How to Squat?

The exercise targets the quadriceps, hamstrings and the glute muscles and helps to strengthen the lower body

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Chrissy Teigen Mimics Cher’s 90s Fitness Video In Sexy Sheer Bodysuit & Curly Wig — Watch

Chrissy Teigen is transporting us back to the 90s by channeling Cher as a fitness instructor, inspired by the singer’s now-viral workout videos.

In the early 1990s, Cher created a series of workout videos called CherFitness, and Chrissy Teigen is bringing them back! The model dressed up as a 90s version of Cher to recreate the fitness videos, and shared her take on it in a series of Instagram clips. For the series, Chrissy wore a sheer, sequined bodysuit, along with a curly black wig, which was pulled back into a messy ponytail.

“It’s 38 minutes of fat-burning fun!” she said in the first clip, while holding a neon green resistance band in her hand. She also hiked up her undergarments, and couldn’t keep a straight face as she started cracking up towards the end. In a second clip, she got down on all fours to shake her backside for a series of movies, and in a third video, she hilariously attempted to use the resistance bands while lying on her back.

It also appears that Chrissy may have had these imitation videos in the arsenal for a bit of time, as she admittedly couldn’t decide when the appropriate time to share them would be. “I honestly have no idea when the right time to post this is,” she wrote. Plus, she followed it up with the comment, “@Cher I love you,” to make sure the singer knew that she was only mimicking her out of pure love!

Cher released two workout videos during her tenure as a fitness guru. The first was CherFitness: A New Attitude in 1991. It featured a 38 minute ‘step workout,’ followed by a 10 minute abs workout and 32 minute segment for hips, bottoms and thighs. This video was followed up by CherFitness Body Confidence, which included a 38 minute ‘hot dance,’ along with 45 minutes of resistance band training. Chrissy was imitating the latter in her series of videos.

The comments section of Chrissy’s clips immediately began filling up with people cracking up at her videos. Many also pointed out that she resembled Janet Jackson and Selena Quintanilla in her get-up. Of course, there were plenty of fans who were also quite confused by the footage, but Chrissy often garners that reaction with her goofy social media activity!

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OnePlus’ first wearable is a budget fitness tracker with two week battery

OnePlus has announced its first fitness tracker, the OnePlus Band, featuring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation monitors, fitness and sleep tracking, and a battery life of up to two weeks. It works with Android at launch but not iOS; OnePlus says compatibility with iPhones will be added later. The OnePlus Band will be available in India starting January 13th for ₹2,499 (around $34), but a global release is yet to be announced.

The OnePlus Band is the company’s latest foray outside of smartphones, which has also included TVs and true wireless headphones. The wearable appears primarily designed for fitness, thanks to its ability to track heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and its support for 13 built in exercise modes. However, it also features sleep tracking and can act as a phone accessory with support for displaying notifications, as well as music playback and camera shutter controls.

The OnePlus Band is available in black, navy, and “tangerine gray.”
Image; OnePlus

In terms of hardware, the OnePlus Band includes a rectangular 1.1-inch OLED display with a resolution of 126×294 and a silicone watch strap. It’s available in black, navy, and “tangerine gray,” and it’s got a dust and water resistance rating of IP68. Its 5ATM rating means it’s water-resistant at a depth up to 50 meters for 10 minutes. Internally there’s a 100mAh battery, which OnePlus says should offer up to two weeks of battery life.

The OnePlus Band is managed via the OnePlus Health app, which is available now for Android, and which OnePlus advertises can analyze health data and be used to set personal fitness goals. However, for the “best experience” OnePlus says you should pair the Band with a OnePlus smartphone. A OnePlus Health app for iOS is due to arrive after the band’s launch.


Healthier 2021: Mark’s Fitness Fell Flat During Quarantine — Now He’s Making a Comeback

2020 was a wild ride. And for many of us, healthy eating, exercise, and self-care habits went flying off the rails.

If you’re feeling ready to get back on track, we’re with you. Three of our editorial team members are making big changes in the New Year, and they’ve offered to take us along for the ride. For the next few weeks, we’ll be following Laura as she ditches her sugar habit and jump-starts her fitness routine, and we’ll be rooting for our dynamic dieting duo, Bill and Mark, as they work hard to drop pounds and improve their health. Here’s to a healthier 2021!

By Mark Spoor

When I started at WebMD a bit more than 5 years ago, I was — let’s just say — a bit off-brand.

I wasn’t very active. I had spent the previous 12 months as a freelance writer and editor at home (where all my food is). Before that, I was in sports media, where they don’t let you eat anything that isn’t fried.

I was heavy and I knew it.

Since I wasn’t feeling great, and I had just started a new job at WebMD, I thought it’d make sense to get a physical, something I hadn’t done in years.

That appointment will forever be known as “my butt kicking.”

