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Two IRS Providers Will Offer a Spanish Application to Prepare Your Tax Return and Receive Your Second Stimulus Check | The State

Two IRS providers will offer an application in Spanish to prepare your tax return and receive your second stimulus check

The IRS said it is safe to use vendor tools to file taxes.

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If you have not received your second stimulus check or if you never received the first one, you will have to submit a tax return to get your money.

Friday the Internal rents service (IRS) opened the free tool Free File for taxpayers to do their tax preparation online and they can claim the credit that will help them get their payment. He Free File of the IRS It will be available to any taxpayer or family who earned $ 72,000 or less in 2020.

As long as the site remains open, the IRS will not accept electronic returns until February 12, so it may take longer to program and test the system to handle the credits applied to the second stimulus chee payment, the federal agency said.

He IRS reported that the main tax software providers have made their products available to taxpayers online for free as for 19 years. There are nine products in English and two of them in spanish. Last year more than 4 million people used the products for free to file your tax return.

“Suppliers of the Free File The IRS will accept completed tax returns and hold them until they can be electronically filed once the IRS begins processing the returns, ”the IRS said. “The forms of free declaration, the electronic version of IRS paper forms, will also be available when filing season begins. This product is the best for people who feel comfortable preparing their taxes safely ”.

To sign up for Free File, you will need to go to the IRS.gov/FreeFile website. Use the tool “Free File Online Look up”For help in finding the right product or review each of the suppliers’ products using the“Browse All Offers“. Then you must select one of the products and follow the links to begin.

If you do not have a computer, the tax preparation tools They will also be available via mobile phones.

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This is the list of IRS tax providers:

This year two of the suppliers of the IRS will have their products available in Spanish:

Remember that not all providers offer state tax filing service for free, so be sure to check the additional costs.

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