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VIDEO: Guinness Record set for longest goal in history | The State

Tom King broke a record that had been in place for 8 years.

Dan Istitene / Getty Images

It is official: Tom King, the goalkeeper of Newport County, broke the Guinness record of the longest goal in history with his score on January 19.

Through a statement, UK Football League Two club confirmed the news. Now his goalkeeper is the holder of the mark, scoring from a distance of 96.01 meters, that is, from his small area, with a clearance that hit the edge of the rival team’s large area, bounced over the goalkeeper who was on the other side and ended up in the back of the net.

The so much that Tom king He scored his colleague Joshua Griffiths, from Cheltenham, it meant 0-1 in favor of his team, in the duel that ended tied 1-1, but that marked the life of the national goalkeeper of the Wales national team.

“I am absolutely delighted, because It is not something I did intentionally. I’m sure that it will be talked about for a long time, so I’m proud and I’m sure my family will be very proud too”, He explained in a statement released by the team.

I hope I can read it if I get one for Christmas this year (the Guinness Book of Records). I am delighted, and I hope nobody gets over it in a long time so I can show it to my grandchildren”, He added.

With the historical both, King surpassed the mark of 91.9 meters that the exporter of the Stoke City, Asmir begovic, implemented in 2013.


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Kamala Harris makes history by becoming the first female vice president of the United States under the guidance of Puerto Rican judge Sonia Sotomayor | The State

Kamala Harris was sworn in before Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Kamala harris officially became America’s first female vice president after swearing to the position before the judge of Puerto Rican origin of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.

At about 11:40 a.m., Sotomayor, the first Latina judge in the highest judicial forum in the United States, took the swearing in of Harris.

“I solemnly swear that I will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will keep a real faith in this same ”, indicated Harris following Sotomayor’s directions.

The former California senator who resigned on Monday was sworn in as vice president shortly before she Joe biden did the same as president, in front of the head of the Supreme Court, the conservative Justice John Roberts.

Kamala Harris sworn in as US Vice President
Kamala Harris is sworn in as Vice President of the United States. (Getty Images)
Kamala Harris sworn in as US Vice President
Kamala Harris was sworn in as vice president of the United States before Puerto Rican judge Sonia Sotomayor. (Getty Images)
Attorney Douglas Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ husband, accompanied her as she was sworn in.
Kamala Harris sworn in as US Vice President
Harris swore with his hand on top of two Bibles, as is tradition.

An unprecedented moment

The moment will go down in history as one without precedent for several reasons.

First, Harris became the first female vice president in American history, in addition to being the first African-American vice president with Asian roots.

On social media, users highlighted Harris’ milestone with posts that included the tag #KamalaHarrisMakingHistory (Kamala Harris making history).

Another outstanding fact of the process is that Sotomayor, from the liberal caucus of the highest forum, is also the first Latina woman of Puerto Rican origin to assume a position as a judge in the Supreme Court.

Sotomayor, born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, became the first Latina magistrate in that court in 2009 after being appointed by the Former African American President Barack Obama.

Currently, Sotomayor is one of the three progressive judges that make up the court.

Sotomayor is, after the death last September of the Judge Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg, the figure most admired by liberal leaders in the US Judicial Branch.


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Joe Biden is the 46th President and Kamala Harris Makes History as the First Vice President of the United States | The State

Joe biden he officially became the 46th President of the United States.

As well Kamala harris she was sworn in as vice president making history by becoming the first woman in that position, in addition to being “of color.

The democrat will start his government with the signing of 17 executive orders on various matters: fight against coronavirus pandemic, immigration, racial equality and climate change, among other.

You will also send your immigration reform to Congress, as promised during the election campaign


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Whiskey, far and near

Ivan Shevchenko,
our wine expert

Whiskey is a very interesting drink. In the Russian-speaking environment, he has developed a certain image, with a train of myths behind him. And no wonder, because whiskey has a very long history. The traditions associated with it differ from country to country. In addition, the drink is diverse, there are many of its subgroups.

