Palmistry : Ambition and Leadership Signs in Palmistry

Why would you need to see ambition and leadership signs from the hands?

One of the most common questions I receive from my clients is ‘should I do a business or job?’ Before I can give a proper answer, I like to see whether the individual has the personality for business. There needs to be evidence of ambition and leadership signs.

Managerial and executive qualities can be found mainly in the air shaped hand, with a squarish palm and long fingers. Those qualities are also in the fire shaped hand, with a rectangular palm and shorter fingers. The fire shape is enthusiastic and energetic while the air hand has many great ideas along with attention to detail and patience.

The next ambition and leadership signs to look for are from the fingers and the thumb. Ideally, you need a strong thumb that is a good length. A huge thumb shows someone driven but also domineering. A bulbous thumb tip is a sign of boldness but also aggressiveness. An average, thick or long thumb displays confidence, leadership and assertiveness. If the thumb is flexible, the person is likely to be someone eager to please others. A stiff thumb shows more reliability and determination.

Ambition and leadership signs from the fingers

The index and middle fingers should both be well developed in thickness and length. A long index finger suggests leadership and a long straight middle finger points to trustworthiness and responsibility. A gap at the base of the two shows organizational skill. The padded area beneath the index finger should be prominent.

An extended little finger depicts natural communication ability. The middle phalange of the pinkie should be even or slightly longer than the rest. The fingertips of a diligent worker, who is also practical, are round or squarish. Pointed fingertips do not qualify for a pragmatic nature. Most of the fingernails should also be square or rectangle.

More ambition and leadership signs

The skin is to be firm and the mounts are springy. The hand should feel a bit tough, not completely rough but like leather. The opposite, which is soft, delicate and loose skin shows sensitivity or laziness. As far as the fingerprints go, there is often at least one whorl (circle or bullseye) shaped fingerprint; mainly on the thumb, but also on the index, middle or ring finger.

From the lines, the head and life line separated from each other shows a self-assured nature. A rising line from the life line to the index finger shows ambition. The head line needs to be fairly straight with no breaks, bends or islands. The heart line should not be the most prominent line on the hand, because it shows an emotional mind.

No need to worry too much about the minor lines because they can form as we progress through life. However, a visible success line is a bonus

Such people have amazing leadership skills

In everyday life we ​​see so many people, whose way of talking and working is very different. They also lead the team differently. These people have amazing leadership skills. But the leadership potential in hand science is related to lines. According to Pt. Abhi Bharadwaj, if any line from the thumb passes near your index finger ie Guru Parvat, it is a sign that you will be intelligent and clever person. Such people make money by their ability from leadership ability.

In the same way, after joining the life line, fate line, mastisk line or fir heart line, fate line and mastisk line, a triangle sign is formed in the hand and there is money line in the palm, then you will have many ways to earn money. There is also a special shape in the hand which is like M. In the hand, this shape consists of the fate line, the lifeline and the brain line.

A person who has such a figure in his hands earns a lot of money in life. This line means that the flow of money in a person’s life will be faster after marriage. Such people proceed to advance in a job or profession after marriage. There are also some people in whose palm their fate line acts as a money line. People who have a straight line from the tropics to the Shani mountain, suddenly get the benefit of money. Such individuals become rich by the good deeds of their former lives. Hard work has more luck in the success of such people

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