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The terrible illness Allison Lozz faces and the time she has left to completely lose her sight | The State

Years ago Allisson lozz he withdrew from the spotlight. From one moment to another he decided to leave the stage, get married, have daughters and dedicate himself full time to his family, but he returned to the public eye after revealing through social networks that he suffers from a rare disease.

Thanks to the fact that he maintains interaction with his fans, it is with them that he went to tell that he is dealing with overweight problems, something he is working on and the results have been given. However, because it has hypothyroidism it is difficult for him to support himself.

“It’s a side effect, I have hypothyroidism, I struggle a lot with it, so I’m happy,” shared Allison.

But hypothyroidism is not the only health problem she faces, as she also confessed that she could go blind and an operation is not a guarantee that she will recover her vision completely. The specialists who treated her told her that when she reaches 30 years old, she may suffer total loss of sight.

Unfortunately this prognosis would occur in the next two years, since Allison is now 28, although she does not lose hope that medical science will soon advance and give her a better quality of life due to both diseases.

Despite all the bad things that the former actress has suffered, this has not been an impediment to her success, because the achievements she has made as a businesswoman and as a mother have given her a full life that she would never change for acting.

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Actor of “Saved by the Bell”, after a terrible body ache, discovers that he has cancer | The State

Dustin Diamond.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Dustin Diamond, who played Screech in the popular television series “Saved by the Bell” (“Saved by the Bell”) He is hospitalized in Florida (USA), according to specialized media reported this Tuesday.

Diamond, 44, was admitted to a hospital for the weekend of this state after feeling pain throughout his body and general discomfort, according to the specialized media TMZ, which added that his environment is concerned that it may be some type of cancer.

The actor’s representative confirmed to the Hollywood Life media that the interpreter is hospitalized and pointed out that “at this point they are doing more tests to determine” the diagnosis.

According to TMZ, among the several tests that Diamond has undergone is a biopsy.

He explained that the concern that he suffers from some type of cancer is due to the fact that his family has a history in this regard, including his mother who died of breast cancer.

The interpreter, who played the character Samuel “Screech” Powers, is part of the original cast of the popular 1990s series “Saved by the Bell”, which ran for 4 seasons, and was part of the spin-off “Saved by the Bell: The College Years “(” Saved by the Bell: The College Years “)

Diamond was the only member of the original cast who was not called in for the relaunch of the series last year via the Peacock platform, although the other actors noted that the door was open.

After the end of the series, his personal life has gone through some ups and downs. In 2015, he was sentenced to four months in prison for an altercation in Wisconsin involving a stabbing. and five years earlier he had faced difficulties with his mortgage payment.

In 2009, he published a biography, “Behind the Bell,” in which he did not paint a friendly portrait of his former co-stars, which he would later regret, as he confessed in 2016 in an interview he gave Mario López, who was precisely part of the show.

Diamond confessed to his former partner that the book was written by someone else who interviewed him and then he fabricated many of the allegations made in the publication that had to do with drugs and sex.

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The United States Reaches Another Terrible Milestone: 350,000 COVID-19 Deaths | The State

The United States arrived this Saturday at 20,427,780 confirmed cases and the number of 350,196 deaths from covid-19, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

The grim number occurs when a new variant of the coronavirus is spreading to dozens of countries.

The variant of the coronavirus was first detected last month in the UK and has now spread to dozens of countries, likely transmitted by infected people who traveled the world and unknowingly brought the microscopic invaders with them.

The variant is now found in dozens of countries, including the United States, where it has infected people in Colorado, California and Florida.

On Friday 1st. January, the milestone of more than 20 million cases was reached, which implies that the number of infections in the United States doubled in less than two months, since the first 10 million cases were reached on November 9.

This data illustrates the seriousness of the regrowth in the United States, which in December registered several daily records in the death toll from covid-19 and closed 2020 with a record high of more than 125,000 hospitalized for the disease.

Even if you don’t have coronavirus, record-breaking COVID-19 hospitalizations could have a devastating impact on you.

