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They seek a Latino suspected of hitting his mother and stepfather to death in California | The State

File photo of a Los Angeles County Fire Department officer in conversation with a police officer.


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Police searches for a 44-year-old Latino suspected of murdering his mother and stepfather with a baseball bat inside a home in the area.

He Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) yesterday identified Nelson Fermín Garibay as the suspect in carrying out the brutal attack last Monday at the home of the 73-year-old stepfather and the 65-year-old mother in the city ​​of Hacienda Heights, in the east sector of the county.

According to investigators, Garibay also attacked and injured his 37-year-old brother.

The officers who responded to the emergency call were allegedly greeted by the suspect’s brother, who reported on the violent assault. The wounded man took the agents inside the house, where the two fatal victims were found.

Each of the elderly suffered significant head trauma and were pronounced dead at the scene, the LASD reported.

Garibay allegedly attacked his mother and stepfather with a baseball bat, and then left the area in a Toyota pickup.

The woman was identified by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as Irma Ruiz de Garibay.

The authorities are asking for the collaboration of the public to find the Hispanic, who is considered dangerous and who is armed, so they asked not to approach him and only report to the police.


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Perverted stepfather recorded a minor in the bathroom for 10 years, but he will only serve 10 months in jail | The State

Thomas craig lewis, a 35-year-old Briton, was sentenced that Tuesday to 10 months in prison for secretly recording his stepdaughter in the bathroom while she was still a minor.

The Wales Online report indicates that, as part of the ruling, Northampton Crown Court, UK, imposed 100 hours of community service on the pervert.

The evidence that paraded in Court confirmed that Lewis recorded Lauren Brightwood naked for years by means of a camera that she placed over the bathroom door.

The youngest was showering without imagining that the man was recording her for his own consumption. The offender was discovered in November 2018 when the victim realized that he was being filmed; the young woman was about to turn 18 years old. The stepfather, who married Brightwood’s mother when she was 4 years old, first made up the excuse that he was doing it to protect the victim.

Lewis later admitted to filming Brightwood “a couple of times” as he was curious to see what she looked like as an adult. The man ended up admitting his guilt, by indicating to the Police that he had up to 10 recordings of the minor without clothes.

This Tuesday, a written testimony of the victim was shared in the room in which she admits that she still has not gotten over having been betrayed by her stepfather, whom she treated as a real father.

“I was in a state of ‘shock’, I really didn’t know how to process it. This is not something that people normally have to face and I did not know what to do, “said the survivor.

“I feel anxious when I go into the bathrooms and I don’t want anything like this to happen to me again. I don’t think it’s fair, ”he added.

Brightwood also decided to tell his story on networks like Instagram as part of the release process.


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Mexicana forced her children to see how she had sex with her stepfather so that later the children would “practice” | The NY Journal

A Mexican mother was arrested this week for allegedly forcing her minor children to observe her while she had sex with her partner, the victims’ stepfather.

Janeth Elizabeth “N”, 33-year-old also faces charges for forcing the children to participate in some of the acts with the man.

The detainee, a resident of Saltillo, Coahuila, also forced her children to view pornography so that they would repeat the acts with the stepfather, according to the report from the newspaper Milenio.

Relatives of the children, ages 3, 4 and 10, reported the abuse to the Office of the Attorney for Children and Families. Subsequently, the arrest warrant was issued against the accused.

The man, only identified as Fernando “N”, remains at large.

The woman is serving preventive detention and it is assumed that this past Wednesday she attended a hearing to be linked to the process.

It is unclear what charges the suspects face.


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Mother and stepfather left a child under 4 tied to the bed all day; this is how they rescued him in Colombia | The NY Journal

The adults would have committed the inhumane action because, supposedly, the little one “was very naughty”

A 4-year-old boy whose mother and stepfather left bound hands and feet was rescued by the Colombian authorities in the municipality of Madrid, Cundinamarca.

“The parents are a 20-year-old woman, the stepfather is 24. They work in flower fields in Madrid,” Colonel Janeth García, deputy director of Special Police Services, told Blu Radio.

The minor was tied hand and foot all day with a two-meter rope that allowed him limited mobility around the room where he lived with the adults, authorities discovered. In addition, the victim revealed to the agents that when his stepfather was upset, he cut him with glass in his arms.

“They have already been charged with the crime of aggravated torture, with aggravated domestic violence and more because he is a minor. This has penalties of between 8 and 15 years, they can increase by a third for being a child, “added the colonel.

“The child, being locked up, without food, cried a lot,” Garcia described.

It was the neighbors who alerted the authorities when they noticed the complaints and the crying of the child.

The Caracol News report indicates that the adults would have taken the inhumane action because the little one “was very naughty.

The television showed heartbreaking images of the moment in which the boy is rescued from the house.

“Ouch” was the expression the boy repeated when the officers tried to cut the rope that kept his hands tied.

The couple remains in prison.


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