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These are the side effects of drinking alcohol before and after receiving the COVID vaccine | The State

We have been fighting for months the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and based on this, all kinds of recommendations have come to light to keep the strong immune system, in fact it is considered one of the main prevention measures. The good news is that in recent days vaccine implementation, has become a reality that months ago it seemed far away. In such a way that its application especially in most vulnerable groups and health personnel must be the top priority and that is why renowned doctors and specialists have given themselves the task of analyzing the side effects of the vaccine, especially in relation to the alcohol consumption.

According to information released by Centers of Disease of Control and Prevention (CDC), excessive intake of alcoholic beverages is defined by the following parameters: more than 4 drinks for women and more than five drinks for men, on one occasion. What is relevant is that this harmful habit is directly related to affectations in the immune system.

It has A study of 2015 published in the Alcohol magazine, in which it was found that only one episode of binge drinking increases the inflammation in just a few hours and iinhibits the ability of the body to regulate the immune system and so ceffectively fight infections until days later. Alcohol also increases state of stress in the body, which makes recovery difficult and makes us more likely to get sick.

These are just Some references that make us understand why scientists around the world are being very cautious With respect to consumption of alcoholic beverages before and then to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The first thing we must understand is that it is a crucial moment in which the body is responding to dose and strengthening your defenses against the virus. According information released by Reuters, el last month, a health official in Russia ordered citizens to specify not drinking two weeks before and six weeks after receiving the vaccine Sputnick V.

However, the creator of the vaccine, the Dr. Alexander Gintsburg, hours later published from his official Twitter account that I belived that recommendation was too extreme and that in general the receivers they should not drink for three days before and three days after being vaccinated (regardless of the type of vaccine). “A glass of champagne will not harm anyone, not even your immune system”, also tweeted from the account of Sputnick V last December 9.

The truth is that in each healthcare system the issue has been handled with different shades, such is the case of what happened in UK. As reported Business Insider, a health expert recommended that people limit their alcohol consumption one day before and one day after vaccination.

However, experts in U.S they have handled the issue in a completely different way. William moss, executive director of International Center for Access to Vaccines of the Johns Hopkins University, also stated for the Business Insider platform: “There is no evidence that indicates the effects of having a beer or a glass of wine a couple of days after receiving the vaccine, in such a way that it is not known if it is possible that interfere with the immune response or with protection after the vaccine. In a certain way recommendation is While drink in moderation and consume less than what is considered heavy or excessive, you don’t have to worry too much about your consumption before and after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, if during the pandemic you have been imprisoned increase your alcohol consumption (more than one drink a day for women and more than two for men), this is the perfect time to reconsider alcohol-related habits. In a way, the adverse effects of drinking a lot and regularly are the same as always and are considered equally dangerous for health and welfare. Without a doubt regardless of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 the beginning of the year is the perfect time to propose new health goals and be a lot more aware.


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