“If you are in a car accident, you want us to save your life,” said the Dr. Brad Spellberg, medical director of the Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center to CNN.

Some hospitals in the United States began to run out of health personnel months ago. But the Christmas gatherings are fueling new waves of Covid-19, hospitalizations.

“We’re seeing people who have gotten together for Thanksgiving, or who have gotten together for other reasons (and) they really didn’t understand, even to this point, what was at stake,” Spellberg said.

In all the country, 125,379 people were hospitalized with Covid-19 on Thursday, more than any other day in the pandemic, according to the Covid Tracking Project. The number of patients also topped 125,000 on Friday, but dropped slightly on Saturday to 123,639. The United States has remained above 100,000 hospitalizations for 32 days in a row.

“It is a total collapse of the health system if we have another peak,” Spellberg said.

“And we in the hospital cannot stop that. We can only react. It is the public that has the power to stop the spread of this virus by obeying the public health guidelines that have been published.

A difficult start to the new year

As the Americans hailed the new year, more than 10,000 families mourned the new loss of a loved one by Covid-19.

They reported at least 10,901 deaths from Covid-19 in the last three days of 2020, according to Johns Hopkins University. That’s about 3,633 deaths a day, more than the number of lives lost during the September 11 attacks.

In less than 11 months, Covid-19 has killed nearly 350,000 people in the United States.

And another 115,000 people could die from the disease in the next month, based on projections from the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

With information from EFE and CNN


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Terrible Crash in Fresno County Kills Nine People, Including Seven Minors | The State

The fatal crash occurred on Highway 33 near Fresno. Archive image.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

A terrible tragedy occurred on the first day of the year in the Fresno County, Central California, when a collision on the road caused the death of nine people, including seven minors.

A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said at a news conference that around 8 p.m. Friday a 2013 Dodge Journey SUV was being driven on Highway 33, near Coalinga southwest of Fresno, heading south when some reason got into the shoulder to his right.

When doing so, the vehicle occupied by only one person lost control, crossed to the other side of the road and collided head-on with a 2007 Ford F-150 pickup which was driven on the same street heading north.

The result, according to investigations, was that the Ford vehicle ignited completely and when emergency personnel were able to put out the fire found the bodies of eight people, seven of them minors, in a vehicle for six people. It is investigated with forensic personnel if the minors were children or adolescents.

Video obtained by channel ABC 30 briefly shows the pickup when it was on fire and also remains of the accident on the narrow rural road.

The driver of the Dodge SUV, who also lost his life, was identified as Daniel Luna, 28, of Avenal, California.

Furthermore, the researchers work to determine the possible speed at which both vehicles were driven and whether the tragic accident could have been caused by alcohol or drug use.

News in development.


Fresno woman is shot in the head while toasting the New Year


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The terrible story of how the Uruguayan soccer player Maximiliano Pereira drowned | The State

Last Sunday Uruguayan soccer player Maximiliano Pereira drowned.

Archive / Getty Images

Last Sunday Uruguayan soccer player Maximiliano Pereira drowned And now his representative has revealed the details of the player’s tragic accident that leaves his wife three months pregnant.

Maxi Pereira, player of Central de Español of the Uruguayan second division, was walking with his wife when he got into the water without knowing how to swim, hours later, lThe divers of the National Navy in the lake of Salto del Penitente, found the footballer’s body.

Martín Del Camp, representative of Pereira, He denied that the tragic death was the work of an accident when he wanted to take pictures from a cliff, as some media handle; the agent narrated that the events were related to him by the footballer’s wife.

“It didn’t happen because he wanted to take a picture or because he jumped from one rock to another. Agustina (his wife) told me about it and Maxi had no accident. The thing is that he didn’t know how to swim and went into the lake”, Reported Martín Del Campo.

The wife narrated that Maxi Pereira did not know how to swim so he walked to the lake, “Maxi came out when he dived, but then he submerged again and all this happened.”

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Daniel Jones debacle has offensive line coach feeling ‘terrible’

The last thing Dave DeGuglielmo wanted to talk about was the eight sacks allowed by the Giants in their 26-7 loss to the Cardinals.

