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This is the photo of when Raúl de Molina was in China with his little daughter | The State

Raíl de Molina and Mia de Molina

Luis Fernandez. / Grosby Group

The driver of The fat and the skinny, Raul de Molina, published a photo from 2008 where he is seen with his wife, Mily de Molina And your daughter, Mia de Molina. The latter, when she was just a very young girl. Raul has been very active covering and monitoring everything that the pandemic is about. Remember that China was the first global source of contagion and everything indicates that “Fat” wanted to show that photo of when in Asia everything was “normal” and before the arrival of the coronavirus.

“#Throwbackthursday in #tinamensquare, #China 2008 with @miademomo and @cubapalm”, was the message with which Raul accompanied the photos of one of his great adventures in the company of the women in his life.

All the compliments I take them Mine, who is now a woman who studies at the university but still continues to shake hands with her parents in that way and travel together whenever they can. Not in vain the family of the presenter of Univision It is one of the most in the entertainment industry.


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Alina Mayo Azze on her departure from Univision: “Today this long chapter in my life closes” | The State

Alina Mayo Azze.

Alina Mayo Azze / Courtesy

Yesterday we told you that the emblematic journalist of Univision News, Alina Mayo Azze, who spent 30 years at the helm of the local Miami newscast, was fired.

Yes, the same day the new executives and positions were introduced Univision, began a wave of layoffs, especially in local stations, both television and radio.

Through her Instagram account, Mayo Azze herself confirmed the news by writing these moving and at the same time inspiring words:

“The day has come… Today this long chapter in my life as a television journalist closes. Thank you all for your support, trust, and love during my nearly 40 years of TV reporting in Spanish in South Florida. Of those years, 30 have been as presenter of the news of channel 23. This journey has been a privilege in which I learned a lot from my community and from those who form it. Here I will share my new projects.

For the moment I am going to dedicate myself to rest and charge batteries after such a difficult 2020. I am calm and happy! I ask from my heart that you continue to support the local press, especially my colleagues on television who bring you the news every day. At a time when the press is under siege by so many, the local television newscasts work very hard day by day and they do it for you, and for the well-being of your families. I don’t like goodbyes … from me, this is just a see you later … Peace, health and love to all ❤️ Alina ❤️ “, he concluded.

Alina Mayo Azze, who graduated from the University of Miami, began her career as a reporter on Univision Miami’s Channel 23 in 1981. She then joined Telemundo Miami as a presenter in 1988, and returned to Univision in 1991 to lead Noticias 23 until yesterday.

During his career, he has interviewed world leaders such as President Barack Obama, and has covered stories such as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the death of the Princess Diana. He has received six EMMY Awards, four ACRIN Awards, and two ACCA Awards.

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Univision enters the streaming race with PrendeTV, a free, ad-supported Spanish platform

Created “exclusively for the U.S. Hispanic audience,” PrendeTV is Univision’s entry into the streaming wars, offering a collection of free Spanish programming.

PrendeTV, which gets its name for the Spanish phrase for “switch on,” will launch this quarter, according to Univision. The service will have “an unprecedented collection of high-quality, curated Spanish-language series [and] movies,” as well as some other entertainment. PrendeTV will also offer 30 live channels and more than 10,000 hours of on-demand content at launch, according to the company, with the goal to expand that offering once launched. It will be available on desktop and mobile, as well as a free app on connected TVs.

Univision’s biggest competitor in the Spanish marketplace for US customers, Telemundo, does not have its own streaming service. Owned by NBCUniversal, Telemundo instead has a hub and several “channels” on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s own ad-supported streaming platform. Univision CEO Wade Davis, who previously worked on ad-supported streaming strategy at ViacomCBS, told Deadline in 2020 that “it’s remarkable” there’s not really a “high-quality, differentiated OTT service for this audience that is at scale.”

“It’s a huge opportunity that is completely open from a competitive standpoint,” he said.

Although Univision is entering an already crowded market, with services like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV Plus, and more launching all within the last 14 months, Univision is banking on PrendeTV being “the only premium, free ad-supported streaming service designed and curated exclusively for U.S. Hispanics.” The fact that it’s free, something that ViacomCBS is also reportedly seeing success with on its own ad-supported platform, Pluto TV, should also help.

