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On Sunday Boca Juniors was proclaimed champion of the Diego Armando Maradona Cup, valid as a first division title in Argentina, and did so by winning 5-3 on penalties over Banfield after a one-goal draw in regulation time.

Carlos Tevez was in charge of scoring the first penalty of the shootout for Boca, and despite the happy outcome for the ‘xeneize’ cause, ‘Apache’ was dejected by his father’s delicate state of health, Second Raimundo Tevez, due to COVID-19 complications.

Unfortunately my old man has no chance. I have to make that repair, explain to my daughters the situation of their grandfather and accompany them at this time that it is very difficult for them, for my mother, for my brothers, for everyone “, revealed Tévez in an interview with ESPN, at the end of the meeting.

Tevez arrived late to San Juan to play the final against Banfield. He asked for permission to stay with his father at this difficult timeEven coach Miguel Ángel Russo had not called him up for the final, to which the “Apache” appeared at the last minute.

Segundo Tevez went through a neck operation and contracted COVID-19 While he was hospitalized, later more complications appeared that have put him in such a delicate situation.

“I lack the hug of my old man but I know this is going to make him happy“Carlos Tevez closed.

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