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Mitch McConnell complicates Trump’s Senate trial, although he supports it | The State

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), told his colleagues that this chamber will not address any matter before January 19, unless the 100 senators agree to call a session.

Because of this, the impeachment against the president Donald trump that the House of Representatives would approve will not be able to be attended soon, although the Republican leader announced that he will agree to start the process, according to a report by The New York Times.

“The consent of all 100 senators would be required to conduct any kind of business during sessions … scheduled before January 19,” the memo reads. “Therefore, the trial in the Senate would begin after President Trump’s term expires, either one hour after its expiration on January 20 or 25 hours after its expiration on January 21.”.

This despite the minority leader, Charles schumer (New York), requested the convocation to advance with the process before the president leaves office.

According The Hill, that was established in a memorandum distributed last week.

It should be clarified that the Senate cannot convict President Trump once he leaves office, according to several constitutional experts.


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Although Ronaldinho spent 171 days in jail but earned $ 850,000 in 2020 | The State

Although Ronaldinho spent 171 days in jail, 2020 was not such a bad year for the Brazilian star as it is reported that he earned more than $ 850 thousand dollars thanks to their advertising revenue and their business.

Everything indicates that 2020 was not such a bad year for “Dinho “after the trouble he got into in Paraguay that took him to prison along with his brother for using false documents, until he paid a bail of $ 200 thousand dollars to be able to leave.

Ronaldinho had income for being the image of several brands around the world, in addition to having its own products.

Ronaldinho recorded a video with Recayd Mob and rapper Djonga, which quickly went viral. He also created his own gin brand and launched his first wine brand “Wine of Champions”.

Only in December it appeared in three commercials, two of the most recognized video games in the world (Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA) and put his image for a bookmaker.

For 2021 things will be much better for Ronaldinho as he prepares the launch of his documentary called “The Happiest Man in the World.”

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Trump acknowledges that Biden “won” the election, although he has a big “but” The State

For the first time, the president Donald trump acknowledged that the democrat Joe biden he won the election, but accused that he did so in a rigged process.

“He won because the Election was rigged. No voting observers were allowed, votes were counted by Dominion, a Radical Left company with a bad reputation and lousy team that failed to qualify in Texas (which I won by a lot!), The False and Silent Media, And more! ”, He expressed.

The president made his comments by retweeting an editorial from Jesse Waters, Fox News, who defended the Republican’s campaign and criticized that of the president-elect.

It is the first time that the Republican recognizes that Biden prevailed in the electoral process, although the president has not officially conceded his defeat.

The president reiterated several messages about the electoral process and wrote some additional messages, which have been marked as inaccurate with a caption by Twitter.

“All the mechanical ‘failures’ that took place on election night were actually THEM locked up trying to steal votes. However, they were very successful without getting caught. Elections by mail are a sick joke! ”Said the president.


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The data that prove that Puerto Rico did not forget the “Summer of 2019” although Pedro Pierluisi prevailed as governor | The NY Journal

The candidate of the New Progressive Party, Pedro Pierluisi, He prevailed by a narrow margin in the race for the governorship in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, but four candidates who are not in the majority obtained more than 36% of all votes and the Legislature will have members of a newly created party.

The above represents an unprecedented scenario in the Caribbean island that for decades only saw the candidates of the two main parties compete for the highest position in the United States: the New Progressive and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

The EEC certification is given with 95.1% of polling stations scrutinized and confirms that Pierluisi has 380,704 votes (32.4%), very close to the 368,389 votes (31.3%) that Delgado Altieri achieved.

The president of the EEC, Francisco Rosado, insisted that this second certification does not constitute and should not be interpreted as a final result since there are still votes in the counting process, particularly the early vote.

With 5,295 of the 5,567 polling stations counted, the data places in third place Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC) and its candidate Alexandra Lúgaro, with 14.5%. In a fourth place is Juan Dalmau of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), with 13.9% of the votes.

The Dignity Project, led by César Vázquez, with 7%, and the independent candidate Eliezer Molina with 0.7%, complete the list.

The elections on November 3 in Puerto Rico are reported just over a year after the massive protests of Puerto Ricans in the so-called “Summer of 2019” forced then-Governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign from his post after the leak of a nefarious chat between the official and other members of his team as well as allegations of corruption.

They were also held in the midst of an aggravated economic crisis in the country as a result of the impact of Hurricane María and insufficient supply, this year’s earthquakes, and the COVID-19 crisis.

Some dissatisfied Puerto Ricans

Precisely because of the situation in which these elections are taking place, many Puerto Ricans ended up dissatisfied with the results of this Tuesday’s contest.

The Puerto Ricans who took to the streets last year To demand a clean and high-level government, they questioned in networks how it was possible for a candidate from the same party as Rosselló to prevail at the polls. For a part of the electorate in Puerto Rico, voters did not take to the polls the demands for change that they demanded from the streets.

Pierluisi, who held Rosselló’s post for a few days after his resignation but a decision of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico placed Wanda Vázquez in office, It is part of the same government against which millions of Puerto Ricans demonstrated.

Vázquez, against whom Pierluisi was measured in primaries last October, was the center of a investigation for alleged negligence in the handling of supplies sent to the island for those affected by the hurricane.

The party in which both officials are active, and particularly Pierluisi, is associated directly with the Fiscal Oversight Board that manages, by provision of the PROMESA law, the island’s finances and imposes spending limits on key institutions on the island in favor of the bondholders.

Pierluisi was a lawyer for the Board even before announcing his political aspirations.

As an attorney and lobbyist for the O’Neill & Borges law firm since 2017, Pierluisi served as an advisor to the Board and earned up to $ 400 for now.

In the demonstrations last year, the complaints were also directed at that entity and an audit of the debt on the island.

Unprecedented elections

However, although at first glance what the polls registered yesterday seems to be insufficient compared to the clamor of last summer, there are several data that point to the contrary.

To begin with, never before in the history of PR have the PNP and the PPD been seen receiving just over 30% each in a race for the Interior. Nor, so close to each other: 32.4% versus 31.3%, at the moment.

The fact that the four non-majority candidates, including an independent one, obtained more than 36% of the votes is also unprecedented.

SJ Mayor’s Office for the MVC and Mixed Legislature

The mayor’s office of the capital San Juan, traditionally divided between the PNP and the PPD, now has a politician from Victoria Ciudadana, who at the end of last night surpassed, although with little margin, the new-progressive opponent Miguel Romero.

Four MVC candidates also prevailed for the first time in the Legislature in positions by accumulation.

In the Senate, Ana Rivera Lassén had obtained 60,374 or 5.83% in her seat, while Rafael Bernabe obtained 58,956 or 5.69% with 91.58% of schools reported, according to data from the CEE.

As for the House of Representatives, Mariana Nogales Molinelli was going for 80,144 votes in her favor or 7.77%, while José Bernardo Márquez reached 59,373 or 5.75% in the seat by accumulation.

“The dictatorship of bipartisanship is over,” said Rivera Lassén at a conference at the Party headquarters. “Victoria Ciudadana achieved one of the electoral objectives, which was to change the composition of the Legislature,” he said.

Greater balance of power

Yesterday’s session also sends a direct message to politicians: that the configuration of power on the island is no longer limited to two majority parties, and that, from now on, public officials must make alliances if they want to advance public policy and laws in favor of citizens.

In addition, yesterday’s mobilization to the polls showed that Puerto Ricans are more committed to supervising the actions of their leaders and are more aware of the possibility of changing and replacing politicians through suffrage.


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