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Britney Spears' Sister Jamie Points to 'Killing Cats' Car Brand Tesla | The State

The little sister of Britney Spears has informed Elon musk that he owes him several cats through a statement published in his stories of Instagram this weekend. Apparently, Jamie lynn He has already lost count of how many of his pets have died “because of” the company’s electric cars, which are characterized by being extremely silent.

Although he has not gone into too many details, the impression that most of his followers have taken is that the animals were run over when they were not aware of the presence of the vehicle.

“I know more important things are happening in the world right now, but someone should tell Elon Musk that Tesla is a cat-killing machine.”, she pointed out in the post she deleted shortly after.

The singer has suggested to the company that it include an annoying noise that scares pets when the engine is started because she knows from experience that these types of tragic accidents result “Devastating” for the people who are involved in them.

“We are going to work together to save the lives of a few cats”, he has suggested to the famous businessman.

Actually, Tesla has been testing different ways of “warn” the presence of their cars on the road, including making a sound “futuristic” when they back down, and both the European Union and the United States have passed new regulations in the last couple of years that specify that newly manufactured electric cars must “make noise” from a certain speed to avoid being run over.

Jamie lynn has partially rectified his initial statements in another publication – also deleted – in which he insisted that he had not run over any kitten, that Tesla He had not committed any negligence and that part of the responsibility for what happened fell on the driver.

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