They happened, though.

“Good teams can pass block when everybody knows you have to throw the ball,’’ DeGuglielmo said Tuesday. “Good offensive lines can do that. We were not a good offensive line the other day. Yeah, I feel terrible about it. I feel terrible for the guy who is taking the hits, that’s who I feel terrible about it for.’’

Quarterback Daniel Jones took the hits and the offensive linemen took the brunt of the criticism from their coach. DeGuglielmo took over during the bye in Week 11 after Marc Colombo was fired, then the Giants beat the Bengals and Seahawks, with the line leading the way. The unit took a step back as a four-game winning streak came to an end Sunday and the colorful assistant did not mince words about the regression.

He was not happy with the way the line handled the tackle-end stunts by the Cardinals defensive line, breakdowns that caused several sacks.

“Well, I think if you watch the film it really hasn’t been handled well all year,’’ DeGuglielmo said.

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The running game averaged a healthy 4.6 yards per attempt but ran it only 17 times, with a long gain of 16 yards.

“I don’t think our double-teams were very good,’’ DeGuglielmo said. “We’ve made that a point of emphasis and we just didn’t rise to the occasion.’’

Is it fair to day the way Jones struggled, laboring on a strained right hamstring, unable to run, that it was akin to playing with one hand tied behind his back?

“That’s probably fair, to an extent,’’ quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski said. “That’s one of the better things he does, that’s what makes him who he is. I can think of a couple of plays off the top of my head where he kind of broke out and got out and you could tell he wanted to run but he had to be a little bit smart with it. He threw one away and did what he had to do. Yeah, certainly limited.’’

It is no secret outside linebackers coach Bret Bielema is interested in returning to college. He was the head coach at Wisconsin and Arkansas and his name surfaces often when an opening arises. He has been linked to the job at Illinois, where Lovie Smith was recently fired. Bielema is well-versed in the Big Ten — he played at Iowa — and is from the state of Illinois.

“It’s always a blessing to hear your name mentioned for different opportunities but I really do just concentrate on my task at hand, here in the office grinding out for Sunday’s game,’’ Bielema said. “I worry about the job I have and hopefully people take notice of the job I do.’’

Freddie Kitchens made it through one year in Cleveland as the head coach. He went 6-10 in 2019 and then was dismissed, resurfacing as the Giants’ tight end coach. The Browns are 9-4 entering Sunday’s game with the Giants.

“Well, first of all, I couldn’t be happier for the fans of Cleveland,’’ Kitchens said. “They’ve waited a long time to have something like that to go to the games and cheer for. But there are no two teams that are ever the same. We say that every year. This team is playing very well. They’re very talented, they’ve always been very talented. They’re well-coached. They’re playing hard. They’re doing all of the things necessary to have a successful season.’’

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TikTok users share the terrible ways they found out their ex-partners were cheating

TikTok users are sharing the shocking, enraging, and heartbreaking ways that they learned that a significant other was cheating on them. 

Mandi Kay Bowles from Oklahoma shared the original clip that kicked off the trend, sharing her own experience of an ex who let a stray hair give him a way.

She then posed the question to others: ‘What was the craziest way you guys found out that someone was cheating on you?’

Story time: TikTok users are sharing the shocking, enraging, and heartbreaking ways that they learned that a significant other was cheating on them

Lame: Mandi Kay Bowles from Oklahoma shared the original clip that kicked off the trend; her ex was wearing a hoodie with a bright pink hair on it that wasn't hers

Lame: Mandi Kay Bowles from Oklahoma shared the original clip that kicked off the trend; her ex was wearing a hoodie with a bright pink hair on it that wasn't hers

Lame: Mandi Kay Bowles from Oklahoma shared the original clip that kicked off the trend; her ex was wearing a hoodie with a bright pink hair on it that wasn’t hers

Mandi says she was dating a guy two or three years ago who was seeing another girl on the side — and she found out from the other girl’s vividly-dyed hair.

