Palmistry : these people are born leaders

In everyday life, we see many people whose way of talking and working is very different. They also lead the team differently. These people have amazing leadership skills. But in leadership science, leadership ability is related to lines. According to Pt. Abhi Bharadwaj, if any line from the thumb passes near your index finger ie Guru Parvat, then it is a sign that you will be intelligent and clever person. Such people earn money from their ability through leadership.

In the same way, after joining the life line, fate line, mastisk line or fur heart line, fate line and mastisk line, a triangle is formed in the hand and there is money line in the palm, then you will have many ways to earn money. There is also a special shape in the hand which is like M. This shape in the hand consists of the fate line, the lifeline and the brain line.

A person who has such a figure in his hands earns a lot of money in life. This line means that the flow of money in a person’s life will be faster after marriage. After marrying, such people move to advancement in job or business. There are some people whose fate line in their palm works as money line. People who have a straight line from the tropics to the Shani mountain, suddenly get the benefit of money. Such individuals become rich by the good deeds of their past lives. Hard work has more luck in the success of such people.

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