dream giving a thumbs up while posing with her and True Thompson, 2. Dream showed off her big, toothy grin in the picture.

Rob loves being a dad to Dream. After being notoriously private for years, Rob has decided to share countless photos of his precious daughter, whom he shares with ex Blac Chyna, 32. Rob posted a picture via Instagram of Dream dressed up as Wonder Woman on Jan. 13. He called Dream his “queen” and said Wonder Woman was Dream’s favorite superhero.

Dream Kardashian is the daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. (IXOLA / BACKGRID)

Dream recently celebrated her 4th birthday on Nov. 10, 2020. Her family showered her with love and threw a Disney-themed birthday party for her. HollywoodLife learned EXCLUSIVELY from a Kardashian source that Rob was “overjoyed” at seeing how happy Dream was on her special day and got “emotional” at the party. “Rob feels very fortunate to have his family’s help and support to always make the best memories for Dream,” the insider continued.

Dream is constantly spending time with her KarJenner cousins. Dream and Chicago West, 3, even had a “cousin sleepover” in Dec. 2020. The bond within the KarJenner family is strong and is being passed down to the next generation.


6 Major Differences between Christianity and the American Dream

6. Jesus taught that the poor are blessed.

Slide 6 of 6

In the beatitudes (Matthew 5), Jesus shared that the poor are blessed because they often are richer in faith. Yet we rarely associate the word “blessing” with the word “poor.” In fact, the American Dream has taught us to compliment wealth more than character. You rarely hear, “He lost it all, but he’s blessed. He’s standing firm, and his family is standing with him.”

Instead, we say, “Wow. He’s so blessed. He just got a raise.” Or, “You are so blessed to have such a beautiful house.” Perhaps we, as Christians, should use the word “blessed” more thoughtfully.

Can we really reconcile the American Dream with Jesus’ messages? In Matthew 6:24, Jesus clearly states that we cannot serve both God and money. But the American Dream says we can do both—in fact, that we are entitled to both. From every street corner, computer screen, and radio station blares the same theme: You need this to be happy! You need this to succeed! YOU NEED MORE STUFF!

Our possessions hold us captive, and we soon find ourselves enslaved to the worldly desires of security, comfort, and success.

Jesus calls us to discard our idol of the American Dream, to prevent materialism from hindering our pursuit of God. Let’s not allow our stuff to obstruct God’s work.

Photo Credit: ©Thinkstock

Content for this slideshow came from an article which first appeared in Fusion magazine Spring 2013. Used with permission.

Felicia Alvarez, a graduate of Liberty University, lives in Southern California and loves avocados, sunshine, and serving her Savior. Currently, she teaches dance to over one hundred students and is working on her second book. Connect with Felicia on her blog or on Facebook, she would love to hear from you!

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Jomari Goyso: The dream he was finally able to fulfill | The State

The mystery in which he has us is completely over Jomari goyso for almost a month. The powder that he and his family drank when he visited them in Spain has a purpose and a dream come true. What is it about?

The fashionista and presenter of ‘Salt and pepper He gave more details every day, until this Wednesday he revealed that that great dream that he began to build since he was little, without knowing it, was already a fact: his own brand was coming to light.

And to be consistent with his talent, it is one that has to do with beauty and repair on the inside so that it is reflected on the outside. The first product is a 15-day detox that he himself is experiencing and sharing on social media.

“Today!! 1-12-2021 I present “LÍA by JOMARI GOYSO” a project that I really visualized a long time ago when I entered the world of beauty when I was just 16 years old! Everything I’ve done in my career; From working for the world’s most important fashion magazines, to being a stylist on the haute couture catwalks or a hairdresser in a beauty salon for 10 years, or with celebrities as a personal stylist to finally, as a fashion and beauty expert for Univisión has been with the goal always to learn the truth and reality of the beauty business to one day be able to create my own brand! That day arrived !!! And it is today !!!!! And I will summarize it with this phrase; ‘God said when, with whom and where, because the road was too long and complex not to think that he was directing everything!’ YOU ARE THE BEST !! Your support makes everything possible! TOMORROW January 13, 2021! Wednesday at 9am in the morning Miami time the first product #detoxbylia is launched if you have already put your data on the Website My email will arrive early tomorrow with the information and a small gift !! If they did not, they are on time now before tomorrow! I also want you to write down this phone number 1-800-303-0494 because there you will also be able to place your orders and questions starting tomorrow !!! THANKS!!! THANKS!! I leave you a question; when you see the logo, do you know what it means? “He wrote on his social networks along with a video explaining the achievement of this great dream.