I was the heaviest I had ever been (by a good bit) and, as a bonus, I had prediabetes. That first part was bad enough, but the second part scared me straight. After all, I have a wife and a now-teenage daughter. I needed energy. More than that, I’d needed to make sure that I was going to be around for them. So I had to get back on track right away.

I went headlong into fitness. I was in the gym in our office building every weekday morning at 7. I never missed. I was a slave to routine. I’d start with 20-30 minutes of elliptical work, then follow that up with some weights and some core work. I could do all of that, get a good sweat on, and still be at my desk by 8:30. I had no excuses. I cleaned up the diet, too. Very strict on weekdays and a bit more lax (but not crazy) on the weekends.

The work paid off. I was getting compliments at the office and at home, my numbers were going down, and I felt great. What’s more, I was proud of myself for overcoming my health hurdles.

And then came COVID-19.

When we started working from home in March of 2020, we all thought it’d be for a week — 2 weeks tops. So I really wasn’t concerned that I’d get off track. I moved my workouts to the garage and went old-school: push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, planks, and some brisk walks around my neighborhood.

It all sounded good, but some important things were working against me. For one, I wasn’t really getting the cardio workout I needed. The walks weren’t enough, and I dislike running. Like, really dislike it.

Did I mention that I don’t like to run?

What’s worse, all my food was just a few steps away. Again, I thought it’d only be a week or two, so I thought a few snacks here and there wouldn’t matter.

Before long, the snacks became a habit, and the workouts weren’t as strong as they needed to be, so the numbers went back up. They aren’t as high as they were. My “thin clothes” still fit (albeit a bit differently), but I can tell a change, so frustration and disappointment have set in.

Hence, I start Round 2.

For Christmas, my wife bought me an exercise bike and a Peloton membership. I’ve worked on them for about a week. The sweat is back, but the food is still there, as is the stress of needing to turn things around, to say nothing of the COVID stress.

I need accountability. That’s where you guys — and this weekly blog — come in.

Each week, I’ll share what’s been going on in my journey of redemption. My friends Bill Kimm and Laura Downey will share their stories, too. In fact, as the weeks go on, you’ll probably read Bill and I engaging in some friendly trash talking. We’ve been friends for years and it’s just what guys do, particularly guys who worked in sports together.

One of the doctors here at WebMD, who’s actually a weight loss specialist, is gonna give me some pointers along the way, too.

We’ll all keep each other honest, and hopefully motivate you to take the journey with us.

Let’s get after it!

Mark Spoor is a senior health editor with WebMD. He spent more than 2 decades in sports media, working with groups like the NCAA, NASCAR, and the PGA TOUR. Most weekends, you can find him and his wife, Chris, cheering on their daughter’s softball team. 

While Mark has spent a lot of time with athletes, he’s not one, so fitness has always been a bit of a challenge. He hopes this endeavor will help him get a little closer to winning that battle.

You can follow Mark on Twitter @markspoor.


WebMD Feature

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Davina McCall says goals have ‘changed from looking hot to staying alive’

Davina McCall has said she is no longer looking at “making myself look hot in a bikini” and will concentrate on “staying alive longer”.

The 52-year-old Masked Singer panellist has said that her fitness goals have changed over the course of the pandemic and she has a new appreciation for things she has missed, and is looking forward to returning to, when restrictions are lifted.

Speaking to Women’s Health UK, Davina said: “My 2021 goal is just to really try and enjoy and let myself go and let loose when we can because when you have your liberty taken from you, it makes you realise how little you make of your liberty when you have it, and how much I have taken my liberty for granted…

“I want to go out, I want to meet up with friends, I want to have tons of dinner parties, I want to cook food, I want to have loads of people in my house, I want to have parties, I want to go out clubbing, I want to listen to music, I want to go to festivals… I want to do it all, because I never took advantage of all those things when they were right there and now they’ve gone!”

Davina McCall shows off her toned abs before saying her fitness goals have changed

Discussing what being fit and healthy means to her, she said: “Previously, my ‘keeping fit and healthy’ was all about my body and making myself look hot in a bikini… and actually now it’s just about staying alive longer and being in the best possible position to beat anything should it come my way.

“A lot has been said about health and fitness for your mental health this year, and we all know that it really makes an enormous difference.”

Davina McCall says “staying aiive” is the most important mindset now

She said she is so committed to squeezing exercise into her day she will even do it at night, adding: “The other night I exercised at 9.30 at night… I’m just trying to squeeze in a workout on my fitness platform, Own Your Goals, between cleaning the house, doing a ton of laundry, cooking and everything else.”

*McCall will host a free home workout as part of the Women’s Health Weekenders on the Women’s Health UK YouTube channel at 9am on January 9.