Exact launch dates, new exclusive series, and what platforms it will be available on will be announced closer to launch.

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Univision confirms the new president and executives of the chain | The State

Today, Monday, January 11, Univision made official the information that we anticipated last October: the name of its new president, and new executive positions were created and new managers were hired.

As we anticipate, Luis Silberwasser, was designated as president of the group of television networks Univision to run Univision’s national television properties.

Silberwasser’s position was not the only one announced this afternoon. The new owners, who, as we told you, completed the transfer and took control the last week of December, created new executive positions, and assigned them to people of great weight within the industry, who, for the most part, come from outside the chain.

Gaby Espino, Litzy, Luis Silberwasser and Carmen Villalobos.

Who and what will they do?.. With Wade davis At the head, as the CEO of the group, the following positions were assigned that we describe below:

Pierluigi gazzolo, appointed to the newly created position of President of Univision Communications Inc. and Chief Transformation Officer to drive the next era of growth.
Luis Silberwasser, president of the Univision group of television networks to run Univision’s national television properties.
Donna speciale, named president of advertising sales and marketing, to drive the innovative expansion of Univision’s offering to advertisers.
Friday abernethy, promoted to Executive Vice President of Content Distribution and Partnerships.
Adam Shippee, promoted to the newly created role of Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Strategy
and transformation.
Amy tenbrink, ascends to Executive Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Revenue / Business Development with responsibilities across the digital business.

What will happen to the current executives?… So far they have been reconfirmed in their positions, but they will have to report for what will be their new boss: Luis Silberwasser.

That is to say, Daniel Coronell will remain president of News; David rabinowitz, executive vice president of broadcast technology and operations; Jessica Rodriguez, president of entertainment and CMO; and Juan Carlos Rodriguez, president of sports, reporting directly to Silberwasser.

Although the leader, after Davis, will be Gazzolo, in practice, who will be the head and the executor of what you will see, of the stars that will accompany you every day, of fiction, sports and the news, it will be Luis Silberwasser, something that we anticipated in October, and that later came out to deny it, but that finally time gave us the reason that we had the correct information.

¿Who is Luis Silberwasser, president of the Univision television group?

He was president of Telemundo for 4 years, in which he was in charge of not only creating content, but also the first World cup accessed by that string. One of the most critical moments in his administration was the unionization of the soap opera actors with SAG-AFTRA. Well, at that moment, a message came to light inviting the actors to vote for the “no” entry of the union.

He is 56 years old, was born in New York, but at the age of 5 he moved, along with his parents, to Cali, Colombia, where he grew up until he decided to return to the United States to study. He first graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the University of Georgia, followed by a graduate degree in business from Harvard.

He went through some audiovisual companies like Discovery. He came to Telemundo in 2014 as president of the Network, where he was in charge of the network, and specialized in entertainment content strategy, since that area would not only be his specialty, but also his passion, along with sports.

Will these new appointments generate changes in what you see on a daily basis in your programming? Although we cannot confirm it officially, there would be changes and many. The digital part and entertainment would be given greater strength.

Will all executives be reconfirmed in their positions? Quite possibly several of them will finish their tasks when their contracts expire.


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Lili Estefan was seen at full speed and downhill from her ‘frozen’ vacation | The State

The conductor of “The fat and the skinny”, Lili estefan, started the year at full speed and without any fear skiing from Colorado, place where he decided to spend the holidays with his children, his brother and sister-in-law. Despite having been a very emotional year for “The skinny girl”, because he aired intimate details of his divorce that stirred all those feelings. Still, as always, he took his best smile to transmit good energy to his offspring and especially to his followers.

Dressed in white and with all the necessary clothing and protection, Lili she went down a very steep descent showing that she is far from being a rookie when it comes to skiing. Obviously, his fans applauded him for the feat. Still he left a message accompanying the video for the most incredulous.

“Yeah this is me !!! Ready for new adventures in 2021 and Visualizing our journey for the next 12 months And we go with everything… Happy New Year my beautiful people… WE CONTINUE #seguimosadelante #seguimosavanzando # happy2021 ”wrote the host of Univision.

