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She is dissatisfied: Sarah Kohan asked for a divorce from "Chicharito" Hernández and he does not want to separate | The State

She is dissatisfied: Sarah Kohan asked for a divorce from “Chicharito” Hernández and he does not want to separate

Javier Hernández hopes that his wife will give him a new opportunity.

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Things are not good among the all-time top scorer del Tri and his wife Sarah Kohan. After many rumors about a possible separation, a source close to the player confirmed to TV Notes that The model asked “Chicharito” Hernández for a divorce and that he does not want to separate.

This Tuesday, the publication revealed a conversation with someone close to the Chivas youth squad, in which several details were revealed about the worn-out love relationship between Javier Hernández and the Australian model Sarah Kohan, who at the moment She is in her native Australia, a place to which she preferred to escape for a few days rather than continue living with her husband at this critical moment.

“After the birth of their second baby, the relationship fell apart. Sarah has a very ugly character and was very rude to Javier. When she was pregnant she said it was because of hormones, but the reality is that she was always the dominant“He explained to the Mexican publication.

She already asked for a divorce and not satisfied with that, she warned him that she would ask for a millionaire pension. He told her he would go back to Australia and take his children with them, but Javier objects. Sarah decided to go to her country of origin for a few days to put land in between, “he added.

According to the source, the most affected with this situation is “Chicharito”, who is really hurt by the possible breakup and tries to hide it, as you don’t want it to appear that this is the cause of your poor on-court performance.

“He shows himself strong and happy, despite the fact that his performance with the team has not been the best. He does not want to be fired or said that it is not working due to personal problems, but the reality is different. He is very bad, imagine, and not for the money, but for his children which are his main worship. In addition, he is so dependent on Sarah that he says he cannot live without her, “said the source.

Finally, Hernández hopes that the Australian will change her mind upon her return and want to try to save the relationship.

“He asked her to fight for her family and they continued like that, but she started posting messages on Instagram showing that she no longer wanted to be with him. He is very sad, deep down. Trust that when Sarah returns from Australia, she has changed her mind and at least they will try ”, he concluded.


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