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Tips for a perfect Valentine’s Day from a relationship expert

“After speaking with well over 1,500 couples, I truly believe that going out together is much better,” says Dr. Randy Schroeder.
“After speaking with well over 1,500 couples, I truly believe that going out together is much better,” says Dr. Randy Schroeder.

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? In the early years, it was more goat blood than roses

While it might be common knowledge that Americans will spend billions of dollars this Valentine’s Day season celebrating, it is lesser-known how Valentine’s Day actually came about.

How to stay together, according to a relationship scientist

Early on, relationships are easy. Everything is new and exciting. You go on dates, take…

sex problem

This couple had sex 3 times daily for a week and the result …

What happens when a couple has too much sex? To get an answer to this question, a couple had sex 3 times every day for a week and then what happened, read in the following slides to know the answer …

relationship affected by social media

So that social media doesn’t affect your relationship!

There is hardly anyone in today’s running life who is not a social media savvy. In simple words, if you are not active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TickTalk, then you probably will not be considered uptodate. And this social media is also increasingly affecting people’s love life. Previously, where people used to go to sleep after dinner at 10-11 pm, at the same time, both the husband and wife are busy in their phones till midnight. After checking all the platforms on social media, both partners do not have enough energy to focus on each other.

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In this way, the boyfriend’s displeasure will go away, the relationship will never come off

Many times in a relationship, the lover’s mood turns off and resentment ensues. The girls get upset about how she will convince her boyfriend. If you are also troubled in this way, then there is no need to think much. You can remove the anger of your angry partner in a few special ways in an instant. Let’s know special ways to overcome the boyfriend’s displeasure …

love after marriage

If you want to keep a thrill in relationships after marriage, stay away from each other for 5 days

The matter of living together to be happy is now outdated. A study shows that couples who stay away from each other in connection with work, they love each other more and there is always a close relationship between them. They realize this when they meet each other after several days.

sex facts

Thinner men have less SEX than fat men, says study

There are many disadvantages and health hazards of being overweight but it seems a man’s sex life is an exception to this. According to a recent study, overweight men or those with higher BMI have more sex than those who are on the lighter side of the weighing scale.