Is Jomari just your product image? No, according to the company that is in charge of his new endeavor, the Spanish fashionista and beauty specialist shares in each of the processes.

“Each of our products have been inspired by the life experience of Jomari Goyso, who has participated in each of the production phases actively and thoroughly until finding the quality and image that satisfy him and all his followers. , friends and clients who will surely acquire our line to experience that change in their lifestyle that you are looking for so much “, explain the representatives of Rosalia Beuty LLC.

The truth is that, one day after launching his line, Jomari is so happy that he decided to surprise the first buyer to thank her and let her know that he will send her a gift with her order. How are you?

After a few weeks off screen for the holidays, this Sunday, at 10/9 PM, Centro returns ‘Salt and pepper’, from what we can see, on the screen of Univision, the evolution of the Jomari detox week. Is your show partner doing it too, Lourdes stephen?


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Dream Kardashian, 4, Gives A ‘Thumbs Up’ As She Hangs Out With Cousin True, 2, & Aunt Khloe — See Pic

Khloe Kardashian shared a sweet snuggle with daughter True and niece Dream on the last day of filming ‘KUWTK’!

Khloe Kardashian, 36, was all-smiles as she snapped pic with her daughter True Thompson, 2, and cootie patootie niece Dream, 4! Rob Kardashian‘s little girl flashed a huge grin as she posed, flashing a positive ‘thumbs-up’ sign for the camera in the post shared on Saturday, Jan. 9. The toddler rocked her signature curly hair with two white barrette clips in her hair. “Happy Saturday!! Thumbs up!!” Khloe captioned the photo.

The Good American co-founder was looking so glam for the photo, which was taken on the last day of filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Khloe rocked a strapless camel leather top, keeping her ‘bronde’ colored hair in a slightly wavy blow out styled by Justine Marjan. Her makeup, by friend Ash K Holm, was also on point with a bold black liner, gold shadow and classic nude lip.

Khloe snuggled daughter True in her arms for the apparent selfie, who looked so happy to be hanging with her mom and cousin! The little girl — who is the spitting image of her dad Tristan Thompson, 29 — kept her dark hair up in a top-knot bun. The 2-year-old rocked a black Burberry logo dress and her adorable diamond earring studs.

The KarJenner clan gathered outdoors for a celebration on Jan. 8 to mark the last day of shooting their long-running E! reality series. “It’s our last day of shooting,” Khloe filmed as she showed the gorgeous flower-filled table scape in an Instagram stories. “Tutu!” she then called — referencing True by her nick name — as she captured her daughter and Kim Kardashian‘s sons Psalm, 1, and Saint, 4, chowing down on custom cookies.

The family enjoyed a cocktail and freshly baked treats from the Christina Milian owned Beignet Box truck with their long-time crew. “Look what we get on our last day!” Khloe narrated over a video of the green-and-pink truck which was customized with watercolor illustrations of the KarJenner clan and their house from season 1. Talk about the end of an era!

Kim, 40, also posted a tribute to mark the milestone. “It’s a wrap!” she shared via her stories, confessing she was “officially sobbing” as she enjoyed a bubbly cocktail. “Last filming day of Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s EVER! [crying emojis] Erin’s been out [sic] audio tech for 14 years!!,” she also wrote, shouting out one of her crew members Erin.

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4 habits recommended by science to be able to sleep better | The State

Necessary sleep at least for 8 hours daily. The lack sleep can affect the various activities that we do, in addition to putting in risk our physical and mental health.

That is why it is important that the dream be restorative and quality, as indicated by Psychology and Mind. To achieve this, it is necessary to create Healthy habits.

1. Exercise

He sedentary lifestyle negatively affects conciliation of the dream. That is why having routines of exercise contributes to better sleep.

This is because the activity physical helps to release neurotransmitters, such as endorphins, which are related to pleasure, and serotonin, which helps the synthesis of melatonin, which regulates the sleep cycles.