There is no doubt that, despite being close to turning 54, Lili estefan Not only does she look spectacular but she has the dexterity and flexibility of any young lady.

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Everything that comes in entertainment in 2021 on Telemundo and Univision | The State

2021 Telemundo and Univision They are ready to show us everything that we could not see in 2020 and even more enhanced. Shows that we miss return, they premiere productions that bypassed COVID-19, and those who stayed so eager are encouraged.

Internally Univision officially begins with its new buyers with Wade davis as CEO, and a new president who will soon make official. In the case of Telemundo, Ronald Day, who was announced in 2020 as president of entertainment, will deploy all his artillery to make the network a leader.

Now, going to the programming of what they both assure that we cannot miss, we tell you what they promise us and you decide who you stay with:


One of the returns of 2021 will be the triple premieres that are a Telemundo label. And for them they begin with everything this coming January 26 with the new season of “Exatlón USA”, “La Suerte de Loli” and “Looking for Frida”.


‘Exatlón’ from Telemundo. Photo: Telemundo

Conducted by Frederik Oldenburg and having as a commentator Marisela ‘Chelly’ Cantú, on January 26 at 7/6 PM Central, begins a new season of ‘Exatlón’, one of the most watched reality shows. They are 24 athletes willing to give their all in a tough match to win more than a million dollars in prizes. This season, the ‘Famous Team’ (red team), and the Contending Team (blue team), will be made up of a combination of new entrants who come in search of glory, along with some contestants who return for a second chance at take the title. The intense family reality show will feature surprising circuits that will put the physical and mental abilities of the participants to the test in the greatest challenge of their lives.


'La Suerte de Loli', Telemundo's new romantic comedy.
‘La Suerte de Loli’, the new romantic comedy from Telemundo. Photo: Telemundo

Starring Silvia Navarro, beside Osvaldo Benavides and Gaby espino, ‘The Luck of Loli’, premieres next January 26 at 9/8 PM Central. It tells the story of Loli Aguilar, an independent woman and successful executive producer, who works at Global Radio Group, the number one radio station on the West Coast of the United States. As Loli’s career is on the rise, her love life takes a back seat as she enjoys her freedom and life without compromise. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Mariana, her best friend, passes away and leaves everything to Loli, including her two children. The news takes everyone by surprise and especially Loli, who feels that she is the least suitable person for this task. Loli will have to face her new reality and learn suddenly that work is not everything in life, and discover that the true meaning of success is family and love.


'Looking for Frida' is the new on Telemundo.
‘Looking for Frida’ is the new on Telemundo. Photo: Telemundo

‘Looking for Frida’, is headed by Eduardo Santamarina, Ximena Herrera, Arap bethke and the debut of Victoria White, who will play Frida, premieres on January 26 at 10/9 PM Central. This suspense production is an adaptation of the successful telenovela of the Telemundo network itself, ‘Where is Elisa?’… It tells of the perfect Pons family, and how their lives suddenly change when their daughter, Frida, mysteriously disappears the night of his father’s birthday party. During the investigation, lies, resentments and secrets will come to light, unmasking a family that is far from perfect, leaving the audience questioning every detail and everyone involved in this captivating story full of unexpected twists.


“Café con Aroma de Mujer”, soon on Telemundo. / Photo: Telemundo

‘Woman-fragranced coffee’, the classic that fell in love with generations and generations, returns from the hand of William Levy, Laura Londoño and Carmen Villalobos. Inspired by the original story of Fernando Gaitan, the novel that does not yet have a release date, recounts cAs every year, Gaviota and his mother come to Hacienda Casablanca to pick up the coffee from the second harvest of the year, but this October they hope that it will be the last, because from now on, they will own their own land. Without However, fate has other plans. Octavio Vallejo, the owner of the hacienda has just passed away. The same man whom Gaviota saved from kidnapping, the same man who promised her as a reward to give her one hectare of land so that she could grow her own coffee. Trying to get the Vallejo family to honor the agreement, Gaviota meets Sebastián, Octavio’s son, who lives abroad. An irrepressible attraction is born between them, a love of those who no longer see each other, heartbreaking, impossible, becoming two lovers who belong to different worlds, but who savor the same coffee.


