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'They destroy' Lili Estefan for 'look' of a colored skirt

Lili Estefan.

Vecc Schiaffino / Mezcalent / Grosby

One of the darlings of Hispanic television is “The skinny girl” of “The fat and the skinny”, Lili estefan. However, on some occasions he hits the taste of his followers with his clothes and on others, what he receives is strong criticism for the same. On this occasion, he received not very pleasant comments from his retractors.

The reason? A long pleated skirt where half was burgundy and the other half pink. On top she had a black mid-shoulder blouse with arm slits. As for accessories, she decided on dark glasses and shiny black boots. Although there is no doubt that she is a spectacular woman and that everything she wears makes her look stylish, some thought otherwise.

– “Lili I have always admired you a lot, but I have to tell you that I thought those clothes you put on today were horrible, it surprised me because I have always liked everything you wear. Sorry, Thursday will be a better day. Good night !! ”.

– “This woman has always been a millionaire and has never known how to dress.”

– “Wow! That is a very truculent look ”.

– “Fatal your pint. I love seeing Lili, but I didn’t like the skirt at all ”.

The conductor of Univision answered a few messages with a touch of humor and sarcasm. However, he ignored the vast majority. Despite these negative comments, the most loyal fans of the Cuban applauded her style and even said that “There is no Latin woman more beautiful and elegant than Lili”. Here we leave the image for you to draw your own conclusions.

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