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The truth that you did not know about box wine | The State

Boxed wine is not always taken seriously. By having a lower cost it often suffers from a stigma that it is of low quality or “not good enough”, but the reality may be different. It is possible to find a premium wine in a box.

Boxed wine has several advantages and few disadvantages.

1. There are good quality boxed wines

The bottles can be more beautiful, but It is not a rule that there is always a good wine in there. As WineFolly points out, there is no rule that says you can’t put premium wine in a box.

So-called premium boxed wines, which tend to be sold in three-liter cases, have won over numerous wine critics, with some comparing favorably to bottled wine, according to The New York Times.

“Once we get quality fruit, the winemaking process and aging properly (the wine) in stainless steel or with oak, is exactly the same as it would be for any bottle counterpart“, They pointed out at the time to Thrillist, suppliers of Black Box wine.

2. Lower cost

One of the main reasons why box wine has a lower cost has to do with the savings in the materials of its packaging, there is no glass, corks or foils.

The plastic bags inside wine boxes are often vacuum sealed, and the boxes are made of cardboard. It is more efficient to produce and transport packaging for boxed wine compared to glass used for bottles. Trucks can pack twice as much wine as those with bottles.

Does plastic put you off? Plastic suitable for food use, non-toxic and that does not influence the taste of the wine is used. Most refrigerated foods are stored in plastic.

3. Stays fresh for weeks

Wine in open box it can last in refrigeration for two to four weeks or more, Wine Folly bets for up to eight weeks. Instead, for a better taste, a bottle of wine should be taken between three and seven days after opening the bottle.

Light is the enemy of good wine and boxes do not allow light penetration. Plus your tap better protects it from air intake.

4. Respectful with the environment

Making cardboard boxes requires less energy than glass bottles. The boxes are recyclable and biodegradable.

5. It is easier to store

The cardboard used to contain the drink is not fragile and is less likely to break. It is very practical to take it to different places. Due to its geometric shape it is easier to pack, transport and store.

6. Without cork

You won’t have to worry about a smell of cork in your wine, that your wine air out nor will you need a corkscrew.

7. Ideal for parties

Wine boxes are ideal for parties. A box can hold about four times more wine than bottles, it’s more easy to transport and the cost is lower. Your guests they probably don’t even know it’s box wine.

Some wine brands that make blind tastings, (they provide carafes to serve) and serve the wine without first mentioning that it had come out of a box, they have had great success in comments on the drink. The guests are surprised after the revelation.


Unlike bottled wine, boxed wines they don’t get better with time. Boxed wine lasts from six to eight months unopened, in the case of whites and from ten to thirteen months for reds, some for up to two years.

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