Fernando Colunga comes to Telemundo as 'Malverde, El Santo Patron'.
Fernando Colunga arrives on Telemundo as “Malverde, El Santo Patron.” / Photo: Telemundo

This production, which will be an original from Telemundo, brings back to Fernando Colunga, who will be the protagonist and will play ‘Malverde, the Patron Saint’. Tell the truth behind the legend. The series will have a lot of action and will be produced with a very current language, to tell the story of a boy born in 1870 in Sinaloa, who became a legendary figure, almost religious, defender of the people, protector of both the innocent and the poor and dispossessed, and in turn of drug traffickers and evil living.



Lo Nuestro Award. Photo: Univision

They return this 2021 ‘Lo Nuestro Award’. It was hard to miss one of the highest rated awards dedicated to music. As always, they surprise us with the theme they choose each year, but to know what it will be, the nominations and the date of the ceremony we will have to wait until January 12, the day they will be announced.


Michelle Renaud, Danilo Carrera and Scarlet Gruber in 'Quererlo Todo'
Michelle Renaud, Danilo Carrera and Scarlet Gruber in ‘Quererlo Todo’. Photo: Univision

‘Wanting It All’, starring Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud, premieres January 4 at 3/2 PM Central. Produced by Ignacio Sada (‘Simply Maria’, ‘Refuge for love’), this romantic drama tells the story of Valeria Fernández, who has been Leonel Montés’ longtime girlfriend without ever questioning her love for him. After his father, a wealthy landowner, dies, a war breaks out between the heirs for fortune. In the midst of this commotion, Valeria meets Mateo Santos, son of the executor of the inheritance, and falls in love with his nobility and passion for life. Valeria will need to find the strength to reinvent herself far from the shadow of Leonel and thus give herself the opportunity to live a sincere love with Mateo.


Do you remember me? is the title of the new thing from Televisa.
Do you remember me? is the title of the new thing from Televisa. / Photo: Univision

Starring Gabriel Soto, ‘Do you remember me’, premieres in February, the month of love. Produced by Carmen Armendariz (‘The Usurper’), the story is inspired by a Turkish novel full of intrigue, romance and deception. After he is forced to marry Olmo’s daughter, Pedro falls in love with Vera while on a business trip. He is ready to give up everything for his new love, but must abandon his plans when Olmo, his boss and mentor, threatens her life. Pedro separates from his great love to save her, but years later, Pedro and Vera meet again under strange circumstances. Olmo, who is unaware of Vera’s past, has fallen in love with her and introduces her to his family as his new girlfriend. In the encounter, Pedro and Vera’s love is rekindled, thus revealing the dark past that unites them and unleashing a painful plan of revenge.

-‘GUARDIANS 2021 ‘

semifinal match schedules
Chicote Claderón celebrates.

Of League MX Univision and TUDN come together to present this much-watched tournament starting on January 8.



Super Regions Challenge
Super Regions Challenge. Photo: Univision

From Colombia comes ‘Super Regions Challenge’, a reality show in which 10 teams fight to win up to a million dollars. Premieres January 4 at 8/7 PM Central. The presenters will be Andrea Serna and Daniela alvarez that will accompany 40 participants who will fight, from the most exotic beaches, to obtain money and exclusive prizes as they advance in the program. In each two-hour episode, participants will test their stamina and physical performance in great battles, in which the victors will enjoy the pleasures of paradise, and the defeated will have to try harder to continue in the competition.


Ana Patricia Gámez and Rafael Araneda, return to the second season of 'Enamorándonos'.
Ana Patricia Gámez and Rafael Araneda. Photo: Univision

After a short break, ‘Falling in love’, the program led by Ana Patricia Gamez and Rafael Araneda, which honors love, returns for a new season on Monday, January 18 at 8/7 PM Central.


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Telenovelas 2021: All the series that Telemundo and Univision premiere in the new year | The State

2021 arrives full of new telenovela projects on both Telemundo and Univision. Both Latin channels seek to captivate audiences with series that make you dream, laugh, cry and entertain. Stars like Silvia Navarro, Gabriel Soto, Eva Cedeño, Alejandra Barros, Carmen Villalobos placeholder image, William Levy, are some that will be on the screen in the new year.

