Anjana Harish The Lesbian girl who was found dead in Goa, Report

21 year old girl. Was found dead in Goa She was staying there with her friends since March. Investigation is on how he died. But what happened to him before this death was very scary.

What is the whole matter?

Anjana Harish aka Chinnu Sulfikar used to study at Thalassery’s Brennan College. According to the report published in ‘The News Minute’, his death has been recorded under unnatural death. It is being said that he may have committed suicide. In the last few weeks, he has put videos on his Facebook. Told her friends. That his family members were mistreating him. The reason? She was bisexual. That means he liked both boys and girls. Romantically. Physically

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Activists of the LGBTQIA community have started raising questions after Anjana’s death. (Photo courtesy: Anjana’s Facebook page)

According to the report, when Anjana alias Chinnu told her family about her sexual orientation, they took her to the doctor to get her ‘cured’. In her Facebook video, Anjana said that she was taken to two ‘de-addiction’ centers, where it was claimed that her ‘condition’ would be ‘fixed’. For this, she was given a lot of medicines. This is called ‘conversion therapy’. That is, therapy to ‘improve her bisexuality’. When Anjana wanted to keep her point, she was slapped and silenced.

Anjana told in her video how her family harassed her monthly and physically. Anjana pleaded with the doctor to whom she was taken. There is nothing wrong with that. They are fine But even then, he was given drugs.

Anjana’s friend Gargi told.

‘She used to be in the wrestling team. You will not believe how badly those drugs affected his body.

After all this, Anjana disguised to go to Goa with her friends. His family also wrote the missing person’s report. But Anjana wanted to be with her friends.

There is an NGO named ‘Sahyatrika’ in Kerala. Which helps LGBTQIA people. Anjana had also contacted him. According to the report, Ahana, who works with ‘Sahyatrika’, said,

‘When Anjana was forcefully taken to that center, we still interfered in it. Police is not very helpful in this matter. But it happens in most cases. Despite increasing contact with sex and gender minorities, the attitude of the police towards them is mostly hostile ‘.

What does LGBTQIA mean?

Do you live in a girls hostel? Will be sure lesbian, no? Have boys ever tried? If you don’t do it then do it for us.

“Dude, don’t sleep so much. Is the girl there?” Do not work so far away.

You must have heard such things often. Probably among friends, used to get up. Or in the movies.

Why are people afraid of being called gay or lesbian? What are these names? LGBTQIA means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual.

1. Lesbian women / girls who like women / girls. Romantic Physically

2. Gay boys who like boys.

3. Queer those, who are not sure about anything, will like whom. They are eager to experiment with their identity.

4. Bisexuals, who like both boys and girls.

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Pride parades take place in the country, in which there is talk of raising awareness of people of LGBTQIA group. (Indicative picture: Getty Images)

5. Transgender Those who are born with gender do not identify themselves with that gender. That’s why let’s change it. Some undergo surgery for this, take hormone therapy. Determine your journey from girl to boy, or boy to girl.

6. Intersex Those whose bodies do not fit the fixed definition of both genders. Sometimes the qualities of both can also be seen in them. 

7. Asexual people who do not have physical attraction with anyone.

May 17 is a special date. On this day, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Bifobia) is celebrated. But both understanding and knowledge of these identities are still lacking. The treatment of homosexuals is so disgusting that they even take their own lives. Like last year a boy from Chennai committed suicide. Only because he was homosexual and he was bullied for this.

In 2014, the Psychiatric Society of India gave a statement that homosexuality is not a mental illness. In 2018, the Supreme Court of India also excluded it from the category of crime. But still every sexual preference that is not fit in the definition of ‘normal’ is considered wrong. For this reason, many people are never able to come forward and many even take their own lives.

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