There are countless tips and opinions about whiskey wandering around the Internet, but many of them are outdated, so it is difficult to form an objective opinion on them. A tribute to traditions is good, but because of them, the drink seems to many not as relevant and interesting as other categories of alcohol. Therefore, I propose to refresh your knowledge about whiskey and find out what is happening with it today.

Whiskey or whiskey?

History is as old as the world: Scottish drink is written as whiskey, Irish – as whiskey. And since the exact origin of the whiskey is unknown, controversy over the correct spelling, no-no, and flare up here and there. The confusion is also added by the fact that American whiskey is spelled with an “e” (although not whiskey in the usual sense), like Irish, and Japanese, for example, is spelled as Scotch. And these are far from the only countries in which whiskey is produced. So is it worth arguing about writing?

Irish and Scottish languages ​​share common roots, belonging to the Celtic group. The word “whiskey” is an English version of the word uisce (or uisge), which means “water.” Hence, from a linguistic point of view, whiskey and whiskey are one and the same.

But drinks called whiskey and whiskey differ in style. Whiskey generally tastes milder than whiskey due to traditional grain selection, filtration and peat burning. And whiskey, produced not in Scotland and Ireland, certainly absorbed the traditions of one side or another. Conclusion: there are no comrades in taste and color, so you should choose whiskey not by name, but by taste.

Is bourbon a whiskey?

On the one hand, the making of bourbon involves special processes, which puts it in its own category. On the other hand, bourbon is part of such a generalized category of drinks as American whiskey. Yes, with the “e”, since the main recipe came from the Irish people.

For bourbon, a minimum of 51% corn in wort is used, and for Scotch or Irish whiskey, mostly malted barley is used. Bourbon is also aged in new roasted oak barrels, while traditional whiskey is aged in old barrels, often from wine, port or previous batches of whiskey. Depending on the brand of traditional whiskey, the raw materials for its preparation can be fired on peat fires, which is never done for bourbon. But that’s where the differences end.

Consequently, the name “bourbon” was needed to distinguish a product with a certain style from the entire category. The drink at the exit turns out to be sharper, with a rather coarse texture, which it acquires from a young oak.

Of the whole bourbon category, Tennessee whiskey is perhaps worth mentioning. Technically, this is bourbon, but an extra step of carbon filtration is used to make it. Manufacturers are very jealous of the name of the product and do not allow to call it bourbon. Tennessee whiskey can only be produced in the state of the same name. Jack Daniel’s is one of his most famous brands.

The older the better?

Your friend or girlfriend has kept that very bottle of whiskey for a long time, and now the drink is definitely ripe to drink it. Sound familiar? Alas, they will have to be disappointed: whiskey is not wine, and it does not mature in a bottle. It is thanks to wine that many of us are used to thinking that the correct aging in the bottle improves the taste of the drink. But for aging, it is necessary that the drink contains certain substances that change over time even in a confined space, for example, sugar and tannins. There is nothing like that in whiskey.

The whiskey is aged before bottling. For aging, the drink needs oxygen, which enters the barrel through the micropores of the oak. And the oak itself conveys part of its taste to the liquid. But as soon as the bottle of whiskey is corked, the whole aging process stops.

Pay attention only to the number of years of aging on the label, not the time that the bottle has been in your closet.

Single malt more valuable than blended?

Another hackneyed concept that has little support. Let’s start simple: what is single malt? By specification, this is a whiskey that is produced by one distillery from a single batch of malt. Accordingly, blended is a blended whiskey, both whiskey from other distilleries and made from other batches of malt get into the final mixture.

And now the most interesting thing: in the world of whiskey, production is divided into batches, and even one batch of malt can produce several batches of distillate, which will then be spent on aging. Different batches can be aged with different variables, and the final product will in any case be blended from different batches, even if initially the same malt. It turns out that even single malt whiskey is ultimately a blend.