Loli’s Luck

Silvia Navarro He falls in love with the Telemundo audience with an endearing story. The actress plays Loli Aguilar, a successful and independent woman who works as an executive producer at Global Radio Group, the number one radio station on the West Coast of the United States. As Loli’s career is on the rise, her love life takes a back seat as she enjoys her freedom and life without compromise.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Mariana (Jacqueline bracamontes), her best friend, passes away and leaves everything to Loli, including her two children. The news takes everyone by surprise and especially Loli, who feels that she is the least suitable person for this task. Loli will have to face her new reality and learn suddenly that work is not everything in life, and discover that the true meaning of success is family and love.

Some of Navarro’s teammates will be Osvaldo Benavides (Monarch, The Perfect Dictatorship), Gaby espino (Play with Fire, Santa Diabla), Joaquin Ferreira (Yo, Colt, Club de Cuervos), Mariana seoane (The Inmate, The Lord of the Skies) and Rodrigo Vidal (Friends and Rivals, Until Money Do Us Part); in addition to the special participation of Jacky Bracamontes (The Voice, Spell), Carlos Ponce (Play with Fire, Silvana without Lana), Jeimy osorio (Celia, Betty in NY) and Jesus More (The Lord of the Skies, El Chema).

Loli’s Luck arrives on Telemundo in 2021 / Photo: Telemundo

Looking for frida

“Looking for Frida” presents the story of the Pons family and how their lives suddenly changed when their daughter, Frida, mysteriously disappeared the night of her father’s birthday party. During the investigation, lies, resentments and family secrets will come to light, turning everyone into suspects and exposing a family that is far from perfect.

This adaptation will feature the performances of Eduardo Santamarina (The Lord of the Skies, The Queen of the South 2), Ximena Herrera (The Lord of the Skies, The Hotel of Secrets) and Arap bethke (The Usurpadora 2020).

The cast also includes Alejandra Barros, Ruben Zamora, Grettel valdez, Jorge Luis Moreno and the young promise Victoria White, who will play “Frida”; in addition to a special participation of Roberto Ballesteros.

Looking for frida
Looking for Frida opens in 2021. / Photo: Telemundo

Do you remember me

Gabriel Soto and Fatima Molina arrive as the protagonists of “Do you remember me“. The Televisa production is an adaptation of the successful Turkish telenovela Reina de la Noche, it is a story of intrigue, romance and deceit, which marks Molina’s stellar debut on Televisa.

Do you remember me? tells the story of Pedro Cáceres (Soto), a man married by convenience to the daughter of his tutor and boss, who decides to end the farce of his marriage by falling in love with Vera Solís (Molina), whom he meets during a business trip. But his boss, Olmo Cáceres (Guillermo Garcia Cantu) threatens you to prevent him from breaking up your marriage. Pedro gives in to his boss’s threats and abandons Vera. Years later, Pedro will be reunited with Vera, when she reappears as the girlfriend of his father-in-law.

In Do you remember me? they also participate Ana Bertha Espín, Pedro Sicard, Federico Ayos, Marisol del Olmo, Enoch Leaño, Emilio Guerrero, Markin lopez, Anton Araiza and Nina Rubin.

Gabriel Soto and Fátima Molina star in ¿Te Acuerdas De Mí?
Gabriel Soto and Fátima Molina star in ¿Te Acuerdas De Mí? / Photo: Televisa

Woman-fragranced coffee

The recordings of the new version of “Woman-fragranced coffee”Already started in Colombia with William Levy and Laura Londoño like the protagonists. Originally written by Fernando Gaitan, the author of the international hit “Yo soy Betty La Fea”, “Café, con aroma de mujer” returns 26 years after becoming a television phenomenon around the world.

Relive the magic of Hacienda Casablanca and the story of Gaviota and Sebastián, who will have to overcome the resistance of the Vallejo family, the loves of the past and the obstacle of belonging to different worlds.

Carmen Villalobos he is also in the soap opera with an antagonistic character.

William Levy and Laura Londoño star in the new version of 'Café, Con Aroma de Mujer'
William Levy and Laura Londoño star in the new version of ‘Café, Con Aroma de Mujer’ / Photo: Telemundo / RCN

What Happens to My Family?

