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$ 340 million: This is what the most expensive mansion in the United States looks like | The State

It has 21 bedrooms and 42 bathrooms. The most expensive mansion in the entire United States has now been put up for sale. For that reason, the realtors offering it released some shocking facts about the house that took almost a decade to build.

The mansion, designed by architect Paul McLean and set by interior designer Kathryn Rotondi, It is located in the exclusive Bel-Air neighborhood, in Los Angeles. It has 32,000 m2 and entered history as the most expensive house in the country, since its price reaches nine figures: it is valued at $ 340 million. Baptized as “The One”, required the work of more than 600 people for 8 years.

McLean and Rotondi’s mission was commissioned by film producer Nile Niami and the work was done on a 2 hectare site, with a structure that is surrounded by a moat that creates a “floating house” effect.

The incredible details of the most expensive mansion in America

The spectacular mansion that is now for sale It has 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, a 30-car garage, a 30-person movie theater, and even a bowling alley. In addition, the architect thought of an event space, ideally designed for charity galas.

Inside, the designers sought to create spacious, bright and modern spaces. For this reason, the architect’s work was completed with the setting, which included functional furniture and contemporary works of art.

Outside, the house has 5 pools that are distributed in different areas of the park. Very close to the house, in addition, the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains extend, two landscapes that can be seen from the terrace.


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“He wanted me quartered into little pieces.” “Los Locos Addams” actress, Christina Ricci, talks about intense moments with her ex-husband | The State

Christina Ricci.

Frazer Harrison. / Getty Images

Last june Christina Ricci filed for divorce to end his marriage to James heerdegen, the father of her only child, and has now obtained a restraining order so that he cannot get within 200 meters of her little boy, her dog or her after accusing him of mistreatment.

In the legal documents that she has submitted to request this precautionary measure, the former protagonist of ‘Crazy Addams’ reveals that these alleged physical and emotional abuse began when she became pregnant with her child in 2013 and that on several occasions she has feared for her own life due to threats from her ex.

Christina tells of a particular episode in which he would have assured her that the only way he could sympathize with her would be “If it ended up being quartered into small pieces”. On that occasion, the family was in a cabin in New Zealand and the interpreter came to think that he could murder her.

“That night I hid all the knives that were in the place where we were staying. I was really afraid for myself and my son. I slept in a separate room with him and locked the door “, has revealed.

The former couple spent the period of confinement under one roof and Christina Maintains that James took that opportunity to “Punish and terrorize her” 24 hours a day, attacking her in the presence of her little one when she tried to call the police to report him. Her ex-husband has denied in a statement all the attacks that she claims to have suffered in 2020.

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Kanye West is upset and doesn’t want them to talk about his marriage crisis on Kim Kardashian’s reality show


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Kanye West is upset and doesn’t want them to talk about his marriage crisis on the Kim Kardashian reality show | The State

If a few hours ago the theory came up that Kim kardashian could be preparing a season finale -and program, since ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ It will end with the broadcast of this season – frankly controversial and spectacular when addressing without any qualms his alleged divorce process from the rapper Kanye west, with whom he has four children, now several sources from the artist’s direct environment have wanted to make very clear the opinion that the interpreter seems to have in this regard.

As expected, since Kanye has never been very given to appear in the television space of his still wife, apart from making some other testimonial cameo, the hip hop star would be very angry and disgusted at the possibility that his marital problems were aired by his his own wife and on one of the highest rated shows on American television. Of course, if the oldest is confirmed, the distance between the two lovers and the tense relationship that seems to unite them today would intensify remarkably.

“He is not amused, of course. Kim seems to be very focused on her business and individual counseling. She seems to have things very clear and is at peace, but the same cannot be said for Kanye “, an informant has assured the magazine Us Weekly.

It is true that, at this time, neither party has officially ruled on the aforementioned divorce rumors and, more generally, on the ins and outs of their marital crisis. However, yesterday, several information were released that suggested that both were already preparing the separation of assets after their marriage therapy sessions did not give the expected results.

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They seek a Latino suspected of hitting his mother and stepfather to death in California | The State

File photo of a Los Angeles County Fire Department officer in conversation with a police officer.


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Police searches for a 44-year-old Latino suspected of murdering his mother and stepfather with a baseball bat inside a home in the area.

He Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) yesterday identified Nelson Fermín Garibay as the suspect in carrying out the brutal attack last Monday at the home of the 73-year-old stepfather and the 65-year-old mother in the city ​​of Hacienda Heights, in the east sector of the county.

According to investigators, Garibay also attacked and injured his 37-year-old brother.

The officers who responded to the emergency call were allegedly greeted by the suspect’s brother, who reported on the violent assault. The wounded man took the agents inside the house, where the two fatal victims were found.

