See what happens in ‘Despierta América’ when they are not on the air | The State

They say that what is not seen in a show is sometimes more explosive than what we see on the screen, and it seems that ‘Wake up America’ he is willing to let his followers know them inside out; what is in sight and its seams.

For a couple of days you can see how on their social networks they show what you may not even imagine. For example, would you believe that Karla Martinez Y Satcha pretto can they dance almost wildly on the desk where they give the news?

Or that before starting the morning show of Univision, everyone gathers in the kitchen to listen to the tales of Raul Gonzalez with your coffee in hand?

Better yet, can you believe that Albert Martinez, the serious meteorologist who often borders on boring and steals one or another yawn, his body moves only when listening to a song by Maluma because he loves it !?

And if that surprised you, what if ‘Wake up America’ on social media balconies to chef Yisus feeding in the mouth to Alan Tacher.

Well, all that happens, and in these two days the Univision morning show decided to share it with its followers, who seem to like the idea, because in the comments we could see that they are asking for more and more. Will they give it to you?


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