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According to the survey, couples who are dating indulge into sex in just one month

An online medical consultation service got a study done on interesting topics, how many couples do sex after dating.

Participants from America and Europe took part in this survey and about 50 percent of the people involved in the survey said that they waited for 1 month before getting intimate with their partner. That is, they had sex only after dating the partner for 1 month.

At the same time, 21 percent people waited 6 months before having sex with a dating partner for the first time. The participants in the survey also accepted that how many days they should wait before having sex for the first time and that the stress of their partner did not judge them due to hasty showing, also affected their relationship.

According to experts, if two people want to have sex and they are both adults, then it should be due to mutual understanding between them. The most important word here is concensus. If one of the two partners agrees to have sex first but does not want to have sex at the end of time due to comfortable feeling or for some other reason and withdraws, then do not force him to have sex needed.

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Also, in order to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, it is right to have sex with condoms.

It is known that when people are in a relationship, physical intimacy is developed to show love, love and emotion among them. However, many couples are extremely worried that they will not judge their partner for showing haste before doing the topic of sex discus.

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