What Happens to My Family?, the new production of Juan Osorio for Televisa. Will be Eva Cedeño (“I give you life”) and Mane de la Parra (“Amor de Barrio”) who star in this new family telenovela.

Eva Cedeño will play Regina Rueda, a woman with clear goals and the strength necessary to achieve them. She is an executive assistant to the president of a major clothing and footwear company. Due to a sentimental failure, Regina became disillusioned with love, but fate will give her the opportunity to live a beautiful and fun romance.

Mane de la Parra will be Leonardo Iturbide, the director of one of the most important fashion and footwear companies in Mexico. Meeting Regina will make Leonardo’s life take a big turn, leading him to live a love story.

What happens to my family? is a family story, of love and adventure, in which melodrama and comedy are combined.

What happens to my family? will feature performances by Diana Bracho, César Évora, Julio Bracho, Wendy de los Cobos, Julián Gil, Gaby Platas, Emilio Osorio, Gloria Aura, Paulina Matos and Gonzalo Peña, among others.

Eva Cedeño and Mane de la Parra star in What's Happening to My Family?
Eva Cedeño and Mane de la Parra star in What’s Happening to My Family? / Photo: Televisa

Malverde, The Patron Saint

Headed by the Mexican superstar Fernando Colunga as the lead actor, “Malverde, El Santo Patrón” is an original Telemundo Global Studios production inspired by a true story. An action-packed series that tells the story of a boy, born in Sinaloa, Mexico, in 1870, who in the long run will become a legendary figure, almost a religious icon, protector of the people, both the innocent and the poor. and dispossessed, and even drug traffickers and criminals.

Fernando Colunga is Malverde, The Patron Saint / Photo: Telemundo

Forbidden love

Produced by Ay Yapim, Univision will present “Amor Prohibido,” one of the highest-rated series of all time in Turkey, starring Beren Saat, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Selçuk Yöntem. After eleven years of losing his wife and isolating himself from social life, Adnan is able to refocus his attention on his daughter Nihal and son Bülent. Soon after, Adnan meets and falls in love with Bihter, who despite not wanting him marries Adnan to take revenge on his own mother. But Bihter is blinded by passion when she falls in love with Behlul, her husband’s nephew, and her secret affair will soon affect all members of the family.


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Lili Estefan was seen very “extreme” from the snow on the last day of the year | The State

Despite the hard year that has been lived worldwide, “The skinny girl” of Univision, Lili estefanYou can say that it was a year of great learning and, above all, of personal liberation. This was reflected in the success of the show he did with his aunt Glory Estefan and his cousin, Emily Estefan: “Red Talk table”, which came out by Facebook Watch and where he spoke of the painful divorce he went through.

Once that was over, you couldn’t expect anything less to see Lili in full action of extreme sport, skiing and at freezing temperatures in the mountains of Colorado. Obviously and as expected, his two offspring: Lina and Lawrence they accompanied her.

“Coming to greet you from 8,500 feet high !!!! Grateful with life, admiring the beauty of this nature and enjoying a spectacular day in the mountains of #Colorado and ready to shout # bye2020 “, was the message with which he accompanied his farewell to the current year.

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Lina, daughter of Lili Estefan posed with a revealing dress and showed that she inherited her mother’s beauty | The State

The daughter of the driver of “The fat and the skinny”, Lili estefan, again made it clear that if he wanted to have a career as a professional model, he could do it and surely succeed in style. Not only has the height but the body and above all the elegance of the “The skinny girl” of Univision.

Lina luaces She is characterized by having her mother’s good sense of humor, but also by having part of her beauty. Several are the times he has seen her posing on his account Instagram, where they leave many comments that compliment the undeniable beauty it possesses.

This time she wore a brown outfit that had a short skirt and left her back in view. Very removed from grief, she posed in front of the mirror like an experienced mannequin. In addition, her hair was almost perfect and she added high boots to the look that gave it a modern and original touch. Everything indicates that Lina luaces She promises to continue breaking hearts because, although she is very tall and looks like a full grown woman, she is just an 18-year-old girl.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Lina Luaces (@linaluaces)

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The best and worst soap operas of 2020 from Univision and Telemundo | The State

During the pandemic, television became our best companion for viewing the outside world while maintaining social distance.

