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In the last months in which so much has been said about the narrow relationship between food and healthWe are all interested in selecting the best food alternatives. And in fact based on this they have arisen countless recommendations and without a doubt carbohydrates are the Food group that most has raised doubts.

However. When we talk about best sources of carbohydrates, one of the most popular discussions is White or brown rice? And in fact we usually relate almost automatically and think about the Integral rice as option “healthier.” And the first thing you should do is that it is a complete food and that in effect is related to extraordinary therapeutic properties, however it is not the only option.

Taking into account that rice It’s one of the staple foods in many cultures and is part of a balance diet, worth it clear up the myth. It happens that with all The experts and nutrition trends talking about the wonders of brown rice, It seems as if white rice he would have become the enemy of the story. AND It is not!

According to expert in intestinal health and nutritionist registered Samina Qureshi, white rice should not be discarded as wrongly considered “unhealthy”, when it comes to a food full of benefits. There are references that indicate that today people will choose brown rice although not be your first choice in an effort to take care of body weight and health.

It is time to realize that all the food in your Natural sources and free processed, provides the body valuable nutrients that satisfy our needs emotional and physical. In such a way that the Integral rice not the healthiest option, just have a nutritional profile different from the White rice.

He Integral rice and white rice are essentially the same, but white rice is has processed for remove outer layers and thus have a longer shelf life and a shorter cooking time. For this simple reason, white rice is lower in fiber than brown rice; for the same reason he is often enriched with vitamins and minerals that can be lost during the grinding process. Know the 5 reasons by which you will love white rice, without a doubt integrate it as part of a balanced and healthy diet It will be a success!

1. White rice is comforting

One of the great qualities of white rice and that does not necessarily have to do with its contribution in specific nutrients, is that it is a incredibly comforting food. In fact, enjoying what we eat is just as important. If we add to this his immense versatility will become an important element in your kitchen, it is the perfect component for all types of cymbals and absorbs all flavors and aromas. It is ideal to accompany curries, salads, skewers, grilled vegetables and in general pretty much anything you can think of.

2. It is gluten free

For people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, on many occasions it is very difficult to find good alternatives of cereals and the good news is that white rice arrived for make life easier for everyone. Does not contain gluten or any of the other compounds possibly troublesome that are part of the three sources main gluten: wheat, barley and rye. No one knows exactly why gluten is causing so many health problems today, though many specialists attribute it to gluten itself being a complex protein and hard to digest for the body. However, white rice is a very hypoallergenic food and does not present any of those problems and is perfectly acceptable in all gluten free diet and one of the better alternatives to pasta.

3. It is of great help to stabilize blood sugar

For some it is very strange that white rice actually useful for controlling the high blood glucose levelse, since in itself it is a starch and has a quite high glycemic index. This last concept is important as it is commonly used to classify the impact of food Over the blood sugar levels and among the most dangerous are: The drinks, fruit juices, sweetened breakfast cereals, the sweets, white bread and yes, white rice. It is well known that in the long term high blood sugar levels, usually result in weight gain and diabetes. However there is something that no one tells us about him glycemic index and it is that it is a measure of how a particular food affects blood sugar it is ingested without other foods. And the key point is that few people consume white rice alone, it is always accompanied by other foods, However it has been proven what consume a controlled portion and steamed can be of great help.

4. It is a good digestive ally

We have heard a lot about whole grains and its health benefits, and of course specifically they are associated with qualities for improve digestion. However what few people know is that whole grains can be difficult for the body to digest, especially if they are not prepared properly. The reason is simple the outer layer of all grains (including brown rice) contains something called phytic acid, What is it considered an antinutrient and can cause digestive problems if it is not neutralized. However, there are many companies dedicated to whole grain processings, which skip the process of neutralizing this acid and the cereals end up being little digestible. However, this is not a problem when we talk about white rice, since the bran is removed. And that is why it is a magnificent ally digestion, since it is digested much easier, it is smoother and it is not associated with inflammation.

5. It is nutritious, rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates

Rice white shines for its content in iron, which is associated with great benefits for fight anemia, chronic fatigue and certain nutritional deficiencies. It also contains good levels of vitamins of group B, which are considered vital are vital, both to help the body to use fat and protein efficiently to maintain digestion, heart, skin, joints and the healthy nervous system and fully operational. Also specifically its content in magnesium makes it a good ally for promote good rest and helps fight Sleep disorders. Last but not least your rich in carbohydrates, makes it a food that contributes high quality power and improves both physical and mental performance.


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