‘I started noticing that his responses to our conversations were not really making sense. As in, he was sending me text messages that he was supposed to be sending to somebody else,’ she said.

‘I called him out on it and he was like, “Ooh, babe, you know I’m random,” blah blah blah, whatever.

‘Then, fast forward, he comes over to my house wearing a hoodie that I’d never seen before. So, when I went to give him a hug, I noticed a very long, hot pink synthetic hair.’

Mandi has an unnatural hair color, too, but hers is orange — so it was very clear that this strand belonged to another woman, but her ex acted like he didn’t know how it got there.

‘Fast forward to, like, February whatever it was, I get a DM from a girl on Facebook that I never heard of, never seen before in my life with a screenshot of their conversation arguing about me, and a picture of him and another b****, saying, “Is this your man too?”

Next up: Mandi's video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and inspired other TikTokers to share their own stories. One was from a man who goes by Coconut Jon

Next up: Mandi’s video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and inspired other TikTokers to share their own stories. One was from a man who goes by Coconut Jon

Punch in the gut: He went to a bar with his wife, where another stranger approached him to say she was easy and her husband worked a lot

'He then proceeded to describe to me what my bedroom looked like,' Coconut Jon said

Punch in the gut: He went to a bar with his wife, where another stranger approached him to say she was easy and her husband worked a lot

Mandi’s video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and inspired other TikTokers to share their own stories.

One was from a man who goes by Coconut Jon, whose ex-wife may have been seeing several other men while he was at work.

‘I had been working third shift. Whenever I worked third shift, I didn’t see my ex for like two or three weeks,’ he said.

Once, when he had the night off, he and his ex-wife went out to a pool hall for a couple of beers — and a stranger approached him. 

‘Dude comes walking over to me and he was like, “Yo, are you here with the blonde?” And I was like, “Yeah, I’m here with her.”

‘He was like, “Cool, so here’s the deal. Her husband works third shift. It’s a little bit of a drive out to her house, but if you play your cards right, you’re not gonna get turned down.

Thrown off guard, he replied, ‘What?’ 

‘He then proceeded to describe to me what my bedroom looked like,’ Coconut Jon said.

Rough: Courtnie Billingsley said she learned her high school boyfriend was involved with her own brother

Rough: Courtnie Billingsley said she learned her high school boyfriend was involved with her own brother

Danielle Brown shared a story about her ex

Caught! A Starbucks cup with his ex's name gave this cheater away

Caught! A Starbucks cup with his ex’s name gave this cheater away

Other TikTok users shared more duets with the original video, including Danielle Brown, who recalled how her ex-boyfriend once came home late with a cup from Starbucks.

When he set it down and went upstairs, she looked at the cup — and saw his ex’s name on it.

Her ex-boyfriend tried to claim that it wasn’t his ex’s cup since ‘that’s not even how you spell her name’ — as if Starbucks baristas don’t misspell customers’ names all the time.

Meanwhile, another young woman named Courtnie Billingsley started dating her brother’s best friend when they were freshmen in high school.

They dated for several years, but the boyfriend broke up with her right before junior prom.

She soon learned that it was because her ex-boyfriend and her brother were actually seeing each other. 

Cheater everywhere! Dozens of commenters also chimed in to share their stories

Cheater everywhere! Dozens of commenters also chimed in to share their stories

Other TikTokers have shared their stories in the comments on Mandi’s video, some on which were saved by BuzzFeed. 

‘I was 6 months pregnant and kept going into false labor, turns out doc said I had contracted an STD, the then said I didn’t have when I first went in,’ wrote one. 

‘My girlfriend lied to me about working on Valentines,’ wrote another. ‘I tried to surprise her at work with chocolates and her boss told me she requested it off.

‘Used his phone to look something up on Google and his search history was seeing if Gemini and Aquarius are compatible. I’m an Aries,’ read one particularly cringe-worthy story.

‘His 5-year-old daughter told me she was having a new brother,’ said another.

‘One more commenter said that the cheater’s dad told her about his infidelity, while another showed a friend a picture of her boyfriend — and the friend said that he was her sister’s boyfriend, too.

