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Catherine Zeta-Jones' tender kiss to Michael Douglas, with a quote from William Shakespeare | The State

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas they are still deeply in love. The 76-year-old actor and the 51-year-old actress have been together for two decades, and the flame is apparently still intact. This was demonstrated by the protagonist of ‘Chicago’ through a photo she shared on her Instagram account.

I cannot express any sign of love more tender than this kind kiss, William Shakespeare“Zeta-Jones quoted, next to a postcard in which she can be seen kissing her husband during a sunset in front of the sea.

The couple is coming off celebrating their 20th anniversary last November. It was Michael who shared an audio telling how they met, just after she starred in “The Mask of El Zorro” in 1998, along with Antonio Banderas. “Happy Anniversary my love. I love you always and foreverWrote the actor.

Meanwhile, Catherine shared a video with photos of all the years shared and wrote: “20 years ago, Michael and I were getting married. What an exciting and magical night that was. And 7304.85 days and nights passed and I love you now as I loved you at that time ”.

The couple decided not to celebrate the anniversary due to the coronavirus pandemic, although, according to the actress told People, they don’t like big parties either.


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