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Naked man was electrocuted to death after pushing another onto the subway tracks in New York | The State

Naked man was electrocuted to death after pushing another onto New York subway tracks

Unbridled violence in the NYC Subway


Malik Jackson died after falling naked to the subway rails after pushing another passenger at a station in Harlem (NYC).

The passenger pushed by Jackson (35) survived, but then he was electrocuted during a fight with Tyler Horrell (55), a Good Samaritan who resulted with minor injuries, the NYPD reported.

The new episode of subway violence occurred because Jackson he had not taken his medications, his mother Ethel Trammell lamented. In statements to New York Post, He insisted that his son was not an aggressive person and that he would typically have been a hero, not a villain.

The “unhinged and naked” man had been wandering around Station 2/3 at 110th St and Central Park North when he pushed a passenger around 3:40 p.m. of Saturday. Horrell stepped in to help, jumping onto the rails, and ended up fighting Jackson, who also took to the tracks. During the fight, the attacker made contact with the third lane and was electrocuted. He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after, police said.

A train was entering the station at the time, but did not make contact with the two passengers assaulted by Jackson, who were later taken to St. Luke’s Hospital with minor injuries.

Trammell said Jackson was diagnosed with psychosis when he was a teenager and started hearing voices, becoming paranoid. He added that his son was seen affected by the pandemic, which appeared to have wiped out the social services he has been receiving. He had 23 prior arrests, but none since 2015.

At least four people have been pushed onto the NYC Subway tracks since November; miraculously, they had all survived. The violence and “mental health crisis” that the city is experiencing are wreaking havoc on the transportation system, recently denounced the city’s transit chief (NYC Transit), Sarah Feinberg, in a new letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio.


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