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What is the healthiest option? A glass of wine or beer

Discover the pros and cons around the fascinating world of beer and wine.

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We all enjoy give us an occasional treat with our favorite drinks, Either for taste certain foods or for relax from everyday stress. While much has been said about the pros and cons related to alcohol intake, it is worth being informed about the healthier alternatives.

There are no doubts, both wine and beer are two of the alcoholic drinks most popular and consumed around the world. In fact few drinks (with the exception of the typical debate between coffee and tea), they divide both the common taste and despite the obvious difference in taste issues; each affects and affects health in subtle and different ways. Probably the most common questions to make the best decision be Which one is less fattening? Which produces the worst hangover? What are its health benefits? Keep reading, although probably if you already have a favorite, nothing will change your mind.

Pros & cons of beer:

  • A pint of beer (the equivalent of 20 fluid ounces or 568 milliliters) and a medium glass of wine, provide approximately the same amount of alcohol: between 16 and 24 grams.
  • The Commission E of Germany, which one could say is the German equivalent of FDA, has confirmed the medicinal benefits of the consumption of hop. Especially in relation to mental health, is associated with great qualities to treat restlessness, anxiety and sleep disorders.
  • He nutritional value of beer surpasses that of wine. And the reason is simple, it is a complete drink that contains protein, fiber, vitamin B, folic acid and niacin, which even make it similar to food.
  • It has a very relevant study, which was carried out in mice and that proves that hops can inhibit obesity.
  • The beer culture has created an interesting community worldwide and new variations come to light every day.
  • According A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that especially hop beer can increase the Bone mineral density, that is, it is considered a good ally for strengthen bone health and teeth.
  • With close to 180 calories, half a liter of beer contributes 50% more energy content than a small glass of wine, enough to cause a considerable weight gain (Of course if you usually consume it very regularly). It is more relevant to know that craft beers, on certain occasions (depending on the ingredients and manufacturing process) they may contain more than 300 calories per bottle.
  • Quantities excessive beer, are associated with health-impairing symptoms such as severe hangovers, dependency, heartburn, dehydration, and liver damage.
  • Certain varieties of beer may be more expensive than wine in Trader Joe’s
  • Beer is not a good option if you want reduce carbohydrate intake or lose weight.

Pros & cons of wine:

  • An average glass of 5 ounces of red wine, provides only 125 calories. And it is related to other qualities, since it contains 187 mg potassium which is approximately the 4% of the daily value. It also has A study, in which it is confirmed that wine provides fiber and is therefore a good ally of the digestive health, intestinel and is associated with qualities for promote weight loss.
  • It has scientific references What did you find small doses of resveratrol in the red wine, unique compounds that are related to a magnificent anti-aging effect. At the same time flavonoidsfound in wine can protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • He White wine is acid, what can demineralize tooth enamel.
  • For those who suffer from recurring headaches, the wine could be a bad alternative. It has a published study in The Lancet, suggests that Red wine can trigger migraines
  • Wine can raise triglyceride levels and high levels of these substances are associated with health problems comor heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease.

You are probably wondering what the better or worse option for health, this is a brief comparative summary between the two. It is true that various doctors recommend drink a glass of wine , it is even an important aspect of the famous and very beneficial mediterranean diet. It is believed that a little wine a day can help rejuvenate the body, reduces the risk of heart disease, the hypertension and diabetes. Much of its benefits are associated with its polyphenol content, which are specifically found in red wine and which have the power to reduce inflammation and cleanse harmful chemicals to the body.

For his part Beer lacks some of the medicinal benefits with which it is associated with wine, especially in relation to its powerful antioxidants, although it also contains polyphenols, it offers more modest properties. And unfortunately a higher caloric intake and carbohydrates.

Thus, Red wine could outdo beer like “The best medicine”However, this does not mean that the qualities offered by a refreshing glass of beer are omitted. Finally the secret is to seek a healthy life style, which is based on moderation and the good balance.


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