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2 Actresses Were Seen Relishing Indori Chaat At Chhappan Dukaan Indore

Some recognized and took selfie, both have come to Indore in connection with the film shoot.

Indore. Shooting of 3 big projects is going on in Indore since last 15 days. In this connection, two actresses who came to Indore were seen relishing Indori Chaat at 56 shop last evening. Many people recognized one actress and also took selfie, while many people could not recognize both the actresses.

Actress Sunita Rajwar, who has made a new identity with the web series ‘Panchayat’ and ‘Gullak’, has come to Indore 2 days ago for the shooting of a feature film going on at Emerald Heights School. The shooting of this film is going on since last 15 days, for which actress Geeta Agarwal is also in the city. Both the actresses along with one of their companions were seen relishing Indori Chaat at Chhappan shop last evening. Though both the actresses were walking around 56 Dukaan so casually that many people could not recognize them, but many youths recognized them by the name of their ‘Gullak’ character of Sunita Rajwar and took selfies. Both the actresses posed for selfies and photos with everyone.

First outing & had a lot of fun

Sunita Rajwar told that she came just 2 days ago in connection with the shooting, but Geeta Agarwal is in Indore since last 15 days.She added that they Had heard a lot of praise for 56 shop, after which they came here today after shooting. Both of them will remain in Indore for the next 15 days for the shooting of the film. Uttara Singh is directing this feature film. Both the actresses took many photos along with making videos of 56 shop.

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