Ana Patricia Gámez’s surprise to her mother that will bring you tears | The State

Ana Patricia Gamez, led to a moment of great happiness for a member of his family, after so many painful trials that they had to live.

What did? the presenter of ‘Falling in love’ He traveled by surprise to Mexico to be present on his mother’s birthday. While the lady was meeting with a very small group of her family, behind some guitarists who came with a serenade, the beloved queen of ‘Our Latin Beauty’.

Ana Patricia shared the moment on her social networks and, although the video is very beautifully set to music, you can clearly perceive the emotion of her mother who even lets her screams interpret in the images.

The Gámez-Martínez family had to live many difficult moments, to the pandemic that changed everyone’s life, was added the death of her beloved father and even her pet, Honey Berry, who had been with her for 13 years.


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