Yikes! The stories are infuriating, upsetting, and just plain sad

Yikes! The stories are infuriating, upsetting, and just plain sad

‘He received a text from his cousin saying not to worry because her baby was not his. FROM HIS COUSIN,’ wrote yet another.

One phone store employee was repairing another girl’s phone when her own boyfriend text the other girl.

‘I went to a restaurant and int he downstairs function hall, he was having his whole engagement party,’ reported another commenter. 

Yet another commenter found out on their fyp (the ‘for you’ page) on TikTok, while one more pulled up next to their ex and the person the ex was cheating with at a stop light.

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“Disgusting and bastard”: Daniel Bisogno’s terrible insults to Javier Ceriani live | The State

The Mexican presenter Daniel bisogno ranted without qualms against the Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani in the broadcast of this Wednesday of Ventaneando de Aztec TV.

Following a piece presented by the conductor of Gossip No Like with Marjorie de Sousa, the cast of presenters led by Pati Chapoy, launched with everything.

“Poor devil who does not give one and has to be looking for false notes all the time, he is the biggest disgusting, but also with that badly fucked witch’s face”, expressed the controversial Bisogno.

“He is a disgusting, villain and bastard,” he finished.

Bisogno took his attacks to Twitter. In his official account he reiterated what he said in the live broadcast.

The Mexican is known for his constant live outbursts. He has insulted characters like Lupita Jones, calling her a “fucking old woman”, and Yalitza Aparicio has been attacked with discriminatory insults.

A few weeks ago, Bisogno was forced to apologize for having insulted a follower of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with offenses that were described as classist and discriminatory.

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5 reasons why homemade coffee can taste terrible | The State

For the coffee lovers there are few things most frustrating to prepare it at home, to discover that it just tastes bad. Considering that a high percentage of people in the world don’t start the day without a cup of coffee, it is easier to understand why it is considered one of the most consumed products in the planet.

The National Coffee Association and the Specialty Coffee Association of America, are organizations that are responsible for carrying out annual surveys on coffee consumption year after year and have revealed very relevant information about coffee intake in the United States. According to updated studies, in 2019 more than 64% of Americans 18 and over drink coffee every day, this represents more than 150 million daily drinkers. At the same time it is estimated that approximately 30 million American adults they drink specialty coffee drinks daily; They include mocha, latte, espresso, mocha, cappuccino, and iced coffee drinks.

However taking into account the coffee prices At the most popular international chains, many people have become fans of the benefits of preparing it at home. For example a espresso have a average cost from $ 3.45 and a American coffee from $ 2.38, in such a way many coffee lovers prefer get a good coffee maker, buy quality coffee and enjoy it much cheaper way in the comfort of home. This is a great alternative, especially considering that average consumption It is three cups a day (with a capacity of 9 ounces).

If you are one of those who loves the morning ritual to prepare a good coffee and start the day with your delicious aroma Y stimulating effect. We invite you to know the most common household mistakes who are normally responsible for a coffee so bad, which will make you run to the nearest coffee shop. These are mostly issues that relate to the quality of coffee, the amount of water, the production process and the conditions of the coffee maker.

1. Your coffee maker is dirty

If you are not quite used to maintain your coffee maker and you usually do not care, it is time to change your mind. A dirty coffee pot will ruin the taste of even the best coffee roast, what happens is that normally we cannot see the sand and the dirt that are causing the problem as they tend to be staying. It is important to know that coffee, due to its composition, can leave a oxidized oily residue that lurks in the smallest corners and can damage the flavor. Therefore, the best advice is deep clean the coffee maker every week or every two weeks at most, use a bottle brush, a clean cloth and white vinegar. Also do not forget after each use to rinse with soap and water.

