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Joy Behar Reveals Why She ‘Doesn’t Like’ Hosting ‘The View’ Virtually After Meghan McCain Fight

Hosting ‘The View’ from home with no room for in-person banter isn’t Joy Behar’s cup of tea, she revealed on the latest episode of Michael Cohen’s podcast.

It’s been nearly a year since all of The View co-hosts were sitting at the same Hot Topics table, and Joy Behar‘s really had enough. The comedian, one of the original hosts of the Emmy-winning talk show, lamented about how broadcasting alone, from home, just isn’t the same as in-person “banter” — especially when it comes to disagreements with Meghan McCain.

“You know, it’s not really easy to do the show when I’m sitting in a room in my house, and I can’t have a conversation with anybody because they can’t hear me. And I have to raise my hand, and somebody sees that I want to say something. And then maybe they’ll come back to me,” Joy explained on the January 29 episode of Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen, hosted by former President Donald Trump‘s ex-lawyer. “It’s not the usual kind of show that it used to be, where you had bantering going on.”

Michael coaxed her, asking if she wanted to “lower the temperature” on the show while talking about politics, especially after her spat with Meghan in the beginning of January. It was Meghan’s first day back from maternity leave, and they immediately got to sparring like usual about politics. Meghan jokingly said that Joy “missed” their arguments while she was gone. “I didn’t miss you at all,” Joy flatly responded.

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain on The View (ABC)

“I don’t like this format, I think it’s very restrictive and hard to do. But it’s what we have at the moment,” Joy told Michael. And as far as Meghan and I are concerned, we totally disagree politically. But she loves Joe Biden, and she claims she didn’t vote for Trump, so we can meet over that point. It’s a job. It’s my job. I could be sitting there with Joseph Stalin and I guess I’d have to deal with it.”

Meghan responded to Joy’s comments after the dramatic incident on the January 11 episode of Watch What Happens Live. “So it’s been such a rough reentry back into The View,” Meghan told host Andy Cohen. “And I will say, I missed everyone. Even if some people didn’t miss me, I miss the show. We’re a family… Whether we like it or not, I’m not going anywhere on the show, Joy’s not going anywhere on the show. We all have to live and co-exist together.”

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