Why is everything arranged this way? To give a product similar flavor characteristics from batch to batch. It would be difficult to maintain a brand name if the beverage tasted differently from batch to batch. Again, whiskey is not wine and the confusion mainly arises because single malt is perceived as a vintage of wine.

Of course, the production of single malt whiskey is more difficult. If only because one batch of malt produces fewer batches of distillate with which to work. However, that doesn’t make it any more valuable. For example, the well-known brand Johnnie Walker Black Label brings together about 40 different whiskeys, 35 of which are single malts. All 40 varieties are also aged for at least 12 years. The value of such a product is much higher than a large amount of single malt whiskeys, and the price is leveled due to the huge volume of production. Of course, single malts are more exclusive. But how important is it to you?

Should you drink whiskey only half and half with water?

“Traditionally, whiskey should be drunk with pure water, in a 50/50 mix. It is worth refraining from ice, unless this ice is from the same pure water without any impurities. If you really want to chill the drink, it is better to use special stones or steel cubes, so as not to change the taste of the whiskey. A good whiskey must be enjoyed in silence in order to fully experience all its flavor qualities. “, – such Recommendations can be found in many old books and guides for drinking whiskey, but is it true?

In fact, you should drink whiskey the way you want. There is nothing wrong with drinking Blue Label with cola if you like. The main thing is that you enjoy the drink, and not try to imitate the habits of the snobs. But remember, moderation is also important.

* * *

The subject of whiskey is very broad, and we only got to see the very tip of the iceberg. But the above myths are often confusing and discouraging from interesting experiments. Often times, people just pick one advertised brand (Jack Daniel’s is a good example) and judge the whole category by that brand. As a professional, I think this is wrong and I hope that today you have learned something new and interesting for yourself.

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How the trick of the woman cut in two, one of the most famous acts of magic in history, emerged 100 years ago | The State

As befits any act of magic, its origins are somewhat mysterious.

But, although there are versions that maintain that the trick comes from ancient Egypt, and others that it was first performed before Pope Pius VII at the beginning of the 19th century, there is a general consensus that they have little foundation.

What is documented is that 100 years ago the British magician P.T. Selbit was the first who introduced an assistant in a wooden drawer as part of his act, closed the drawer and proceeded to saw it in two, before a shocked audience.

It happened at the Finsbury Park Empire theater in London, January 17, 1921.

The woman split in the middle trick would become a boom in the 1920s and become one of the most iconic magic tricks of all time.

A century later, it is still part of the repertoire of many illusionists, although the act today often differs considerably from the one with which Selbit fascinated his audience.

Sawn woman

The act that Selbit called “Sawing a woman”, consisted of introducing an assistant into a wooden box a little bigger than a coffin.

The woman entered bound hands and feet. Selbit closed the box, keeping the woman out of sight.

Then he would take a saw and start sawing the drawer in the middle.

P.T. Selbit performing his famous trick. Jasper Maskelyne / David McKay Company

The trick ended when he opened the drawer again, revealing that the assistant was still intact.

In the many imitations that followed, the act would become even bolder, with special drawers revealing the head, hands, and feet of the attendant who was supposedly mutilated.

Eventually the drawer was not used directly, and the assistants were “sawed” in plain sight.

But to P.T. Selbit -whose real name was Percy thomas tibbles and he used a version of his surname turned upside down as his stage name – not only is he credited with being the first to carry out the act of the sawn woman in public.

It is also considered that with his trick he scored a new era of illusionism that, in addition, had important cultural repercussions.

The role of women

According to American magic expert Jim Steinmeyer, who has written extensively on the history of the profession, the enormous success of Selbit’s new trick had not only to do with his wit, but also with his timing.

Steinmeyer argues that the public, who had been psychologically beaten after the First World War (1914-18), was tired of traditional magic tricks and they longed for something new, to surprise them.