Coffee maker. / Photo: Getty images

2. The coffee you use is not fresh

Coffee is a delicate product Y sensitive to light, and other factors that can deteriorate it. In such a way that it is not a product to buy in bulk And much of the secret to getting a cup of the best quality and flavor is use fresh coffee. As a general data it is estimated that coffee well packaged, can stay cool between one and two months after being groundThis is why coffee is not a pantry product, since its freshness is decisive in its quality. A infallible advice it is look up the expiration date in any packaging you purchase. Other wonderful tip it is buy the coffee beans and keep it in a special container, all you have to do is grind it to enjoy much more of its flavor, aroma and nuances.

Café. / Photo: Ready made / Pexels

3. You are not using the proper amount of water

This is probably one of the most recurring errors, regardless of the coffee brewing method. Of course, it is logical to give some space of tolerance for customization and preferences personal, not everyone likes the coffee so strong. However there is a thin line in which the coffee may look like watera, the rule is simple more coffee and less water they will make a stronger cup in terms of taste and power of caffeine, whereas the opposite will produce a lighter infusion all the way around. The basic rule is to use approximately 1.5 tablespoons of coffee For each six ounces of water or between 50-60 grams of ground coffee For each liter of water.

Coffee. / Photo: Samer Daboul

4. The water you use could be the problem

Believe it or not the type of water with which you prepare the coffee, is one of the most determining factors in quality. I agree with you “Water standards for preparation” of the Association of Specialty Coffees, there are some considerations for good coffee water: it must be odor-free, have zero chlorine, have a “calcium hardness” between 50 and 175 ppm (parts per million), an alkalinity between 40 and 70 ppm, and a pH between six and eight. In a nutshell, tap water is likely fail the test. The best recommendation is always use purified water of good quality.

Coffee. / Photo: Pexels

5. The coffee you buy is not correct

The quality of the coffee If it matters! And unfortunately cheap coffee, rarely is a nice coffee. Since they are variants that a it is often roasted in large batches without due watch out for temperature and the roasting time, another of the main disadvantages is that they usually grind the coffee beans without much care. At the same time it is just as important to obtain the right coffee and ground for the equipment you normally use, a espresso machine requires a fine ground and one french press needs a coarser and larger ground. Another very important aspect is to choose the pure coffee variants and consider the acidity levels of the infusion, the potency of caffeine, sweetness or bitterness, the type of bean and roast. Without a doubt one of the great benefits the fascinating coffee culture is that there are delicious variants from different parts of the world, each with very original qualities. Try many types until you find your favorite options.

French press. / Photo: Pexels


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Errol Spence Jr. returns to the ring after his terrible accident, will face Danny García and will witness 25,000 fans | The State

Errol Spence Jr. and Danny García will fight this Saturday, December 5.

Ryan Hafey / Premier Boxing Champions / Courtesy

Errol Spence Jr. Y Danny Garcia They beat the scale at 146.8 pounds and are ready for combat, a first for the current IBF and WBC welterweight champion since the car accident in which he miraculously emerged alive.

Having my fight back at home means a world to me. I won’t waste this moment“Errol, who remains undefeated after 26 fights and 21 knockouts, told a press conference.

Before his Ferrari took off at high speed last October, Spence Jr. was at the climax of his career and was the rival to beat in the category, now that place, according to experts, belongs to Terence Crawford, but Errol returned to claim it and the first step can be taken this Saturday when he faces the American of Puerto Rican blood Danny García, the veteran who has a record of 36 victories (21 for KO) and two losses.

“I was like, you know, ‘Wow!’ I didn’t know what to think. I just hoped it was okay. You know, I really thought his career was over, to be honest“Revealed to Boxing Scene” The Swift “; but nevertheless, his rival came out with only minor blows and injuries from the shocking accident, so he is fully recovered.

Nobody forced me to fight Danny Garcia. But I want to face someone dangerous that I can stay focused and train hard in the gym; someone who’s a great boxer like Danny and Take me to the next level, at the level I’m supposed to be“Said Spence Jr. who is not afraid to get back in the ring, after he was born again.

Both of them They will fight this Saturday, December 5 at the AT&T Stadium of the Dallas Cowboys before 25,000 fans, in the first boxing function that will have this large audience since the pandemic began. At stake will be the IBF and WBC world welterweight titles.