Univision and Telemundo They did not stop broadcasting their programming and telenovelas continued to be the big bets of both channels. Here we present you the best and worst of the year in this area.

The Doña 2

The year began in a sensual way with the return of Aracely Arambula in “The Doña 2“. Altagracia’s story continued but not all of the characters from the first season continued. What made this series special were those clashes between mother and daughter, and as we now know, the daughter did not last long within the sequel. The magic and charm of the first series was lost and the sequel should not have existed, to our liking and became one of the worst of the year.

Aracely Arámbula returns with ‘La Doña’. / Photo: Telemundo


Camila sodi She has always been a very controversial actress for being someone who does not like to deal with the press a lot. To the niece of Thalia she likes to do her job but not promote it because she knows that they will undoubtedly ask her personal questions about herself or her family, which she does not like to answer.

Rubí’s character is iconic and her hiring was always controversial. However, Rubí was tailor-made for Camila and did an excellent job. Although it did not surpass its predecessor Barbara Mori, he did make a good version of the character. With a short and agile story, Rubí was one of the best soap operas of the year.

Camila Sodi is ‘Rubí’ in a new Univision series. / Photo: Univision

Operation Pacific

Majida Issa left behind her character of La Diabla from “Without breasts, there is paradise”And was completely transformed. From being the antagonist, in “Operation Pacific”Became the protagonist. The story again revolves around the world of drug trafficking, but this time we see it from the perspective of the police. What made this series interesting was the mix of classic melodrama with narco soap operas. Very few authors can manage to make a round story but those who were behind this series dominated the subject making it one of the best of the year.

Operación Pacífico, series with Majida Issa and Mark Tacher. / Photo: Telemundo

100 days to fall in love

After the success of “Betty in NY“, Telemundo continued along the same line of comedy for its soap operas made from its studios in Florida. “100 days to fall in love“It was about two couples who give each other a space to fall in love again. What made this romantic comedy a hit was the quirky cast of quirky actors that refreshed the screen.

Erick elias, Ilse Salas, Mariana treviño and David chocarro starred in the series that left us wanting to see more. One of the issues that stood out the most was that of gender identity, something little explored in soap operas and that Telemundo had the courage to present.

“100 Days to Fall in Love”, the latest from Telemundo. / Photo: Telemundo

I give you life

In a year full of uncertainty, what we most needed was hope, and “I give you life“On Univision, he arrived just in time. The Mexican soap opera falls back on what is the classic melodrama, with nothing more than a beautiful love story. Jose Ron It came from a series of hits on Univision with “Rubí” and “Ringo” and this production was no exception.

“Te Doy La Vida” reached incredible ratings during a time when soap operas had had low ratings. The public recognizes good projects and this telenovela was one of the best this year.

Telenovela ‘I give you my life’, the latest from Televisa. / Photo: Televisa

Overcome fear

The empowerment of women is something that must be promoted every day to end the misogyny that still prevails. “Overcome fear”Was the perfect soap opera whose central focus is four women at different stages of life. Each one has a fear that they will have to overcome and the public becomes a witness to how each one manages to overcome their obstacles.

Paulina Goto and Danilo Carrera star in
Paulina Goto and Danilo Carrera star in “Overcome fear”. / Photo: Televisa


After the great success that was “Eternal love”For Univision, Telemundo did not want to be left behind and began to schedule Turkish soap operas again in their primetime schedule. For the Hispanic public came the story of “Cennet“, Which little by little was getting the preference of the viewers despite having an unknown cast. The story was so compelling that it made it one of the best of the year 2020.

‘Cennet, the force of love’. / Photo: Telemundo


The heroes of the pandemic have been the doctors, who put their lives at risk in order to heal the people. Univision premiere “Doctors“, starring Livia brito and Daniel Arenas, but that unfortunately did not meet the ideal expectations. Despite having a good intention, the story became tedious, boring and too long. They wanted to repeat the formula of “For Amar Sin Ley”With different cases week by week, but the same success could not be achieved. Although there is talk of a second season, it would be convenient not to visit this hospital again.

