Women are not any backward in making extramarital Sexual reltions – Report

Infidelity has been accusing men for centuries, but a recent study has revealed that women are not far behind men in matters of extramarital affairs. However, the special thing is that the younger generation is still giving priority to honesty and loyalty in the relationship.

According to a survey in Hamburg, Germany, the trend of extramarital affairs has increased among older women and four out of ten women are involved in it. Based on the survey, psychologist Fasih says that there can be many reasons behind the extramarital affairs of women ranging from emotional to sexual dissatisfaction. He says that most women want to enjoy these relationships by cheating on their husbands, but there are some women who consider it a means to prove themselves equal to men in the name of freedom and gender equality.

Psychologists say that most women in extramarital affairs find what they do not get from their husband or partner i.e. affection, respect and admiration. In India too, such stories are being seen in almost every office.

Over time, the woman’s thinking has also changed. Till yesterday, only the man used to dare to establish a relationship with a woman other than his wife outside the house. For a long time, he has been under the same illusion that he has a monopoly to maintain extramarital affairs, but now if the feelings of the woman are not appreciated, then she too does not hesitate to seek the shoulders of the great man. This great man can also be his old lover, old friend or childhood companion.

It is not that housewives are untouched by this even if their number is still equal to the salt in the lentils. Psychologist Dr. Nalini Deka believes that most of these housewives are also women who have done professional jobs before.

Until two decades ago, to think about such relations was considered a sin. Such a woman was called a kulata in the society, but in the changing times of the channel culture in the changing environment, serials have taken a new initiative in bringing this revolution, in which women now do not hesitate to make extramarital affairs. Sex chatting on the Internet has also contributed to this sudden change in the society.

Men think about such relationships that men prove themselves to be engaged in extramarital affairs and consider the mistress to be a sign of the aristocracy. In this way they feel that women are attracted towards them and want to have a physical relationship with them, whereas the thinking of women is absolutely nauseous. If their partner cheats or hurts them, they turn to the other man for revenge but sometimes in such relationships they start feeling more emotional attachment to the lover than the husband. The reason for this emotional attachment is also hidden in sex.

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From the very beginning, the man has been so concerned that my wife is not right, but on the right of someone else, when the woman realizes that the husband gets what she wants, then she too becomes in such a relationship to beat him. . In such a relationship, it builds in an impulse.

Sex appeal has also increased in women here. Economically self-sufficient women have increased confidence, as well as they have become conscious of themselves. They are also becoming modern in the way of wearing and wearing clothes. She wants to maintain herself even if she is the mother of a child. When a man is attracted to her and is eager to form a relationship, she also becomes a relation as a test. She becomes happy thinking that she still has the ability to attract the great man.

At this time, the addiction of modernity has fallen on people in such a way that they are not missing out on exchanging each other’s wives for fun. They take it as fashion. It has also been seen that women whose husbands are in high rank or are posted in other districts and have three or four servants in the house and children are studying in the hostel, so wives have to work all day But there is nothing left. Then they also resort to the shoulder of strangers to spend time. At that time, even though these relationships may become a reason to relieve tension, but later they cause a lot of trouble.

The survey also reveals the fact that older women tend to wander more for extramarital affairs, but they try their best to hide these relationships so that the marital life is not ruined. The advice of psychologists is also that when indulging in extramarital affairs, one should talk to his partner about this with utmost care. If this is not the case, then a trusted partner should tell about it so that it can be known where the root of the problem lies.

They also say that if you are dissatisfied with your husband or partner and have formed a relationship with another man then talk to the partner or else it can happen again which can prove to be very fatal for your married life. 

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