Kanye West is upset and doesn’t want them to talk about his marriage crisis on the Kim Kardashian reality show | The State

If a few hours ago the theory came up that Kim kardashian could be preparing a season finale -and program, since ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ It will end with the broadcast of this season – frankly controversial and spectacular when addressing without any qualms his alleged divorce process from the rapper Kanye west, with whom he has four children, now several sources from the artist’s direct environment have wanted to make very clear the opinion that the interpreter seems to have in this regard.

As expected, since Kanye has never been very given to appear in the television space of his still wife, apart from making some other testimonial cameo, the hip hop star would be very angry and disgusted at the possibility that his marital problems were aired by his his own wife and on one of the highest rated shows on American television. Of course, if the oldest is confirmed, the distance between the two lovers and the tense relationship that seems to unite them today would intensify remarkably.

“He is not amused, of course. Kim seems to be very focused on her business and individual counseling. She seems to have things very clear and is at peace, but the same cannot be said for Kanye “, an informant has assured the magazine Us Weekly.

It is true that, at this time, neither party has officially ruled on the aforementioned divorce rumors and, more generally, on the ins and outs of their marital crisis. However, yesterday, several information were released that suggested that both were already preparing the separation of assets after their marriage therapy sessions did not give the expected results.

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