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Donald Trump's latest blow to the environment | The State

Donald Trump's latest blow to the environment

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Steven Chase / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Getty Images

Donald Trump sealed his environmental legacy with another decision that will affect wildlife in Alaska.

The government signed the contracts for the exploitation of oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is how Trump fulfills his objectives of granting exploitation rights in Northeast Alaska.

The announcement was made by the Land Management Bureau. Leases were announced for exploitation of nine sites in an area of ​​more than 430,000 acres.

The state of Alaska will exploit seven of the lands. The remaining two fell into the hands of two companies.

President-elect Joe Biden, who opposes the soil drilling, you will not be able to reverse the contracts as it exposes the federal government to lawsuits. However, environmental groups have already demanded the exploitation in Alaska, and wait for failures.

This Tuesday, environmental groups they also sued the federal government for removing protections for migratory birds.

Trump’s presidency will be remembered for his constant denial of climate change, something he called a “China farce.”


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