“Doctors, Life Line” comes to Univision. / Photo: Univision

How You There Are 2

One of the big surprises this year was seeing Adrian Uribe star in the soap opera “How You There Are 2“. The comedian is known for his character as El Vitor in comic shows, but his side as a heartthrob had been little explored. There were not many expectations for this series as it is based on the Chilean television series “Amores de Mercado” that Telemundo had already covered twice.

The last version that Telemundo made was called “Who is Who?” and starred Danna Paola with Eugenio Siller. This adaptation was not successful in primetime, which was sent for the evening schedule.

However, “How You No Hay 2” was able to win over Univision’s audience and little by little it increased its audience and ended up being one of the most viewed of the year.

Adrián Uribe stars
Adrián Uribe stars in “Como tú no hay 2”. / Photo: Televisa

Intimate Enemy 2

Fernanda Castillo and Raul Mendez they returned with the sequel to “Intimate Enemy“. The series about two brothers in dispute returned to the Telemundo screens and despite having a great production and great performances, it did not have a sufficiently compelling story. It was better that he had stayed in an excellent season and closed the characters well without leaving stories open at the end.

Raúl Méndez and Fernanda Castillo from
Raúl Méndez and Fernanda Castillo from “Intimate Enemy”. / Photo: Telemundo

All For My Daughter

Soap operas with leading children always tend to catch the public, as happened with Univision’s “Te Doy La Vida”. Telemundo scheduled another Turkish telenovela in primetime to give the telenovela strong competition with Angelique boyer. This is how he premiered “All For My Daughter”That has captivated everyone for being a tender, familiar and inspiring story.

Todo Por Mi Hija comes to Telemundo.
Todo Por Mi Hija comes to Telemundo. / Photo: Telemundo

Sweet ambition

Univision premiered the most delicious telenovela of the whole year, “Sweet ambition“. The Brazilian production, which was a great success in its native country, reached the Latin public in the United States and captured the attention. At the center of this melodrama is María de la Paz (Juliana Paes), a fighter, hard-working and inspiring woman who manages to create an empire by making desserts. Although at first glance it has a very simple and classic central story, the secondary characters are complex and entertaining.

Juliana Paes is Maria de la Paz in
Juliana Paes is Maria de la Paz in Univision’s “Dulce Ambición”. / Photo: Univision / Globo

Empire of Lies

Each project of Angelique boyer always gives something to talk about and “Empire of Lies”Was no exception. Boyer is currently the most recognized Televisa actress and her telenovelas are always successful.

But despite the fact that there were all the elements to make it a success, with Boyer starring in a Latin version of a Turkish soap opera, things have not happened that way. The story is kilometers long, everything happens very slowly and there is no agility to keep the viewer hooked. That is why we had to put this Mexican production on our list of the worst of the year.

Angelique Boyer and Andrés Palacios star
Angelique Boyer and Andrés Palacios star in “Empire of Lies.” / Photo: Televisa

Fake identity

If you can’t reunite the main cast again, you shouldn’t make sequels to hit series. As happened with “La Doña 2”, in “False Identity 2“, the protagonist Camila sodi could not continue with the project. Although it did appear in the opening chapters, they were few.

Sweet Maria She joined the project to give it a boost, but became pregnant and was unable to continue her character and exited production. Despite having good elements, so much change to the original idea makes one no longer want to see it.

Camila Sodi, Luis Ernesto Franco and Dulce María are part of 'Falsa Identidad 2' on Telemundo.
Camila Sodi, Luis Ernesto Franco and Dulce María are part of ‘Falsa Identidad 2’ on Telemundo. / Photo: Telemundo

Overcome Heartbreak

After the success of “Vencer El Miedo”, the production company Rosy ocampo He continued with his stories of empowering women but now with “Overcome Heartbreak“. Another group of women comes to unite and help each other to succeed in life. The message of love and that of faith is something that reaches us perfectly in these times of pandemic.

Claudia Álvarez, Daniela Romo and David Zepeda are part of
Claudia Álvarez, Daniela Romo and David Zepeda are part of “Overcoming the heartbreak.” / Photo: Televisa