Healthier 2021: Laura's Got Her Mojo Back!


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By Laura J. Downey

Whew! I made it past my birthday week. People told me that calories don’t count on your birthday, so I took the liberty to indulge a smidgen on that day. But the following day and the rest of the week, it was back to business for me. I stayed on track with my goals and refused to let anything get in my way.

For my birthday, I treated myself to a stay at a nice hotel. Before I hit the spa, I changed into my gym clothes and jumped on a Peloton bike. (Maybe I can challenge my colleague and fellow Peloton app user, Mark Spoor, to a friendly competition next month!) When I was finished, I walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes. On last year’s birthday getaway, I most certainly did not use the gym on my special day, so I consider this progress.

And when it was time for dinner, I ordered salmon, Brussels sprouts, truffled whipped potatoes, and lobster macaroni and cheese. I didn’t stuff my face and stopped eating when I felt full. The waiter asked me if I wanted dessert; I said no because I savored a mini red velvet cake in my hotel room earlier, and I did not want to overdo it. Normally, I would have said yes to dessert even if I just had sweets a few hours earlier. I see this as more progress, too.

The next morning when I ordered room service, I was intentional about my food choices. Instead of getting my usual waffle with a side of bacon, scrambled eggs topped with cheese, wheat toast and jam, I opted for an egg white omelet with a side salad to replace the home fries. Another small victory in my book.

Later in the week, I got together with a few of my sorority sisters for an intimate chef-prepared dinner. After our temperatures were checked at the door, I headed straight for the appetizers and filled my plate with salad. I steered clear of the cheese tray and was looking forward to eating the pan-seared red snapper, garlic French green beans, and roasted herb potatoes. More progress, right?

I will admit, some nights I struggled wanting to eat more because that’s the time I usually crave additional sugar. But I stayed strong and put my retainer in my mouth. (That’s one of the tricks I use to stop overeating.)

During the week, I continued running 3 minutes straight on the treadmill. There were a couple of days that I ran up to 5 minutes straight, and in those exact moments, I felt like I was getting my mojo back.

Every choice I made was intentional. Whether it was taking the stairs instead of the escalator or buying grapes and apples instead of chips, I chose to be a better me. And honestly, I like how I’m feeling on the inside. Because when I make unhealthy food choices, I usually feel physically and mentally weighed down. So I’m going to do my best to stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize.    

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