In his book Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible (“Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible”), Steinmeyer emphasizes that Selbit’s show also set a new trend: the attractive and vulnerable wizard’s assistant.

British magician Jasper Maskelye prepares to saw his assistant, Maisie Wright, in London in 1948
In the Sawn Woman trick the alleged victim is usually the young and attractive assistant to the magician. Getty Images

Until then, it was common for both men and women to assist magicians in their acts.

But the voluminous dresses of the Victorian era made it difficult for a woman to participate in an illusion that required her to enter a confined space, such as a drawer.

The revealing new fashion of the ’20s changed that, making it common to include attractive women showing off their legs at shows.

Steinmeyer says that after the success of Selbit’s trick “the image of the woman in danger became a specific fashion in entertainment“.


Some argue that there was another reason related to women that explains why this new trick became so popular.

One of the hottest topics in the UK of 1921 was the women’s suffrage.

After decades of struggle, the women’s movement suffragettes, led by Emmeline Pankhurst, had successfully passed a law in 1918 allowing women over 30 to vote under certain circumstances.

While for suffragettes it was not enough – they continued to demand the equal vote without conditions until it was obtained in 1928 – an important part of society opposed women being able to vote.

Christabel Pankhurst (center) during a demonstration to obtain the feminine vote
Selbit invited the famous British suffragette Christabel Pankhurst (center) -daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst- to be the woman supposedly cut in two during his act. Getty Images

According to Noel Britten, president of The Magic Circle, one of the oldest magic clubs, the controversy over women’s suffrage played a part in the popularity of Selbit’s trick.

“For every person who thought it was great for women to get the vote, were there other people who thought it was great to put a woman in a box and cut her in half?” He told The Guardian newspaper.

The truth is that the Selbit fueled the controversy.

Academic Naomi Paxton, head of The Magic Circle’s office of equality and diversity, tells how the magician invited Christabel Pankhurst, daughter of Emmeline and another famous suffragist, to be his assistant during the act of the sawn woman.

It happened after Pankhurst published an ad in a newspaper seeking “paid and apolitical work.”

Pankhurst, unsurprisingly, declined the offer.

Elusive fame

Despite the enormous popularity of Selbit’s novel show, the British magician failed to capitalize on his fame.

Mainly, because others took his idea and even improved it.

P. T. Selbit performing his show in London in 1924
P. T. Selbit (left) created a whole host of new tricks, but failed to win over the American public. Getty Images

One of these emulators was the American magician Horace Goldin, who, months after Selbit presented his act in London, created his own version for the public in his country.

Goldin was the first to show the head, hands and feet of the assistant during the illusion.

But he also had another genius: patented his act, preventing others from imitating him.

Thus, when Selbit began a tour of the United States to present his show that had been so successful in the United Kingdom, he found that he could not even use the original name of the gimmick.

Goldin had patented the title “Sawing a Woman” and several others like it. In the end, the British magician had to settle for calling his famous trick “The Divided Woman,” which had far less impact.

Although he tried to sue Goldin, the court determined that the American’s trick was different enough to be considered a different one.

This surely explains why few of us have heard of P.T. Selbit, even though his magic act is still popular a century later.

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Amazon workers could form the first union in the company’s history in the United States | The State

A group of workers protest against working conditions at Amazon’s distribution center on Staten Island in New York.

Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

Some 6,000 workers of the distribution centers of Amazon in Bessemer, Alabama, will vote next month about an idea that is considered innovative, form the first union in the history of the company in the U.S.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) scheduled Friday that voting will take place by email and will begin on February 8 and will continue until March 9.

Workers at one of Amazon’s new distribution centers will decide whether to join the Union of Retailers, Wholesalers, and Department Stores.

Friday’s decision comes after the distribution center and the retail workers union decided who and how should be included in the bargaining unit and how the vote should take place. Both parties agreed that hundreds of temporary workers should be eligible to voter. The NLRB rejected calls from Amazon to vote traditionally in person in favor of voting by mail.

