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WhatsApp ‘Message Yourself’ Feature: Can I text myself in WhatsApp?

In its most recent update, WhatsApp added a new feature called ‘Message Yourself’ that allows you to communicate with yourself just like you would with anyone else.

The feature was initially in beta, but it is now accessible to iOS and Android users. The new feature is very useful because it allows you to send notes, reminders, and updates to just yourself. In addition to this, you can send yourself direct photo, video, audio, and document sharing from the gallery or file manager on your phone.

How can I chat with myself on WhatsApp?

The new Message Yourself feature allows you to do the same. To use the feature, you are required to follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device
  • Click/tap on the new chat option
  • Further, you will see your contact at the top of the contact list
  • Tap/click on it and start messaging yourself

Why can’t I message myself on WhatsApp?

With the new ‘Message Yourself’ feature, you can send messages, photos, contacts, and more to yourself. However, if you are not able to do the same then you must update WhatsApp to the latest version in order to access the feature.

How is the WhatsApp ‘Message Yourself’ feature useful?

The ‘Message Yourself’ feature in WhatsApp is very helpful. With the new feature, you can take notes and set reminders directly in your own WhatsApp chat. Furthermore, you can now simply forward any important messages or files that are shared with you on WhatsApp and that you will need in the future for yourself.

What happens if I message myself on WhatsApp?

You being the sender and receiver of the conversation, the messages will appear on the chat window with blue ticks, that you share.

Can I share photos or videos through the WhatsApp Message Yourself feature?

Yes, you can share photos, videos, documents, location, and contact with the help of the ‘Message Yourself’ feature on WhatsApp.

Can I use the ‘Message Yourself’ feature on WhatsApp Web?

Yes, the ‘Message Yourself’ feature is available for both WhatsApp mobile and WhatsApp web.

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