Thus, the organism will be ready for rest and sleep repairman. In this sense, doing physical activity during 30 minutes diaries it is enough to get a good rest.

2. Avoid alcoholic beverages

It is true that a Cup once in a while it doesn’t hurt. In fact, there are those who think it is a good alternative to sleep, but the truth is, it is not. Perhaps, due to its neurodepressant effect, stimulate sleep faster.

However, you can alter the different phases of sleep and cause that throughout the night lose the desire to sleep. In this way, it will not be possible to get enough rest when sleep is disrupted.

On the other hand, you also have to reduce or avoid the Coffee consumption in the afternoons and especially during nights. The caffeine affects sleep, preventing it from being sleep and rest.

It is true that having a cup of coffee in the tomorrow contribute to perform better in the different activities during the day. But drink coffee after mid afternoon can cause sleep disturbances.

Drinking some drinks can cause you to have interrupted and irregular sleep. Source: Pixabay

3. Take care of the environment

He environment plays a very important role when it comes to falling asleep. This must be nice and comfortable.

To sleep well, the room should have low light at bedtime, there must be little noise and be at one nice tempeture.

It is also preferable to have the TV turned off, or better yet, not have it in the room, just like the computer. The pillow, the blanket and sheets should be clean and warm.

4. Create a routine

It is necessary to make a routine, not only for sleeping, but also for others daily activities. So it is possible to lead one more life neat.

To rest better, it is recommended lie down and wake up to fixed hours. So the body will go getting used to.

On the other hand, take short naps also contributes to productivity. Of course, these should be taken as long as do not affect night sleep.

Other necessary recommendations is to avoid screens light from mobile devices or tablets, take a hot shower help to relax the body and promote rest.

In case you have trouble sleeping, and these are done every time plus serious, As the insomnia, it would be good to go to a specialist to rule out any problem that prevents break.

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Why is it good to sleep naked?


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Arsenal signing Omar Rekik opens up on £55million dream at new club

New Arsenal signing Omar Rekik says he is determined to pay back the club’s faith in him following his move from Hertha Berlin.

The 19-year-old centre-back put pen to paper on a professional contract with the Gunners on Friday after they shelled out £600,000 on him.

And while is expected to join up with the U-23 squad before becoming a first-team player, Rekik clearly has big ambitions for the future.

Speaking to German outlet BILD following confirmation of his move, he said: “Of course it would be a dream to be worth €60million or even more.

“Because that would mean that I’ve made great athletic development. But sporting success is more valuable to me.

Omar Rekik completed his move to Arsenal on Thursday

“I don’t have a specific goal. If Arsenal had waited a few months, they would have got me without a transfer fee.

“Now they have spent so much money on me. I want to repay that with performance. The club is serious about me, and I’m grateful for that.”

Speaking to Arsenal’s official website, Rekik added that the club’s history of giving young players an opportunity was one of the factors that most attracted him to North London.

He added: “As a young player, you need to play somewhere where they’re not afraid to give you a chance and you can see a lot of youth players have broken through here, and I want to be the next one.

Big things are expected of Rekik in the future
Big things are expected of Rekik in the future

“The warmth of the people and the interest that they showed in me, and of course, when a club like Arsenal is interested, I don’t think anyone needs to think twice.”

It remains to be seen if Arsenal open their cheque-books again before the end of the month, but they are still being linked with a creative midfielder.

The likes of Norwich’s Emi Buendia and Julian Brandt of Dortmund are among the potential names that have been touted.

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Lenovo chases dream of making a PC Nintendo Switch with the LaVie Mini concept

Every year at CES, we see devices meant to bridge the worlds of handheld and PC gaming. This year, it’s Lenovo and NEC that are still chasing that dream with the LaVie Mini. The device is a concept laptop-portable gaming console hybrid, and it includes a touchscreen, controller, and dock accessories.

For those unfamiliar with the name, LaVie is a joint venture between Lenovo and NEC, and although most of its products don’t make it to the US, it’s had some hits at CES in the past focused on ultra-light laptops.

By itself, the LaVie Mini seems to be a reasonably powerful and compact computer. The device, if it were real, would have an 8-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and an 11th Gen Intel Processor with Xe graphics. Of course, there’s not really space for a trackpad, but the concept design does make room for an optical touch sensor a la Blackberry.