The importance of the decision is that Amazon is one of the largest employers in the United States and if the union is organized, the same could be triggered in other cities or distribution centers.

During years Amazon He has fought the labor organizing effort in America. The last vote on a union took place in 20114 when a small group of maintenance and repair technicians from a Delaware warehouse nay to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

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Amazon reported in October that between March and mid-September, it employed almost 1.4 million workers on the front line at Amazon’s Whole Foods in the United States. The company previously argued that the petitioners did not represent “the majority of the views of our employees” and promoted the pay and benefits of the warehouse facilities.

The Washington Post reported that hundreds of workers at Bessemer signed in November to petition federal labor authorizations for a unionization vote, quickly gaining broad support from the senator. Bernie sanders from Vermont. Among the most important requests are changes in dismissal procedures, discipline and social security.

You may be interested:


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Francisco Lindor Makes MLB History With His Mets Contract | The State

Lindor has already signed its link with the Metropolitans.

Justin K. Aller / Getty Images

The former star player of the Cleveland Indians signed the contract that binds him to the New York Mets for a year and became a historical latin american, as it is the first to agree to an amount greater than $ 20 million for one season.

The shortstop signed for $ 22.3 million. in order to avoid reaching a salary arbitration, and according to various media, as a way of showing intention to achieve a longer bond with the player.

In this way, Francisco Lindor became the fourth player in history that surpasses $ 20 million for a year in the majors, only after Mookie Bets did, Nolan Arenado and Josh donaldson.

The 27-year-old Lindor last season hit .258 with eight homers, 27 RBIs, while starting every game and earning just over $ 6.48 million prorated from his $ 17.5 million salary. .


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Siegfried Fischbacher died; made history in Las Vegas with Siegfried & Roy | The State

Siegfried & Roy.

Siegfried & Roy / The Mirage / Getty Images

The duo component Siegfried & Roy, Known for his illusion shows in which they included big cats, he died this Wednesday at his Las Vegas mansion as a result of pancreatic cancer, his sister Dolore confirmed to the German tabloid Bild.

“He fell asleep, and died in peace”, she has revealed.

Siegfried Fischbacher had recently undergone a 12-hour procedure to remove a malignant tumor, but shortly afterwards his medical team discovered that the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. At that time, he made the decision to request discharge to return home, where he remained under the care of two nurses day and night.

His death has occurred just half a year after that of Roy Horn, his former show partner, former romantic partner and best friend, as he himself defined in the statement he made public after confirming that he had died due to complications derived from the coronavirus.

Siegfried and Roy offered one of the most popular shows in Las Vegas for more than a decade after meeting in the 1950s while working on a cruise ship, and throughout their professional careers they received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and appeared on the list of the highest paid celebrities in America.

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Escaping beauty

She was one of the most beautiful women in Europe. Then she disappeared, as if dissolved. Years passed, and her name appeared again in the pages of the press – the newspapers wrote about her as a crazy old recluse woman. And there were days when the Countess of Marlborough shone in secular society and could drive anyone crazy …

Born to be a star

The story of Gladys Maria Deacon, widely known as the Duchess of Marlborough, amazed many at one time. An American by birth, Gladys was born in Paris. Her parents were wealthy people and spent their lives traveling around Europe.

It all ended in an instant when a scandal erupted in a seemingly prosperous family: Gladys’s father, convinced that his wife had a lover, burst into the room and shot three times at the man who was hiding behind the sofa. As a result, he ended up in prison, his wife, deprived of money, husband and honor, continued to wander around Europe, and Gladys was sent to school at the monastery.

The girl had a thirst for knowledge: she was praised for her success in mathematics, she herself studied Latin, and after school she could speak seven languages. But her main gift was beauty. With her blue-green eyes, she piercingly looked at the person with whom she was talking, as if looking (as her acquaintances said) deeply into the soul.