Each of the elderly suffered significant head trauma and were pronounced dead at the scene, the LASD reported.

Garibay allegedly attacked his mother and stepfather with a baseball bat, and then left the area in a Toyota pickup.

The woman was identified by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as Irma Ruiz de Garibay.

The authorities are asking for the collaboration of the public to find the Hispanic, who is considered dangerous and who is armed, so they asked not to approach him and only report to the police.


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Street vendor of hot dogs who went to sell among angry supporters of Trump is from Puebla | The State

The hot dog vendor works the streets of Los Angeles. File photo.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

A popular Los Angeles-area taco and culture website has identified the street vendor who caused a sensation this week by selling hot dogs to supporters of Donald Trump. That happened during a tense demonstration in downtown that simultaneous to the Capitol riots in Washington, DC.

Among the hundreds of enraged Trump supporters who gathered in front of the Los Angeles mayor’s office on Wednesday to protest the electoral defeat of the still President of the United States, an individual appeared who had nothing to do with the crowd and was only trying to make a living. honestly.

Images broadcast that day on local FOX 11 channel briefly showed the seller. A Hispanic adult, wearing a white face mask and a Los Angeles Rams cap, driving his hot dog cart in front of City Hall, weaving his way through the raging “trump players”.

The peddler even knowing that because he was obviously an immigrant -maybe undocumented- he was going to be exposed to a possible assault, he still played it.

His gesture of pride that was captured on TV did not go unnoticed by a Twitter user, also a fan of the Rams. And so it all began. But at first the identity of this brave worker was not known.

This Friday, the L.A. TACO managed to identify him. His name is Efraín González, 53 years old and originally from the Mexican state of Puebla.

According to that site, “Don Efra” has endured recent assaults and robbery attempts, like many of his colleagues.

A GoFundMe page was created for those who want to help “Don Efra” in these difficult times of pandemic

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Twitter users reacted with grace and admiration for him.


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Iconic TV host Larry King has been hospitalized with COVID-19 for 10 days | The State

Larry King on the day he celebrated his 86th birthday in November 2019 in Beverly Hills.

Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

The iconic journalist and American television host Larry King is hospitalized with COVID-19 in Los Angeles, according to ABC News.

A source told the newscast that “Larry has struggled with many health problems in the past years and is fighting this one too with all his might.”

The report indicates that 87-year-old King He is admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, located in Beverly Hills, for 10 days.

The American television legend, who was born in New York and spent 25 years on CNN with his popular show “Larry King Live,” has battled a heart attack, stroke and cancer.

His prominence as a communicator has even led him to be part of The Simpsons.

King, in addition to his extensive media career, is famous for his suspenders and for being a loyal fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, frequently appearing in the front row of seats at the stadium.


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A wave of infection and death in Los Angeles from the coronavirus | The opinion

In Los Angeles County, the pandemic claims one life every ten minutes, and every 6 seconds a new contagion of COVID 19 is registered, which disproportionately impacts the Latino community.

Latinos carry more than double the deaths that white or Anglo residents have recorded since the pandemic hit.

4,562 Latinos and 2,066 white residents have died, always according to official county data as of December 24.

Latinos have lost their lives to the pandemic almost four times the number of Asians who have died from the same cause, which is 1,228 people. The Latino death toll in Los Angeles is nearly six times that of COVID 19 deaths among African Americans.

When it comes to contagions, Latinos also have higher numbers than any other ethnic group in LA. (LA County)

The cities and areas where the pandemic has claimed the most lives in Los Angeles County also coincide with areas of significant residence of Latinos.

In the city of Los Angeles, 3,823 people have died; In Glendale 233, in El Monte 215, in Pomona 199 and in East Los Angeles, 166 residents have been killed by COVID 19.

In terms of infections, Latinos also have higher numbers than any other ethnic group in Los Angeles County.

So far in the pandemic, more than 273,700 Latino residents of Los Angeles County and only 60,540 white residents have been infected with COVID-19.

Latinos have been infected almost 12 times the total recorded by the Asian American community, which has 23,370 cases, and is the third group with the most infections after Latinos and whites.

Of the total cases of contagion, 677,299, there are about 200,000 cases without confirming ethnicity, however, of the confirmed cases, Latinos represent 55 percent in the county, based on official numbers.

Dr. Bárbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Public Health official, has stated that the current wave of infections stems from mobility and meetings that took place around Thanksgiving Day, just a month ago, on December 26. November.

Ferrer fears that mobility outdoors for shopping, and indoors for Christmas and New Year celebrations, will further fuel the current unprecedented wave of COVID in Los Angeles.

“If what happens during winter break is the same or even half of what happened during Thanksgiving break, we are in deep trouble,” said the doctor.

Worse still, amid the current increase in infections and deaths from the coronavirus in Los Angeles County, Health authorities are careful to detect if a new strain that apparently emerged in England could appear in the county.

