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Apple Records Most Profitable Quarter in History With Over $ 100 Billion Driven by iPhone 12 Sales | The State

Apple Records Most Profitable Quarter in History with Over $ 100 Billion Driven by iPhone 12 Sales

IPhone sales topped estimates of $ 65 billion.

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Manzana exceeded for the first time $ 100 billion dollars revenue thanks to increased product sales iPhone Y iPad.

The Cupertino company registered its highest quarterly revenue figure in its history since the sales of the new iPhone 12 propelled the company to earn revenue in excess of $ 111.4 billion.

Both the iPads such as Macs computers as well as Apple Watch devices and AirPods outperformed the company’s average performance. Apple benefited from strong demand for products that are useful during the remote work and in the online education.

The income of the iPad they went up to register $ 8,440 million while revenues from Mac computers increased to $ 8,680 million. It is estimated that about half of those who bought a Mac or an iPad during the last quarter of 2020 bought an Apple product for the first time.

The service business also grew, reaching the $ 15,760 million while sales in Apple’s home products and accessories category reached $ 12,970 million.

Demand for iPhones since March was very strong, with even the company seeing inventory limitations due to the pandemic.

Although Apple’s new line of iPhones was only available during the Christmas season, the company continued to grow its smartphone business significantly, recording $ 65.6 billion in sales for the category compared to $ 55,960 million that they registered the previous year. Analysts expected iPhone sales of $ 59,530 million.

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Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, said that operators could continue to benefit from sales of the iPhone, calling it a “win across the board” and forecasting “more competition in the US market in the future.”

The actions of Manzana they tend to rise during the week and month before earnings are reported, but have historically fallen in the week and month after reporting.

This Wednesday the shares of Manzana they were down 2.8% after the results were reported. During the last year the shares of the company they have won 84 percent.

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