The case that changed everything

When Gladys was fourteen years old, she came across a newspaper with a note about the engagement of the ninth Duke of Marlborough. Charles Spencer-Churchill, of the old British family (he was a cousin of Winston Churchill), was an enviable groom. And his bride was the super-rich American Consuelo Vanderbilt, who dreamed of entering the circle of the British aristocracy.

Gladys’s world turned upside down – she realized that by all means one day she would become the Duchess of Marlborough. She eagerly began to follow all the messages about the couple.

Her father died soon after, leaving her two hundred thousand dollars. This was her golden ticket to European society. By that time, everyone had forgotten about the shooting scandal, and Gladys’s beauty disarmed the most evil gossips. Marcel Proust wrote about her: “I have never met a girl so beautiful, with such a magnificent mind, so kind and charming.”

The sophisticated beauty had no end to admirers. The wealthiest suitors in England, France, Italy bowed to her. Among her admirers were even the Russian ambassador and the son of Queen Victoria. But Gladys had one dream that she aspired to. And – lo and behold! – in the late 1890s, the Duke of Marlborough, having heard about an incredibly beautiful and intelligent girl, invited her to stay at Blenheim Palace. Gladys arrived and quickly became friends with the Duke’s wife. The unsuspecting Consuelo confided in her new friend, complaining about her not at all ideal marriage, concluded not for love, but for convenience: the duke needed Consuelo’s money to maintain the palace, and her parents dreamed of a title for their daughter.

Blenheim Palace

But even here, on the verge of dreaming, Gladys continued, albeit unwittingly, to charm men. Once the Crown Prince of Prussia Wilhelm visited the Duke’s palace and fell in love with the young beauty. To his father’s dismay, Wilhelm proposed to her and presented her with a ring. The king was furious and ordered his offspring to return home immediately and take the gift with him. The story with the prince leaked to the press, glorifying Gladys throughout the world.

Beauty requires sacrifice

Gladys was well aware of the power of her beauty and she herself could admire herself in the mirror for hours. But, like any woman, she was not ready to put up with some flaws in her appearance. One of them, in her picky gaze, was a small hollow between her forehead and nose. The girl even visited a museum in Rome to measure the distance between eyes and nose on Greco-Roman statues. At twenty-two, she decided on an operation: the paraffin injected into the bridge of the nose was supposed to fill this hole. But the paraffin lumps began to move freely under the skin and moved first to the cheeks, and then to the chin. They say that Gladys ordered to remove all the mirrors from the room, and when she received guests, sitting by the fireplace, she massaged the skin, gently directing the wax that had melted from the heat back to the bridge of her nose. But she was still beautiful, although after an unsuccessful intervention, she became less often in society.

Dreams Come True

The happy moment came in 1906, when the Marlboroughs parted. It would seem that here it is, the dream is very close. But Consuelo did not give her husband a divorce until she arranged her personal life. And Gladys waited, content with the status of a mistress, for fifteen years.

She began to visit the palace of the Duke of Marlborough more often, and with her appearance, obvious changes began to occur in the interior of the palace. So, the features of Gladys are guessed in two sphinxes guarding the stairs between the water terraces. But most importantly, huge eyes appeared on the ceiling of the portico in Blenheim, which were supposed to repeat Gladys’s enchanting look.

And finally, in 1921 in Paris, her teenage dream came true: she became the Duchess of Marlborough.

Unhappy marriage

Gladys was now mistress of Blenheim and mistress of the heart of Lord Marlborough. True, it quickly became clear that the lord was a snob and a bore. And three miscarriages combined with boredom drove Gladys to depression. With nothing to do, she took up breeding Blenheim Spaniels and even succeeded in it. Which infuriated the lord very much, since dozens of dogs could calmly walk around the palace, ruining precious carpets and furniture. Just two years later, the marriage began to fall apart.

Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough.

They say that the Duchess of Marlborough kept a revolver under her pillow – in case her husband looked into her bedroom. In the end, the lord left his wife in a London apartment, leaving her without servants. The duke began spreading rumors about the insanity of his second wife, and then evicted her from the palace. Gladys moved to London and tried to return to secular society, but by that time not a trace remained of her former beauty. And the angry duke cut off the gas, telephone and electricity in the apartment. They did not even have time to divorce: the duke died of cancer, leaving Gladys almost nothing. And she had to disappear.

Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlborough.

Mysterious lady

She bought a small house in the north of Oxfordshire, and then moved to Grange Farm in Chacombe, where she covered the windows with blackout curtains and retired to read. She called herself Mrs. Spencer, after the first part of her husband’s surname, so no one knew who she really was. The Duchess left only late in the evening, so that no one could see her. And her company was only a Pole servant who visited the Duchess every day. The neighbors thought this strange woman was a witch.

By the age of eighty, Gladys had become very weak and completely stopped leaving the house. The nephews who learned about her whereabouts decided that if the strange aunt was placed in a psychiatric clinic, it would be better for everyone. And then, without her knowledge, they removed everything of value from the house. The old edition of Chaucer alone sold for thirty-two thousand pounds.

The unhappy woman spent fifteen years in the clinic, dreaming of only one thing – to return to her home. The only one who constantly visited her was the same Polish servant – he claimed that the duchess still had a sharp mind and did not look like a madman in any way. Gladys died in her sleep in 1977 at the age of ninety-six.

* * *

Gladys Deacon’s biography is a beautiful story with a sad ending. Dreams do not always lead to a happy ending, and beauty sometimes turns out to be destructive. But not everything is so sad. Even being exiled and forgotten, Gladys still remained the mistress of the Blenheim Palace, and beautiful big eyes on the ceiling of the palace follow everything that happens there. And the Duchess once formulated her outlook on life this way: “Solitude is happiness: it allows you to become whoever you want.”… So maybe she was happy in her own way?

Prepared by Oksana Kesh

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Cristiano, Messi, Pelé… Who is really the top scorer in history? | The State

Lately, the controversy over the top professional scorer of all time has ignited public opinion; Several names come into dispute when you have this discussion, but although some may not like it, this brand will belong to one of these two players: Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, it is only a matter of time.

Maybe we thought we would never get into this controversy, it didn’t even seem necessary, but the excellence of two dominant players in recent years have overshadowed the dreams of eternal greatness of some immortal footballers like Pelé and his unattainable goal record, which today is only part of history.

Although the Santos of Brazil is going crazy for proving otherwise, Cristiano Ronaldo already exceeded 757 goals registered by Edson Arantes do Nacimiento and Leo Messi will surely do it too, it’s a matter of time.

Let’s go in parts: the Portuguese scored his goal number 759 as a professional on Sunday against Sassuolo and according to official statistics there is only one player who has done more in all of history, the forgotten scorer: Josef Bican.

Bican scored 762 goals according to some and 805 according to others, depending on the professionalism with which they take their first years with Rapid Vienna Amateur, but it is a fact that either of the two is the brand that CR7 has in mind today.

Pelé, for his part, scored 757 goals, a figure already surpassed by the Portuguese and threatened by the Argentine star of Barcelona, ​​although of course, his club, Santos, will always defend him:

Pelé scored 1,091 goals for Santos. In the accounts of the specialized press, the King of Soccer scored 643 in competitions and 448 goals scored in matches and friendly competitions they were ostracized, as if they had less value than the others “declared the Rio de Janeiro club when Messi surpassed his mark for the most goals scored with the same club.

Another noteworthy player on this list is the magical Romario, who counted himself a thousand goals, but officially they only count 740.

Leo Messi has 718 goals, but two years of age less than Cristiano, so also in the final stretch of their careers sWe will surely witness their last duel for this mythical record.