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Best activewear ranges from John Lewis, Boohoo, Hush, ASOS and more

Ready to start 2021 in the best way possible? If you’re planning on improving your fitness goals or just ready to invest in some new activewear so you’ll at least look the part, we have you covered. Literally.

Whether you’re into running, doing some yoga, a HIIT class at home, or just going on a walk – to and from the supermarket, we’ve picked just some of the most gorgeous activewear on sale to help you kick start the new year right.

After scouring the internet and various websites, we’ve found the best fitness ranges and activewear out there – so you don’t have to. From John Lewis to Boohoo, Boux Avenue to ASOS and more.

ASOS have a huge range of actiwear available on their website right now

If you have any 2021 goals or have your eye on an item we’ve picked out, why not let us know in the comments box?

Below are just some of the pieces we can’t wait to have in our wardrobe.


ASOS fitness campaign image
ASOS have a whole range of fitness gear, perfect for any fitness goals you have this 2021

Shop the ASOS’ fitness range, here.

John Lewis & Partners

Sweaty Betty activewear
John Lewis & Partners have a wide range of activewear

Shop John Lewis & Partners’ fitness range, here.

Marks and Spencer

M&S Goodmove activewear
M&S launch their second drop of Goodmove for 2021

Shop Marks and Spencer’s fitness range, here.


Denise Lewis wearing Next
Denise Lewis looks amazing in Next’s new fitness campaign

Shop Next’s fitness range, here.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal campaign image
Nasty Gal have something for everyone in their activewear range

Shop Nasty Gal’s fitness collection, here.


Hush activewear range campaign image
There are so many gorgeous pieces available from Hush

Shop all of the activewear from Hush, here.


Boohoo 2021 fitness campaign image
Boohoo’s activewear is here to help you look the part at least!

Shop the rest of Boohoo’s activewear, here.

Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue activewear
Boux Avenue’s new activewear collection has something for everyone

Shop Boux Avenue’s activewear, here.




MissPap image
MissPap’s athleisure range looks just as good in and out of the gym

Shop MissPap’s full collection, here.

Have you seen anything you like above? Or fancy treating yourself to anything in particular? Let us know in the comments below.

Tech News

Lava Launches BeFIT Fitness Band and Zup Phone Upgrade Programme

Lava BeFIT fitness band has been launched in India. The company held a virtual event on Thursday where it also unveiled new smartphones in its Z series, a customisable phone, and a smartphone upgrade programme. The BeFIT band from Lava is the company’s first smart band and it allows you to keep a track of daily activity, monitor body temperature, heart rate, and more. Lava BeFIT has a colour display with a single touch sensitive button. The smartphone upgrade plan, called Zup, allows users to upgrade the RAM and storage of their phones within the first year of purchase.

Lava BeFIT fitness band price in India, availability

The Lava BeFIT fitness band is priced at Rs. 2,699 and will be available for purchase from Amazon, Lava website, and offline stores from January 26. It comes in a single black colour option.

Lava BeFIT fitness band specifications

Lava BeFIT comes with a small colour display with a touch sensitive button at the bottom. It has all-day activity tracking and several features to track and maintain good health including temperature, hear rate, and SpO2 monitoring. It has an auto sleep mode as well. Being a smart band, the Lava BeFIT can relay your phone’s notifications including SMS, emails, and social media alerts. The Lava BeFIT also features GPS tracking, sedentary reminders, vibration alerts, run plans, and water resistance. The company has not shared information on the battery life yet.

Lava Zup upgrade programme

Along with the Lava BeFIT fitness band, the company unveiled its Z series smartphones including Lava Z1, Lava Z2, Lava Z4, and Lava Z6. As mentioned, Lava has also introduced the Zup programme that will allow you to upgrade the RAM and storage of the phones within the first year of purchase. Lava shared that customers can pay Rs. 1,949 to upgrade their phones from a 2GB + 32GB configuration to a 4GB + 64GB configuration. This upgrade plan is valid for Lava Z2, Lava Z4, Lava Z6, and myZ customisable phone models. The Zup programme will also be available from January 26.

To upgrade their phone, customers can pre-book their appointment at a service centre and get on-the-spot upgrade. The upgrades are limited to RAM and storage only. Lava says there will be no data loss during the upgrade process and the company will take care of your data. The warranty of the phone will be linked to the phone itself and not the upgraded components. Customers can also upgrade to any level they want, but will not be able to downgrade.

What will be the most exciting tech launch of 2021? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below.


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Arsenal issue updates on Gabriel and Partey ahead of Newcastle FA Cup clash

Thomas Partey could make his Arsenal comeback against Newcastle in the FA Cup on Saturday after recovering from a thigh injury.

Partey has been out of action since December 6 when he was forced off in the north London derby defeat to Tottenham.

The Gunners have enjoyed a return to form without their star midfielder and will be hoping that continues as they host Steve Bruce’s side at the Emirates on Saturday evening.

