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Why is it good to let your dog sleep with you, according to science | The State

Not all dog lovers do, but those who do share a bed with their furry dogs can experience benefits in their quality of sleep and health. According to science, letting your dog sleep with you is good, and we explain why.

Is it better to sleep with a human, a dog, or a cat?

An investigation by Canisius College at Buffalo, New York, analyzed the sleeping habits of 962 women in the United States. 57 percent of them slept with another human being, 55 percent with a dog and 31 percent with a cat.

The percentage of the sample that shared a bed with their dog used to have a more restful sleep than the restIn addition to that they went to bed and got up earlier because, according to the researchers, the sleep cycles of dogs are similar to those of humans.

Sleeping with a furry can be even healthier than sleeping with a human, as “compared to human bedmates, it was perceived dogs that slept in the owner’s bed disturbed sleep less and were associated with stronger feelings of comfort and security“, Highlights the article published in Anthrozoös magazine.

But the worst companions in bed turned out to be catsThe research revealed that sleeping with a pussycat creates “weaker feelings of comfort and security compared to human and dog companions.”

And while some people may love their dog very much, but not allow him to use the furniture for hygiene reasons, In these days when the relentless shadow of insomnia lurks, it might be a good option to consider.


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