Amazon Employee Leaves Three-Year-Old Daughter In His Car Because He Can’t Find Who Will Take Care Of Her | The State

Amazon employee leaves three-year-old daughter in his car because he could not find a caregiver

The man works in an Amazon warehouse.

THOMAS SAMSON / AFP / Getty Images

A Memphis man was charged with child abuse and neglect after he left his three-year-old daughter in a parking lot while he was completing his work shift.

According to WMC, agents arrived at a parking lot of an Amazon warehouse after a person reported seeing a little girl in the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

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The policemen forcibly opened the car to rescue the girl. The father of the minor, identified as Lionel childs, 30, appeared on the scene and explained that he left her in the vehicle while complying with your turn at amazon since she did not find a person to take care of her.

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Childs was arrested at the scene. Agents bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal at the youngest as they were hungry.

The girl was handed over to Minors Services after she was examined by firefighters who arrived at the scene. Amazon has not commented on the matter.


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