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Clarissa Molina turns around and moves the rear in an impressive way with very tight jeans | The State

Clarissa Molina turns around and moves the rear in an impressive way with some very tight jeans

Clarissa Molina.

Gustavo Caballero. / Getty Images

Many know that one of the things that most likes Clarissa molina, conductor of Univision, is dancing. He always does fun choreography and the audience appreciates it. However, this time the Dominican woman caused a stir in the social network. Not only because of the great body that he wears out but because of how well he knows how to move himself.

One of the most important figures of ‘The fat and the skinny’ wanted to celebrate 1 million followers in TikTok And for that she put on a very tight high jean and a top that left her abdomen in view. For a fun touch, he put on some sunglasses. But what really raised the temperature were the driver’s hip movements, who did not hesitate to walk, turn and even pose on her back to do a heart attack ‘twerking’ to the rhythm of the music of Camilo.

Amid the compliments, the actress and model also received risque messages. “You look like a washing machine”, “They put you in fast motion” Y “You are a goddess on earth, marry me”, it could be read this time in his account Instagram.

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