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The terrible illness Allison Lozz faces and the time she has left to completely lose her sight | The State

Years ago Allisson lozz he withdrew from the spotlight. From one moment to another he decided to leave the stage, get married, have daughters and dedicate himself full time to his family, but he returned to the public eye after revealing through social networks that he suffers from a rare disease.

Thanks to the fact that he maintains interaction with his fans, it is with them that he went to tell that he is dealing with overweight problems, something he is working on and the results have been given. However, because it has hypothyroidism it is difficult for him to support himself.

“It’s a side effect, I have hypothyroidism, I struggle a lot with it, so I’m happy,” shared Allison.

But hypothyroidism is not the only health problem she faces, as she also confessed that she could go blind and an operation is not a guarantee that she will recover her vision completely. The specialists who treated her told her that when she reaches 30 years old, she may suffer total loss of sight.

Unfortunately this prognosis would occur in the next two years, since Allison is now 28, although she does not lose hope that medical science will soon advance and give her a better quality of life due to both diseases.

Despite all the bad things that the former actress has suffered, this has not been an impediment to her success, because the achievements she has made as a businesswoman and as a mother have given her a full life that she would never change for acting.

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