“He wanted me quartered into little pieces.” “Los Locos Addams” actress, Christina Ricci, talks about intense moments with her ex-husband | The State

Christina Ricci.

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Last june Christina Ricci filed for divorce to end his marriage to James heerdegen, the father of her only child, and has now obtained a restraining order so that he cannot get within 200 meters of her little boy, her dog or her after accusing him of mistreatment.

In the legal documents that she has submitted to request this precautionary measure, the former protagonist of ‘Crazy Addams’ reveals that these alleged physical and emotional abuse began when she became pregnant with her child in 2013 and that on several occasions she has feared for her own life due to threats from her ex.

Christina tells of a particular episode in which he would have assured her that the only way he could sympathize with her would be “If it ended up being quartered into small pieces”. On that occasion, the family was in a cabin in New Zealand and the interpreter came to think that he could murder her.

“That night I hid all the knives that were in the place where we were staying. I was really afraid for myself and my son. I slept in a separate room with him and locked the door “, has revealed.

The former couple spent the period of confinement under one roof and Christina Maintains that James took that opportunity to “Punish and terrorize her” 24 hours a day, attacking her in the presence of her little one when she tried to call the police to report him. Her ex-husband has denied in a statement all the attacks that she claims to have suffered in 2020.

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