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Parents are against love marriage? convince in these ways

Parents are against love marriage? convince in these ways

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There has been a lot of change in Indian society regarding marriage. Now love marriage is becoming as common as the arranged marriage. However, there are still many families, where this type of marriage is not allowed. If your family is also one of them, then we are telling you some tips, which might help you to convince your parents.

If you already know that your parents can object to your decision to make love marriage, then it is better to wait for the right time to inform them. Wait for such situations when your parents are in a good mood and there is no tension in the home environment. During this time, tell them that there is a special in your life, with whom you want to spend your life.

Seek  help- Before telling the parents, seek the help of a relative who is respected in the eyes of your parents or is heavily pampered. Together with him decide how you will keep this information in front of the family and how they will convince them for it. When you go to talk, then take this relative with you, so that if things get worse, he can handle the situation and take your side.

Prove yourself matured –  this point is most important. If the parents are not sure that their daughter or son can take the right decision for themselves, then they will never agree to their choice. It is better to win the trust of your parents and prove that you are a matured person, who is ready to carry on a relationship like marriage. This will happen only when the parents will see some weight in your talk.

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Characterize-  Tell your parents about whom you have decided to make your spouse. From job profile to share information, why is it a perfect choice for you and your family too? If you have an experience in which you are going through a difficult time and during that time your loved one has supported you, then do not forget to share it. This will help the incident parents understand that the one you have chosen will stand firmly with you in every situation.

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Be patient –  do not expect that your parents will agree to things as you say. It is very important to keep patience in this situation. If they refuse, then keep doing the normal react and keeping the same mood, ask them from time to time, ‘Have you changed your opinion about your marriage?’ If you show rebellious attitude, then your parents may agree because of pressure, but after marriage it will be very difficult for them to accept your spouse, which will not be good for the partner.

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