Until this Saturday, no authority claimed to have registered that strain in the Los Angeles area.

The general official advice is to exercise extreme caution.

The California Department of Public Health informed La Opinion that on Saturday in Los Angeles County there were 364 beds available for COVID 19 care.

It is a small number of beds compared to a population of 10 million people in the county and a rate of infections of 570 new confirmed cases every hour in Los Angeles County, according to figures from December 24, when not yet. a post-Christmas outbreak is recorded.

To promote prevention, the one that Los Angeles County presents on its website La Oleada (The Surge), testimonies from health personnel and people infected with COVID 19, including stories from many Latinos.

In one of those stories, before Mrs. Andrea Linares, widow of the leader Ever Linares, who died victims of COVID 19, says that “the wave is real, and many people do not take it seriously until it affects someone that you know or that you love ”.

In the state of California as a whole, Latino deaths are 47.7 percent of the total, which translates to 10,887 deaths, according to official state figures. The Latino community is 38.9 percent of the total.


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If you plan to travel to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving you must quarantine or receive a $ 500 fine | The State

Travelers entering Los Angeles for pleasure must accept quarantine.

Etienne Laurent / EFE

The state of California has implemented a series of restrictive measures in its business operations due to the increase in the coronavirus, including a curfew, but in the specific case of the city of Los Angeles, the authorities They have gone the extra mile to ban recreational or leisure travel and require 14-day quarantine as of this Wednesday and threatened fines to those who do not.

According to the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, as of this Wednesday, November 25, all travelers age 16 and older entering the city through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Van Nuys Airport, and Union Station bus and train stationThey must fill out a form acknowledging that they will be isolated for 14 days.

We ask everyone to cancel their non-essential tripsWrote the Mayor of Los Angeles in a Tweet last Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Traveler Form is mandatory and asks you to confirm with your personal and contact details that you understand that the state has a quarantine mandate on non-essential travel and that you will comply with it. Garcetti assured that dIf not completed, you may face a $ 500 finehowever, there are a few exceptions.

According to the mayor, the only travelers who can skip the process are those who are in the middle of an essential trip or are coming off an essential trip. These might be work or study trips, to receive medical attention, by be essential worker (health, supply chain) in their work or by protection and security.

Tighter restrictions in Los Angeles

A week ago the state imposed a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. for non-essential businesses and encouraged travelers to quarantine, but had not established fines as in L.A. nor had he ordered to close the restaurant operations.

From this November 25, in addition to the quarantine of travelers, restaurants must close their operations with the public and sell only food to go.

Local authorities have even warned of imposing more restrictions even total confinement if certain averages are reached in the number of new weekly cases. The county on Monday reported the highest number of new cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic with more than 6,000 findings in one day.

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Brad Pitt is caught delivering essential items in the most deprived neighborhoods of Los Angeles | The State

The Oscar winner Brad Pitt has been sighted by the ever vigilant paparazzi in the middle of the work of distributing food and other essential items in one of the peripheral neighborhoods of the city of The Angels, a gesture that should not be too surprising in an artist who has always stood out for contributing, as far as possible, to improve the standard of living of the most disadvantaged sectors of the population.

In any case, it is always striking to see a star of his category dressed in informal clothing, a cap and a sanitary mask while facilitating the distribution of basic products among the citizens of a city that, like all, has not escaped the harsh economic impact that the arrival, last February, of the dreaded coronavirus has brought with it. Smiling and outgoing, the artist appears chatting animatedly with several of the people to whom he delivered such supplies.

The star of Hollywood, who has tried to keep a low public profile in recent years, aside from the media attention that he must understandably receive for his work in the film mecca, did not hesitate to come to the fore last October to publicly support the already elected president of United States, Joe biden, in the successful electoral race with which he has ended four years of the Republican’s mandate Donald Trump.

“America is a place for everyone. For those who chose this country, for those who fought for it, for Republicans and Democrats, and for everyone in between. Deep down, we are all looking for the same thing, someone who understands our hopes, our dreams and our suffering, who listens to the people and unites around a common goal. That he gets up every day and works to make life better for families like yours ”, reads part of the narration that the actor made for an announcement by the former vice president.


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It’s burning! Denzel Washington’s House of 14.5 Million Dollars | The State

Kevin Winter

Kevin Winter. / Grosby Group

Located in Beverly crest, The AngelsCalifornia the actor’s house Denzel Washington is burning in flames. Apparently, smoke began to rise from the second floor of the mansion and firefighters intervened within minutes of being called. So far it is unknown if there are injuries. But it is presumed that the family Washington and the same actor left the place with enough time.

The Los Angeles Firefighters are in the area and it is expected because the channel KCAL9 update the information shortly, since the cameras of the same are over flying the area.


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