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The mystery in which he has us is completely over Jomari goyso for almost a month. The powder that he and his family drank when he visited them in Spain has a purpose and a dream come true. What is it about?

The fashionista and presenter of ‘Salt and pepper He gave more details every day, until this Wednesday he revealed that that great dream that he began to build since he was little, without knowing it, was already a fact: his own brand was coming to light.

And to be consistent with his talent, it is one that has to do with beauty and repair on the inside so that it is reflected on the outside. The first product is a 15-day detox that he himself is experiencing and sharing on social media.

“Today!! 1-12-2021 I present “LÍA by JOMARI GOYSO” a project that I really visualized a long time ago when I entered the world of beauty when I was just 16 years old! Everything I’ve done in my career; From working for the world’s most important fashion magazines, to being a stylist on the haute couture catwalks or a hairdresser in a beauty salon for 10 years, or with celebrities as a personal stylist to finally, as a fashion and beauty expert for Univisión has been with the goal always to learn the truth and reality of the beauty business to one day be able to create my own brand! That day arrived !!! And it is today !!!!! And I will summarize it with this phrase; ‘God said when, with whom and where, because the road was too long and complex not to think that he was directing everything!’ YOU ARE THE BEST !! Your support makes everything possible! TOMORROW January 13, 2021! Wednesday at 9am in the morning Miami time the first product #detoxbylia is launched if you have already put your data on the Website My email will arrive early tomorrow with the information and a small gift !! If they did not, they are on time now before tomorrow! I also want you to write down this phone number 1-800-303-0494 because there you will also be able to place your orders and questions starting tomorrow !!! THANKS!!! THANKS!! I leave you a question; when you see the logo, do you know what it means? “He wrote on his social networks along with a video explaining the achievement of this great dream.

Is Jomari just your product image? No, according to the company that is in charge of his new endeavor, the Spanish fashionista and beauty specialist shares in each of the processes.

“Each of our products have been inspired by the life experience of Jomari Goyso, who has participated in each of the production phases actively and thoroughly until finding the quality and image that satisfy him and all his followers. , friends and clients who will surely acquire our line to experience that change in their lifestyle that you are looking for so much “, explain the representatives of Rosalia Beuty LLC.

The truth is that, one day after launching his line, Jomari is so happy that he decided to surprise the first buyer to thank her and let her know that he will send her a gift with her order. How are you?

After a few weeks off screen for the holidays, this Sunday, at 10/9 PM, Centro returns ‘Salt and pepper’, from what we can see, on the screen of Univision, the evolution of the Jomari detox week. Is your show partner doing it too, Lourdes stephen?


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