On Partey, Arsenal said: “Thomas is now back in full training with the squad after recovering from an injury to his left thigh.

“Thomas will continue to work hard to establish match fitness after being out of action for a month. He will be assessed regarding his availability ahead of Saturday’s match.”

Partey could make his return to action against Newcastle

Arsenal will be without Gabriel following a positive test for Covid-19.

The defender hasn’t played since the defeat by Manchester City in the Carabao Cup on December 22 and will continue to follow coronavirus protocols.

“Gabriel previously tested positive for Covid-19,” Arsenal said. “He is feeling well and is showing no signs of illness.

Gabriel tested positive for Covid-19
Gabriel tested positive for Covid-19

“Only on the successful completion of the necessary protocols and medical checks in the coming days will Gabriel be able to return to full training with the squad.

“As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for Covid-19.”

Arsenal have won their last three games, picking up nine Premier League points against Chelsea, Brighton and West Brom.

They begin their defence of the FA Cup against Newcastle having won the competition for a record 14th time last season, beating Chelsea in the final on August 1.

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Amazon’s capable Halo fitness tracker is 25 percent off

If you’re feeling swept up in New Year’s resolutions for getting fit and want a device that’s going to hold you accountable to meet your goals, Amazon’s Halo tracker is $25 off its usual $100 price. All sizes and colors are the same price. The Halo was actually about $10 cheaper when it first launched, but this is the next-best deal. In case you don’t know much about this product, it’s a tracker that can monitor more granular metrics than most fitness devices, like the tone of your voice and a general approximation of how much overall body fat you have.

To get all of the features Halo offers, you’ll need a subscription. You’ll get six months for free with purchase. After that, it’s $3.99 per month if you want to continue. If not, then the Halo will just track sleep, heart rate, and step tracking.

Amazon Halo

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker keep tabs on the usual set of metrics (heart rate, sleep, and step tracking), but with a paid subscription, it can track the tone of your voice and provide a read-out of your body fat levels.

Aukey 10W wireless charger

Aukey is offering a limited time deal on one of its wireless charging stands that has multiple coils, simultaneously supporting a phone (oriented vertically or horizontally) and, say, a set of wireless earbuds like AirPods or Galaxy Buds Live resting around the back of it. By clipping the on-page coupon that knocks 5 percent off the cost and applying the 35 percent of extra savings (click the “1 Applicable Promotion” drop-down to redeem), this charger drops down in price to just over $16 before tax.

A few things worth noting are that this wireless charger doesn’t include a power brick, so you’ll have to supply your own. Also, it tops out at 10W of charging speed for most Android phones, while iPhones (aside from the iPhone 12 mini since its coil doesn’t align properly, says Aukey) that support Qi charging will charge at 7.5W, and Pixel phones and AirPods max out at 5W. Basically, get this to keep your devices topped up throughout the day, not to quickly recharge things before leaving the house.

This deal lasts until January 12th at 2:59AM ET.

Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is an affordable 5G-ready phone with a 90Hz refresh rate display that, according to The Verge’s Allison Johnson, could be worth the money for you. It’s available starting on Friday in the US, and on launch day, you’ll be able to get the OnePlus Buds Z wireless earbuds for free with purchase. That’s a lot of tech for $300 before tax. You can sign up to be notified by OnePlus directly once the phone is available for purchase.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

Prices taken at time of publishing.

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is a $299 5G-ready phone that has a 90Hz refresh rate display. Unlike other OnePlus phones, it has an LCD screen instead of OLED, but it’s a solid value considering the price.

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Fitness influencer Cheyann Shaw loses ovarian cancer battle aged 27

Cheyann Shaw has died aged 27 after losing her battle with stage four ovarian cancer.

The tragic news was shared on the fitness influencer’s Instagram account on Monday, as her family said she was “called to heaven.”

A long statement was issued in the caption of the post by her family, which accompanied of photo of Cheyann beaming a smile while sat in a field.

The caption began: “With heavy hearts, we are sad to announce that our beautiful girl Cheyann has been called home to heaven.”

Her mother added: “My heart is breaking today, our baby girl lost her long battle with ovarian cancer. She fought until the bitter end. She is a true warrior and survivor.”

Cheyann Shaw’s family have said the fitness influencer was ‘called to heaven’

Cheyann’s mother added: “She is a true warrior and survivor. She will be truly missed and will forever be in my heart.”

The family thanked Cheyann’s fans for their support: “Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the years.

“If there’s one thing Cheyann taught us is that no matter what battles we face, we can always find a reason to smile through them.”

Cheyann Shaw has shown great strength in her battle

The social media star had battled cancer for four years after she was first diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in 2016.

After undergoing chemotherapy, Cheyann had a number of operations in which she had her spleen, appendix and uterus removed as well as part of her colon.

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