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Less than a week after it began, Dream Island players are loving the novelty of its concept. Going beyond other online lottery games in the region, Dream Island offers an entire platform of easy-to-play, easy-to-win activities. Crucially, users are also impressed by the ease of recharging play credits, purchasing and withdrawing their winnings.

Following its launch on New Year’s Day, Dream Island’s biggest winner – so far – is full of praise for the platform. “I’ve tried other lottery games before, but I think it’s much easier to win with Dream Island,” explains a Dubai-based Indian expat going by the username Narendra.

He first learned of the platform – which allows players to win cash prizes through a series of highly accessible number-matching games – through its Facebook page.

“At first I was hesitant, but I decided to give it a try – particularly after seeing the article introducing the Dream Island platform on, which made me more certain of my decision.”

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After logging on to Dream Island, Narendra opted to spend Dh10 playing Dream5. This simple pick-and-match game sees the player choose five numbers out of a batch of 11 – if they match the drawn numbers, they can win up to Dh4,000 per ticket, depending on how many they match.

On his first try, Narendra got lucky, winning Dh2,100. Calling his overall experience on the platform “excellent”, Narendra adds, “I’m so happy – and willing to play again and win more.” When asked about the basis upon which he picked his fortuitous numbers, he says, “I combined my family’s birthdates.”

The Dream Island team called to inform Narendra of his win, which happened on Monday.

Promos and the future

For a limited period, Dream5 will see a 90 per cent reduction in play cost – Dh10 slashed to Dh1. Spending just a dirham could see players take home winnings of up to Dh4,000 per ticket.

Meanwhile, in a bid to grow its user base, Dream Island has launched a referral scheme to draw in new players. If you share the campaign with friends and family and get five registered joiners, Dh5 is credited to each of their accounts – and yours.

“After this exceptional launch, which exceeded our expectations, we are ready to deliver more exciting games – all of which will provide easy ways to win money,” Nour, Head of Dream Island’s Marketing team, tells Gulf News REACH.

Want to know how Dream Island works? The video above tells you everything you need to know.

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