This just goes to show that gold can look good on a computer if you do it right.
Image: Lenovo

But acting as a laptop is not really the reason this concept exists. It exists to chase the dream of having a handheld gaming computer, one more powerful than the devices Nintendo has been famous for making.

LaVie has also created a gaming controller accessory, which connects to the laptop after you fold the keyboard back. The controller has the same buttons and layout as the Xbox gamepad, so it’ll be familiar to many players, though the weight probably won’t be: the laptop weighs 1.28 pounds without the controller attached. For comparison, the Nintendo Switch is 0.88 pounds with the Joy-Con attached.

Don’t start hitting the gym to beef up your forearms just yet, though. At the moment, there’s no announced price or release date for the Mini. We’ve seen many PC manufacturers come up with similar concepts and ideas for handheld gaming computers at CES.

Most, like Alienware’s UFO concept from last year, don’t ever end up making it to market, as these prototypes are often less about making viable consumer products and more about experimenting with new ideas and form factors and getting the requisite press attention during CES. Some do go on sale but don’t end up appealing to enough gamers to really make an impact, like Razer’s Edge or the initial Nvidia Shield handheld.

Yet it’s easy to see why companies keep coming back to the idea of a computer that lets you play PC-quality games anywhere. The Nintendo Switch showed that, when done right, handheld gaming can offer a living room console-quality experience people can’t get enough of. Who doesn’t want to be able to play a game while they’re out and about, then come home, put the same device into a dock connected to their TV, and pick back up right where they left off?

That’s an experience, by the way, that the LaVie Mini would support with its optional dock accessory if it ever comes to market.

Docked, the computer could output 4K 60Hz to a TV, though it likely wouldn’t have the power to run games at that resolution.
Image: Lenovo

For now, that experience (at least for people who want that device to be a PC) will probably remain outside the realm of products they can actually buy. But the LaVie Mini shows that the dream is still alive and may actually come true sooner or later. For now, we’ll have to wait until next week’s CES to see if LaVie releases any more details about the Mini.


It’s much easier to win money on Dream Island

Image Credit: Supplied

Less than a week after it began, Dream Island players are loving the novelty of its concept. Going beyond other online lottery games in the region, Dream Island offers an entire platform of easy-to-play, easy-to-win activities. Crucially, users are also impressed by the ease of recharging play credits, purchasing and withdrawing their winnings.

Following its launch on New Year’s Day, Dream Island’s biggest winner – so far – is full of praise for the platform. “I’ve tried other lottery games before, but I think it’s much easier to win with Dream Island,” explains a Dubai-based Indian expat going by the username Narendra.

He first learned of the platform – which allows players to win cash prizes through a series of highly accessible number-matching games – through its Facebook page.

“At first I was hesitant, but I decided to give it a try – particularly after seeing the article introducing the Dream Island platform on, which made me more certain of my decision.”

Dream Island Extra
Image Credit: Supplied


After logging on to Dream Island, Narendra opted to spend Dh10 playing Dream5. This simple pick-and-match game sees the player choose five numbers out of a batch of 11 – if they match the drawn numbers, they can win up to Dh4,000 per ticket, depending on how many they match.

On his first try, Narendra got lucky, winning Dh2,100. Calling his overall experience on the platform “excellent”, Narendra adds, “I’m so happy – and willing to play again and win more.” When asked about the basis upon which he picked his fortuitous numbers, he says, “I combined my family’s birthdates.”

The Dream Island team called to inform Narendra of his win, which happened on Monday.

Promos and the future

For a limited period, Dream5 will see a 90 per cent reduction in play cost – Dh10 slashed to Dh1. Spending just a dirham could see players take home winnings of up to Dh4,000 per ticket.

Meanwhile, in a bid to grow its user base, Dream Island has launched a referral scheme to draw in new players. If you share the campaign with friends and family and get five registered joiners, Dh5 is credited to each of their accounts – and yours.

“After this exceptional launch, which exceeded our expectations, we are ready to deliver more exciting games – all of which will provide easy ways to win money,” Nour, Head of Dream Island’s Marketing team, tells Gulf News REACH.

Want to know how Dream Island works? The video above tells you everything you need to know.